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There's Something About Nanka Japanese Latin in Quezon City...

Drawing inspiration from the Japanese word for "like" and a casual equivalent to "something" or "anything new," there's just something about Nanka Japanese Latin...

Maybe it's the neighborhood, an old familiar haunt from so many years ago. Maybe it's the sheer boldness of setting up an innovative and modern restaurant in an area dominated by local and mainstream cuisine. Whatever it is, there's just something about Nanka Japanese Latin that makes going back to the old neighborhood such a treat...

Located along Mother Ignacia Avenue corner Roces Avenue in Quezon City, Nanka Japanese Latin injects international flavors to the homey and laid-back neighborhood with its inspired fusion of Japanese and South American flavors. Named after the Japanese term for "something" or "anything new," Nanka Japanese Latin definitely brings a vibrant and refreshing flavorful vibe to the neighborhood. From the same group behind The Panay Kain Tulog ATBP Complex (for more on the unique integrated dining and hostel property located within the same neighborhood, see my earlier posts, The Panay Kain Tulog ATBP Complex Food Crawl: Coffee and More at Artsy Cafe and The Panay Kain Tulog ATBP Complex Food Crawl: Chinese Comfort Food at Mandarin Sky Wok), Nanka Japanese Latin is yet another innovative addition to the emerging food scene in this part of Quezon City. The spacious interiors can accommodate as much as 120 guests that's perfect for special occasions or live acoustic nights and even ballroom dancing. And soon, Nanka Japanese Latin will be rolling out a sumptuous Sunday Buffet.

But it's their inventive take on Japanese Latin flavors that truly makes it stand out in the emerging neighborhood, like the Mixed Inari (P 275 -P 335). That day, we sampled three of Nanka Japanese Latin's signature Inari, with Salmon and Black Masago on sticky sushi rice in a soft marinated tofu roll, Tuna with Spicy Mayo and crisp tempura bits, and Shrimp and Ikura. Each order includes three pieces, and you can mix and match your Inari for a customized appetizer plate. And it's tough to decide on just one variant, so it's a good idea to mix it up with the Mixed Inari option. The flavors are fresh and clean, with the briny sweetness of the seafood punching through coating your palate with its richness. Perfect with a drizzle of soy and a dab of wasabi to complete the flavors.

The Crispy Eggplant (P 245) topped with creamy and mildly sweet kani salad delivers a delectable play on textures, a tasty hot appetizer before the mains. The lightly crisp eggplant contrasts with the soft kani salad combining for rich flavors in every bite.

Nanka Japanese Latin offers a wide range of both hot and cold appetizers, and it's the perfect way to get acquainted with their unique culinary style with that distinct Japanese Latin fusion. The flavors are delicate yet hearty, tasty nibbles that's big on flavor. And there's more...

Nanka Japanese Latin's Tofu (P 220) is another must-try, with firm tofu delicately seared for that light crispness topped with grated ginger, scallions, and crunchy garlic bits draped in sweet teriyaki sauce. The flavors just come together in a seamless blend, with the firm tofu absorbing all the different notes.

Nanka Japanese Latin truly shines with its selection of fresh seafood, like the signature Tuna Sashimi (P 325) with slices of premium tuna drizzled with soy, sesame, lemon and scallions topped with a refreshing onion salad. The fresh, briny notes of the tuna are complemented and not overpowered by the other ingredients allowing you to enjoy more of the nuanced flavors of fresh tuna. It's a refreshing change from the usual wasabi and soy sauce experience. The notes of light soy, lemon, scallions and onions complete the flavors.

The Salmon Sashimi (P 335) features torched salmon with wasabi sour cream sauce served with tamago and shichimi for another refreshing take on the traditional sashimi. The emphasis is on freshness, with clean and uncluttered flavors. The richness of the salmon comes through followed by the bite of the wasabi sour cream for balanced flavors.

The Sashimi Peruano (P 285) features slices of Lapu-Lapu marinated in lime, lemon and olive oil with roasted corn and pumpkin for that distinct Latin flair. The briny sweetness of the local white fish is perfectly tempered by the tart and vibrant citrus hints of the lemon and lime capped by the deep nutty notes of the olive oil. Like their other sashimi dishes, freshness delivers all the flavors.  

In between tasty bites, why not have some Nanka French Fries (P 235), crisp crinkle-cut fries draped in Okonomiyaki Sauce and creamy Japanese mayo topped with Bonito Flakes?

Or the Japanese Corn Elote (P 225) coated in chili mayo, sprinkled with cheese and topped with cilantro? The flavorful sides offer a rich fusion of flavors to complement your feast at Nanka Japanese Latin.

The natural sweetness of the Japanese sweet corn is kicked by the soothing heat of the chili-infused mayo and perfectly finished by the creamy cheese. Add a squeeze of lemon and you just can't stop going for another spoonful.

Nanka Japanese Latin has even more flavorful surprises from its kitchen like the Shitake Pasta with Parmesan (P 295), a savory and comforting pasta dish with Shitake, Shimeji, and King Oyster Mushrooms lightly sauteed in garlic, butter and soy sauce for that umami richness. 

Topped with crisp slivers of garlic and fresh spring onions, the blend of three kinds of mushrooms adds a nutty and earthy base to the dish completed by the soft yet firm noodles draped in garlic, butter and soy sauce and the sharpness of the Parmesan. This one's a personal favorite.

Nanka Japanese Latin also offers other savory mains like the Steak Fried Rice (P 425), a full meal on a plate with just about everything on it. Fork-tender tenderloin steak with fried rice and fresh and pickled vegetables topped with a sunny side-up, just can't go wrong with that. Just mix everything together and go for one heaping spoonful. And another. Yup, that another personal favorite right there.

The Pollo All Brasa (P 385) or Charred Peruvian Roast Chicken served with creamy Cilantro Mayo and French Fries is Nanka Japanese Latin's take on a classic South American favorite. Slow-roasted and seasoned with spices, the smoky notes mingle with the sharp hints of spices for bold flavors.

The Tenderloin (P 435), a hefty serving of grilled beef tenderloin slathered in miso should satisfy your beef cravings, served with jalapeno sauce and grilled vegetables...

...or go all-out with the Angus Prime Ribeye (P 1,700), 450 grams of pure Angus Prime Ribeye goodness served with Truffle Teriyaki Sauce and grilled vegetables. Perfectly grilled to medium with a juicy pink center, just can't get better than that.

The truffle and teriyaki combo just pairs so well with the premium Angus Ribeye, and this one's definitely another favorite at Nanka Japanese Latin.

For dessert, Nanka Japanese Latin offers a selection of indulgent temptations for that perfect sweet ending. The Miso Custard (P 200) is highly recommended, with creamy white chocolate custard, white miso and butter cookie. There's just something about Nanka Japanese Latin. It's the neighborhood and the cuisine that just ties everything together. Find out yourself and discover Nanka Japanese Latin in Mother Ignacia, it's definitely something new in the neighborhood...

Nanka Japanese Latin is located at 1810 Mother Ignacia Avenue corner Roces Avenue, Quezon City or call +632 517-9677 and +639 776-218-472 for more information and inquiries.

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