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Come Home To Pizza and Pasta by Nonna's...Now Open at Robinsons Galleria.

Pizza. Pasta. Two words that will make you come running Nonna's.

Nonna's Pasta and Pizzeria comes to the metro with their first branch at Robinsons Galleria. From the same young and dynamic couple behind Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen (more on Mama Lou's on my previous posts, Take Me Home to Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen and Home Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen), Nonna's Pasta and Pizzeria brings its own rustic yet innovative take on pizza and pasta in a new spot much closer to home...

Ever since I first tried Nonna's down south in Nuvali, I always knew that one day soon their signature pasta and pizza would eventually lead them to the metro (for more on Nonna's, see my earlier post, Southbound To Nonna's Pasta & Pizzeria). Finally, it's here. And coming home to Nonna's is just a short drive away...

Fans of Nonna's no longer need to drive all the way to Laguna. Located at Robinsons Galleria, Nonna's first location in the metro is perfectly situated at the center allowing more diners to experience pizza and pasta prepared in their own classic yet inventive style. For me, dining at Nonna's is always like coming home, where else can you enjoy pizza and pasta made the old-fashioned way infused with a modern and contemporary spin? Each pizza and pasta dish is prepared from scratch using the finest ingredients, just what you'd expect when dining at your favorite aunt's or grandmother's place. It's that same vibe that gives Nonna's its unique appeal.

At Nonna's, the pizza dough and noodles are freshly made daily, and you can even bring home a pack of fresh noodles after your visit. Now, that's cool.

That day, we sampled some of Nonna's signature pizza and pasta dishes as the semi-open kitchen prepared our feast. Starting with the dough all the way to the ovens, the whole process can be viewed giving diners a glimpse of the magic behind each signature dish. 

It's the wide variety of pizza and pasta that makes dining at Nonna's special. Deciding which pizza or pasta pairing to go for is all part of the fun at Nonna's. But whatever pizza you choose, each one is masterfully prepared using Italian doppio zero "00" flour and fresh yeast followed by a strict 24-hour rising process before being baked in its elegant Valoriani brick ovens. Start with a classic, like Nonna's signature Margherita (P 295) with its perfectly baked crust ringed by charred blisters draped in a rich pomodoro sauce topped with mozzarella and fresh basil...

...and one bite is all you need to experience Nonna's traditional yet modern take on making the perfect pizza. The tart notes of the pomodoro deliver a flavorful punch, followed by the creamy mozzarella and the subtle whisper of nutty sweetness from the fresh basil for rich and perfectly balanced flavors. Add a little of Nonna's Hot Honey and your basic Margherita is transformed with a new and vibrant layer of flavor that just comes together perfectly.

The Chicken Pesto (P 350) combines tender chunks of chicken with creamy Alfredo sauce, mozzarella, basil cream and tart cherry tomatoes. The bold burst of intense flavors from the cherry tomatoes tempers the richness of the pizza, capped by the nutty notes of the pesto.

The Creamy Vongole (P 385) takes the classic seafood favorite and reinterprets it in an inventive pizza with a creamy clam sauce on a thin and crisp crust topped with fresh clams, chili flakes and parsley. It's definitely a unique pizza, infused with the mildly briny notes of the succulent clams for a new pizza flavor experience. And it gets a whole lot better when drizzled with Nonna's Hot Honey for a seamless blend of contrasting flavors, from sweet to salty and everything in between with each bite.

Pineapple on pizza is always a serious matter among pizza aficionados everywhere, it's either you love it or you hate it. For those that love pineapple, Nonna's Hawaiian Pizza (P 385) is the perfect choice. But Nonna's does it differently, opting for a much more difficult and tedious process instead of using pineapples straight from the can. At Nonna's, they delicately slice fresh pineapples to paper-thin rings before gently roasting for a few minutes for that sweet and smoky hint. Topped with prosciutto, pomodoro, mozzarella, bell peppers and jalapenos for that soothing heat, each bite delivers multiple layers of flavor capped by the distinct notes of the paper-thin roasted pineapples for that perfect finish.  

Serious beef cravings? No worries. Nonna's got that covered too. The Roast Beef Pizza (P 485) includes tender ribeye slices with pomodoro, mozzarella, caramelized onions, homemade ricotta and fresh arugula for a beefy and savory pizza like no other. The premium ribeye adds that savory richness to the pizza, complemented by the sweet caramelized onions and rounded out by the traditional combo of pomodoro, mozzarella, homemade ricotta and the mild peppery notes of the fresh arugula.

The traditional Pepperoni (P 350) is a pizza purist's choice with pomodoro, mozzarella, and pepperoni. The simple yet intense flavors of the pepperoni are all that's needed to take this pizza all the way home to the very last slice and bite.

Enjoy a double-dose of tomatoes with the Sweet Cherry Tomato (P 395) with its yellow and red cherry tomatoes on creamy mozzarella for intense and vibrant notes. And yes, the Hot Honey pairs well with this pizza too.

No visit to Nonna's is complete without a taste of their Nonna's Special (P 450) with burrata and mozzarella drizzled with pomodoro and basil cream. The sheer simplicity of the blend of flavors is more than enough to have you going for that last slice. And that's just less than half of what Nonna's has to offer. With more than twenty pizza varieties, there's definitely one pizza with your name on it. From the All Meat (P 450) to the Funghi Trifolati (P 375), the Smoked Salmon and Caviar (P 45) to the Espanyola (P 375), the Kimchi Pizza (P 375) to the Parma Ham and Arugula (P 450), take your pick and enjoy. And there's more...

With their unique pasta dough recipe, the wide selection of pasta dishes are another reason to come home to Nonna's. The Seafood Al Nero (P 350) features homemade squid-ink pasta with a medley of fresh seafood cooked in rose, a blend of pomodoro and alfredo, for a creamy, tangy and midly briny pasta dish. Loaded with fresh seafood, this dish is a meal in itself, and a personal favorite.

Who doesn't love Spaghetti with Meatballs (P 285)? It's the rustic homestyle flavors of pasta dishes like this that make Nonna's a favorite. The savory meatballs are balanced by the bold and tart notes of the pomodoro for classic and nostalgic flavors. 

Nonna's adds a playfully inventive spin with its creative Salted Egg Tagliatelle (P 265), bringing together salted egg, bacon and creamy alfredo sauce in a unique blend. Each flavorful component complements without overwhelming the other in another perfectly balanced pasta creation.

The Radiatori Chorizo & Mussels combines Spanish Chorizo with succulent mussels draped in a creamy alfredo sauce for delicately salty, briny and rich flavors. The radiatori pasta, with its many grooves, are perfectly coated with the creamy sauce for even richer flavors.

The Spaghetti Vongole Olio (P 285) recreates the classic seafood pasta dish with fresh clams, tomatoes, olive oil, and garlic for a healthy, light yet refreshing option at Nonna's, another personal favorite.

The traditional Spaghetti Bolognese (P 265) with slow-cooked beef ragu is a favorite straight out from Paulie's crew of good fellas. Simple and hearty yet rich in flavors, you can't go wrong with this Italian all-time favorite at Nonna's.

The Italian Sardine Pasta (P 275) is another simple yet flavorful spaghetti and sardine dish with olive oil and garlic that hits the spot. From pizza to pasta, Nonna's shows you both traditional and modern interpretations of these Italian favorites with their signature homestyle flair.

It's a pizza and pasta feast even Michael, Sonny and Fredo can't resist. And it's all here at Nonna's.

Still hungry? Here's the beef...

Perfectly grilled to medium with a juicy pink center, Nonna's got the beef to satisfy any serious craving. This is yet one more reason to drop by Nonna's, trust me.

Back at the open kitchen, the chefs prep another pizza with indulgent foie gras. Pomodoro, mozzarella, foie gras, scallops, and caviar. It's the aptly named Payday Pizza (P 595) with all the good stuff. And I'll definitely be back soon for this one...

Pizza. Pasta. Nonna's. That's all you need to know, and it's now open at Robinsons Galleria...

Nonna's is located at Robinsons Galleria, Edsa corner Ortigas Avenue, Ortigas Center. You can also visit Nonna's Pasta and Pizzeria's FB Page at

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