Tuesday, October 2, 2018

BrewFest 2018: Barbecue and Craft Beers at Grand Hyatt Manila's Pool House

An ice-cold beer paired with savory selections fresh from the grill and a sunset, it's BrewFest 2018 at Grand Hyatt Manila's Pool House.

Grand Hyatt Manila celebrates Oktoberfest with BrewFest 2018 on October 5 and 19 at the Pool House with unlimited rounds of their exclusive House Lager and eat-all-you-can grilled selections. It's beer and barbecue by the pool on a much grander scale set against a stunning sunset for that #LivingGrand experience at Grand Hyatt Manila. At the exclusive preview, we had a taste of the grilled specialties and signature House Lager. Here's what you can expect at Grand Hyatt Manila's BrewFest 2018 on October 5 and 19...

The new Grand Hyatt Manila dominates the skyline this side of BGC, but there's so much more to discover inside. Far from the mad rush of the hectic urban pace at the Bonifacio Global City commercial and business district, the Pool House at Grand Hyatt Manila offers a welcome and much needed change of pace.

Located high above on the sixth level of Grand Hyatt Manila, the Pool House is both an indoor and outdoor restaurant with a view of the ever changing skyline against a setting sun, it's the perfect venue for a grand barbecue feast. Surrounded by lush greens, the pool deck at Grand Hyatt Manila is a welcome oasis at the heart of the BGC commercial and business district with its cool resort vibe. Add some free-flowing craft beer, and it just doesn't get better than that.

Highlighting the Oktoberfest celebration at Grand Hyatt Manila is their very own exclusive brew, the House Lager, a collaboration with Engkanto Brewery. On October 5 and 19, guests can enjoy glass after glass of Grand Hyatt Manila's House Lager during BrewFest 2018 at the Pool House.

Arriving early, an ice-cold glass of Grand Hyatt Manila's House Lager gets you in the BrewFest vibe in no time at all.

Light and refreshing with its soothing summery notes of fruits and floral hints, the mildly sweet and crisp House Lager is just perfect for the outdoor barbecue feast, pairing well with the wide array of grilled dishes. Each sip cleanses the palate followed by a deep, rounded and robust malt finish. One more round? Absolutely. Guests can also enjoy Engkanto Brewery's signature Pale Ale, Double IP, Blonde Ale and IPA. That's as much as you want, all night long until midnight.

In the fading afternoon light, the grills are fired up for the evening's sumptuous feast. The day's freshest catch, premium meats and garden-fresh vegetables are laid out, all prepped and ready for the grill. The barbecue feast begins at 6:30 pm sharp, and the chefs of Grand Hyatt Manila gets it done.

The tables are then set up for the evening's preview. As the chefs tend to the grill, it's time to pick a spot at the elegant and spacious pool deck. The fragrant aroma from the outdoor grills trigger your appetite, and another glass of Grand Hyatt Manila's House Lager just feels so right with a dramatic sunset as your backdrop.

Meanwhile, the barbecue feast for BrewFest 2018 is slowly taking shape as another glass of House Lager was served.

Grand Hyatt Manila's Executive Chef, Mark Hagan (L), leads the culinary team for the evening's BrewFest 2018 preview checking in on all the stations. From a variety of salads and starters to the savory grilled mains, Executive Chef Mark Hagan promises a barbecue feast to satisfy any appetite at the Pool House.

And what a spread. That evening, the culinary team of Grand Hyatt Manila rolled out all the classic favorites for a grand barbecue, from Pork Belly...

...Pork Ribs...

...Thai Marinated Prawns...

... to Chicken and Sausages. Executive Chef Mark Hagan pulled all the stops to create an epic barbecue feast for BrewFest 2018 at Grand Hyatt Manila. With the grills fired up all the way until midnight, guests can enjoy unlimited servings of savory grilled dishes paired with bottomless rounds of beer.

Stuffed Squid, prepped for the grill, was also served during the BrewFest 2018 preview, adding to the many options for a sumptuous barbecue feast. It's a grand barbecue, and Grand Hyatt Manila won't have it any other way.

As more guests arrived for the exclusive preview, Grand Hyatt Manila's chefs loaded the grill with more seafood, pork, chicken and vegetables. When diners can come back for unlimited rounds of dishes fresh from the grill, that grill's going to be fired up all night. From 6:30 pm all the way to midnight...

The grill at the Pool House was topped with more Thai Marinated Prawns in lemongrass skewers seasoned with rich spices...

...along with Grilled Stuffed Squid. That definitely called for another round of House Lager...

...and another plate. Going back for seconds and thirds is as simple as picking up another plate.

Seafood, pork, chicken, sausages, and vegetables, all fresh from the grill. You can pile it high or grab another plate, your call. And with bottomless rounds of House Lager and premium craft beer from Engkanto Brewery, BrewFest 2018 offers both variety and real value for a Friday beer and barbecue night out.

Not to be missed is the delicately grilled fish wrapped in banana leaves seasoned with sambal spices and chili, perfect when paired with the House Lager. The culinary team of Grand Hyatt Manila set out to impress that evening, and they did.

The barbecue experience is elevated with a flair that's expected from a Grand Hyatt property, combining the cool resort vibe of the Pool House with a wide selection of dishes paired with endless rounds of premium beer in a grand yet seamless blend. At Grand Hyatt Manila, you can #GoGrand with beer and barbecue for a #LivingGrand experience.

Beer and barbecue by the pool? Absolutely. Enjoy round after round of Grand Hyatt Manila's exclusive House Lager and Engkanto's craft beer selection with a sumptuous array of salads and grilled seafood, pork, chicken and vegetables at BrewFest 2018 at the Pool House on October 9 and 15, 6:30 pm to 12:00 midnight, for only P 1,800 net per person (if you book early, enjoy the special early bird rate of P 1,500 net per person). Just call 838-1234 or email manila.grand@hyatt.com for reservations. Book now and experience beer and barbecue on a whole different level...at Grand Hyatt Manila's BrewFest 2018.

The Pool House is located at the 6th Level of Grand Hyatt Manila, 8th Avenue corner 35th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call +63 838-1234 for inquiries and reservations.

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