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Integrating Learning with the Hotel Experience at Dusit Hospitality Management College

World-class learning that goes beyond education, it's a stamp of distinction backed by the world's respected names in the hospitality industry. And it's here at The Fort...

The country's premier hospitality management college, Dusit Hospitality Hospitality College, is all set to open this year offering a fully integrated programme with the upmarket and prestigious hotel, dusitD2 The Fort, Manila. The first of its kind in the country and in Southeast Asia, the unique integrated approach to learning is brought together by three of the most trusted names in international hospitality and culinary education led by Thailand-based Dusit International with Switzerland's Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne and France's Institut Paul Bocuse. The comprehensive integrated learning concept provide students unique opportunities to gain relevant work experience in all areas of the hotel's actual operations at different levels throughout their studies. The seamless hotel-college integration goes beyond education, and it's the first step in realizing your dreams in the fast-growing hospitality industry. 

Soon to rise high above The Fort is the impressive dusitD2 The Fort, Manila with its striking and modern facade, set to become the metro's newest luxury destination. With first-class hospitality and culinary facilities including five restaurants, function rooms, and recreational facilities like a swimming pool and a first-class fitness center along with exquisitely appointed guest rooms and suites, the new dusitD2 The Fort, Manila is designed to elevate the hotel experience with its integration of both hotel and serviced residential apartments with the college reflecting the very best of the hospitality industry.

At the helm of Dusit Management College Manila and dusitD2 The Fort, Manila is Lars Eltvik, Managing Director, bringing with him well over thirty years in international hospitality education and operations. Lars Eltvik has been with Dusit Hospitality Education since 2015 as Managing Director based in Bangkok tasked with preparing the Dusit Hospitality Education for international expansion. Lars Eltvik has lived and worked in over eight different countries such as Spain, Chile, Finland, UAE, Thailand and the US giving him a global perspective and appreciation of the culture and traditions of each country. His travels and experiences have made him realize the potential of Asians to become world-class hospitality professionals wherever they go. And Manila is right at the heart of it all. "It makes perfect sense for Dusit International to situate its first college outside Thailand in Manila. Filipinos are well known and respected in the global hospitality industry as hard-working, creative, and dependable," explained Mr. Eltvik. "Dusit Hospitality Education is proud to establish in Manila, and bring to the Philippines the very best of international education in hospitality and culinary arts. We will introduce programmes and pedagogy of the highest international standards. We are looking forward to contributing to more Filipinos embarking on international careers and excelling in the world's fastest growing industry," added Mr. Eltvik.

Heading the culinary front at Dusit Hospitality Management college and dusitD2 The Fort, Manila is one of the country's respected and world-class chefs, and an old friend. Recognized and included among the roster of the Maitres Cuisiniers de France, or Master Chefs of France, Chef Cyrille Soenen is the first and only chef in the Philippines to be accorded with this honor. And he's the perfect man to lead Dusit Hospitality Management College and dusitD2 The Fort, Manila as Director of Culinary Arts. Honing his culinary expertise at several Michelin-starred restaurants in France including the Duc d'Enghien, the Le Drouant and the Restaurant L'Espadon as well as global stints in prestigious hotels, his experience and expertise takes him to the next chapter in his culinary journey as Director of Culinary Arts with Dusit Hospitality Management College and dusitD2 The Fort, Manila. I first met Chef Cyrille Soenen many years back when I started my blog. Through the years, my blog's own gastronomic journey was enriched with flavorful and inspiring stories of Chef Cyrille Soenen's uncompromising culinary mastery. A perfectionist with a deep appreciation of all things culinary, Chef Cyrille Soenen is at the forefront of inspiring the next generation of world-class chefs and hoteliers. The foundation for establishing one of the best hospitality and culinary institutions in the country, and the world, is laid and done...

...going beyond education with its fully-integrated approach to learning at Dusit Hospitality Management College and dusitD2 The Fort, Manila. The unique hotel-college integration, the first and only in Southeast Asia, will allow students access and gain experience in first class hospitality and culinary facilities in a fully-operational luxury hotel for both meaningful and relevant immersion in real world conditions. Both theoretical and practical learning converge at Dusit Hospitality Management College and dusitD2 The Fort, Manila for an innovative approach that's both real and experiential. 

The vision for creating a world-class institution is slowly taking shape at The Fort, with construction now on its final stages. From modern, spacious and elegant classrooms and function rooms... working practical kitchens, Dusit Hospitality Management College takes hospitality and culinary education to the next level with its "High Tech/High Touch" concept for industry-relevant learning through each phase of the program. In addition to students seeking a bachelor's degree, Dusit Hospitality Management College also offers hospitality and industry professionals looking to further their careers with the Professional Advancement Centre with a variety of culinary and specialty programmes for career switchers in collaboration with Institut Paul Bocuse. The Professional Advancement Centre will offer a range of culinary courses with different durations, including wine appreciation and barista training as well as courses in English for those aspiring to work abroad in the global hospitality and tourism industries.

dusitD2 The Fort, Manila will also feature five restaurants where students can showcase their culinary skills and apply what they learned in an actual working environment. The Dusit Hospitality Management College curriculum follows the standards set by the country's Commission on Higher Education, conforming with the required standards and guidelines. The bachelor degree programme in hospitality management offered by Dusit Hospitality Management College is also certified by the world-renowned Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, widely acknowledged as one of the world's finest hospitality institutions. The integrated approach to learning gives students real work experience with their exposure to dusitD2 The Fort, Manila's daily operations, and culminate with a six-month internship completed in the Philippines or abroad. In addition to the bachelors programme, Dusit Hospitality Management College in collaboration with Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne will also offer Executive Education Programmes designed to hone one's business skills such as Mastering Hotel Financials and Driving Hotel Revenues Courses. "We are passionate about giving our students proper direction and opportunities to become successful on the world stage. There is a growing need for skilled and highly competent professionals in our industry across the globe. Our graduates, with their valuable knowledge and world-class education will be the leading hoteliers and restaurateurs for the next generation," added Mr. Eltvik. 

During the round table discussion held at Dusit Thani's signature Thai restaurant, Benjarong, members of the press as well as bloggers get a sneak peek at the college-hotel with a comprehensive overview by Mr. Lars Eltvik. Casual and free-flowing, the innovative college-hotel concept was explained in detail, giving guests a preview of what could be the next milestone in the country's hospitality and tourism industry. 

Dusit Hospitality Management College and dusitD2 The Fort, Manila's Managing Director, Lars Eltvik shared the core for the institution's key mission built on pride for its unique and distinct "Thai heritage delivering gracious hospitality to the world". With an established, reliable and reputable brand of global credibility, Dusit Hospitality Management College aims to showcase a culture of excellence with skillful, creative, relevant, passionate, empowered and job-ready graduates promising international career opportunities. "We want to assure students--and their parents--that they are making the right choice by choosing Dusit Hospitality Management College to prepare and equip them with the skills and experience for a successful international hospitality management or culinary career," said Mr. Elkvik. He also added that Dusit Hospitality Management College is delighted to offer generous merit-based scholarships of up to 50% of tuition fees for excellent and deserving students.

Mr. Eltvik also described the open concept of Dusit Hospitality Management College with its exposed kitchens and panoramic glass wall designs allowing guests a glimpse behind the operations that result in a memorable hotel experience. It's a novel and ambitious concept, but when you have three of the world's respected names behind Dusit Hospitality Management College at dusitD2 The Fort, Manila, The Fort is all set to be the home for an institution with the highest standards in the hospitality industry. Our informal discussions continued all through lunch, with a sumptuous feast prepared by one of the best authentic Thai restaurants in the metro... 

Benjarong is widely acknowledged as one of the best with its comforting and authentic Thai flavors masterfully recreated using the freshest and finest ingredients. Our feast began with the refreshing Yam Som O bringing the vibrant flavors of Thailand with the bright notes of pomelo, chicken, plump shrimps, herbs and vegetables draped in a tart Nam Prik Pao sauce. The full range of flavors, from sweet, sour, salty, savory and spicy, come together in a delicately balanced dish.

The Gai Ta Krai, savory grilled chicken with lemongrass and galanga, offered tender and juicy bites with subtle smoky hints capped by a dip in chili sauce for that flavorful burst of soothing heat.  

For the mains, Benjarong's signature best-sellers were served. The savory Gaeng Khieo Wan See Krong Neau Toon with fork-tender 72-hour cooked beef ribs simmered in a richly flavored Thai green curry is one of the many reasons to dine at Benjarong. The richness of the curry plays well with the savory beef, followed by a sharp yet mellow spice that lingers in the palate. The depth of flavors in this rustic dish will have you going for one more scoop of rice.

The Ka Moo Tord Kra Tiem Prik Thai Dam, an impressive dish with black pepper pork pata, charred pineapple, and pickled green mangoes is another must-try at Benjarong. The tender, juicy and fall-off-the-bone pork topped with crisp vegetables offers layers of flavor and texture. The lightly charred outer layer of pork delivers textural contrasts and deep flavors, perfect with steamed white rice.

No Thai feast is complete without the Phad Thai Gung Sod with its familiar mix of fried rice noodles, succulent prawns, crushed peanuts, chili flakes, bean sprouts and tart tamarind sauce. As with many Thai dishes, the full range of flavors come into play in this one dish.

The Phad Pak Bung Fai Deang with Morning Glory, fermented black beans, chili and nutty garlic is a tasty side pairing well with the mains.

Our sumptuous Thai feast ends with the sweet and indulgent Khao Niew Ma Muang, the classic mango sticky rice dessert. And after all these years, dining at Benjarong continues to be one of the metro's finest Thai experiences with no signs of slowing down. That's a good sign. And that's what students and professionals can learn at Dusit Hospitality Management College...

For students, professionals and career shifters, take the next step with Dusit Hospitality Management College at dusitD2 The Fort, Manila and realize your full potential in the fast-growing hospitality industry. Sign up and embark on your own journey with Dusit Hospitality Management College...

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