Sunday, October 14, 2018

Flavors of Pampanga: Have a Taste of the Best with Pampanga's Best

The brightly colored packages of frozen meat have become a familiar sight, almost a tradition, after any trip from Pampanga. You just can't go home without a few packs of Pampanga's Best...

From the original Pork Tocino to Hungarian Sausages and Sweet Ham, Beef Tapa and Pork Tapa to Bacon, Longaniza and Chicken Tocino, Pampanga's Best is a homegrown brand that's been a part of comforting family meals for over forty years. And with new products in its growing portfolio, the brand has truly become the very best of Pampanga.

It's a success story that continues to inspire, emerging from humble beginnings to become an iconic name throughout the country. Helping a neighbor preserve some left-over pork from the market, the family matriarch developed a special marinade with that sweet flavor we all love to cure the meat and the rest, as they say, is history. Pampanga's Best has gone a long way since then, now a major meat processing brand with extensive reach throughout the country. From the Original Tocino to the signature Beef Tapa and Pork Tapa, dining at home is always special with Pampanga's Best.

A popular breakfast staple, the selection of local sausages from Pampanga's Best guarantees the perfect start to any day with the Native Longaniza, Skinless Longaniza and Hamonado Longaniza.

Pampanga's Best continues to innovate with unique processed meats like the Chicken Longaniza and Chicken Tocino for the health-conscious. It's all about quality, options and variety.

In tune with the times, Pampanga's Best now offers even more healthy options like the Sugar-Free Be Lite Tocino and Fatless Tocino so you can enjoy the familiar original flavors without the guilt.

Like they say, anything's better with bacon. You can count the bacon from Pampanga's Best among the favorites.

From the Original Tocino, Pampanga's Best now offers Sweet Ham and Hungarian Sausages reflecting the evolving palate of the market. And you can expect even more innovations from Pampanga's Best.

Available in selected supermarkets, nothing beats bringing home one of Pampanga's very best. Grab a bag, a big bag, and load up on Pampanga's Best on your next road trip.

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