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Raging Bull Burgers: Seriously Badass Burgers Fresh From The Charcoal Grill

Sink your teeth in this...

You can always find a burger anywhere, but it's probably the easiest meal to mess up. More than just a lump of beef slapped between soft buns, a good burger is a serious matter with its own unwritten set of rules almost like a religion. And they take it seriously here at Raging Bull Burgers...

Described as a "Flavor-Forward Burger Shop with a Conscience and a Rock Star Attitude," Raging Bull Burgers takes absolutely no short cuts with their burgers. Intensely passionate with a rock-solid and uncompromising mission, each burger is prepared as you order fresh off the fiery charcoal grill. And the mural on the wall says it all quite nicely when you enter Raging Bull Burgers. That's badass.

Inside Raging Bull Burgers, the warm earth tones of wood and raw concrete combine with the warm glow of the charcoal grills exuding that no-frills yet cool and quirky off-beat vibe. But it's that smoky and fragrant aroma from the grills that greet diners as they enter Raging Bull Burgers. That alone triggers an overwhelming sensory response...   

...and you just know you've found that elusive perfect burger. Each premium all-beef patty conforms with the strict 70/30 meat to fat ratio for the best flavor, charcoal-grilled to perfection for that fragrant and smoky oak aroma. The handcrafted aged patties are also sourced from the same farm used exclusively by Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar.

Diners can choose a variety of cuts, from tender brisket to beefy rump, premium Wagyu and the clean flavors of grass-fed beef. It's this pedigree of excellence shared with Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar that sets Raging Bull Burgers apart from the usual burger joint (for more on Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar, see my earlier posts, Carnivorous Journeys at Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar and Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar Formally Opens in Shangri-La at The Fort from three years ago). Grab a table if you find it, other burger devotees like you know where to find real serious burgers. Why not settle in your precious spot with a decadent and refreshing Milkshake (P 190) in Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry

Or you can skip that and head on straight to business with a solid and potent Bourbon Shot From The Barrel (P 100) to get you in the Raging Bull Burgers groove in no time. Another shot should do the trick. Craving for some artisan fresh brew on tap? Go for Raging Bull Burgers' premium Draft Beer (P 250) and raise it high.

Then it's time for some tasty starters before the mains. The Messy Fries (P 160) at Raging Bull Burgers is exactly that, with crisp and thick-cut fries loaded with pulled pork and slathered with Raging Bull BBQ Sauce and sharp cheddar cheese. It can be a meal in itself, but save some room for the signature burgers. You can also opt for the traditional and richly seasoned Thick-Cut Fries (P 85) if you want it clean and straight-forward. Both work for me. 

All lined up and ready to serve. After a fiery encounter with the grill, the premium beef patties are then laid on soft golden yellow breakfast buns called Scottish Baps with its distinctive mild hints of sweetness pairing well with the savory richness of the beef.

The Mighty Beast (P 295) is the perfect introduction to raging Bull Burgers. With its hefty 1/3 pound premium US Angus beef patty known for its delicate marbling, the juicy patty bursts with bold beefy flavors from that first bite down to the last. Each bite drapes your palate with a savory richness, kicked up a notch by griddle maple bacon, aged cheddar, spicy beer and mustard sauce, garden-fresh and crisp lettuce, tomato and dill pickle. Appropriately named, it's a beast of a burger.

The Kickass (P 245) is Raging Bull Burgers' homage to the no-frills and classic burger, with juicy 1/3 pound Angus beef patty topped with fresh and tart tomato, sour dill pickle on crisp iceberg lettuce covered in Raging Bull Sauce. But it's far from being just your basic burger, with its bold beefy notes punching through followed by subtle smoky hints. No, this isn't a lightweight. It's a serious contender. And it's all about the beef.

Then, there's the Raging Wagyu (P 345) with the seriously intense and bold notes of prime Australian Wagyu cutting through the sweet notes of the braised onions, sweet chili chutney with just a hint of soothing heat, crisp lettuce, tomato and dill pickle. This is the purist's burger, and it doesn't even need bacon or cheese. This is also my personal choice at Raging Bull Burgers. I'm told this particular burger is a product of an intensive one year effort to perfect the recipe. The result is absolutely worth it. Take one bite, and you know you've found one serious burger.   

Okay, vegetarians don't have to be left out. Raging Bull Burgers also offer the Pretender (P 245) made with braised red kidney beans, quinoa, guacamole, beetroot, lettuce and grilled bell peppers. Surprisingly, this pretender has seriously bold flavors recreating the savory richness of a comforting burger. It's good but I'll safely leave this to the vegetarians...

Now, the Naked Fish (P 345) is an entirely different matter altogether. Made with crisp, tender and juicy fried grouper fillet draped in flavorful criolla sauce and nikkei tartar sauce on a bed of romaine lettuce, the Naked Fish is a tasty and healthier alternative. The use of fresh grouper instead of the usual and more common fish like dory gives it deeper, rounder, fuller and more intense flavors capped perfectly by the criolla and tartar sauces. Another one of my favorites at Raging Bull Burgers and I'd have this on a heartbeat, any day. Any time.

You can also customize your burger at Raging Bull Burgers with a variety of US and Australian beef cuts, toppings and sauces like the Raging Bull Barbecue Sauce, You're So Damn Hot Sauce, Lone Steer Brisket Sauce, and El Mayo Classico. Seriously good bespoke burgers. Like I said, they take burgers seriously at Raging Bull Burgers.

Badass. There's just no other way to describe the way they prepare their signature burgers at Raging Bull Burgers. From the premium US and Australian beef, the charcoal grills all the way to the variety of sauces and toppings and that very first bite, it's seriously good burgers and nothing less. And I'm heading back for another serious rendezvous with the Raging Wagyu and the Naked Fish before the day ends...

Raging Bull Burgers is located at Shangri-La at The Fort, Manila, Corner of 30th Street and 4th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call (02) 820-0888 for inquiries.

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