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Bringing The Farm to Poblacion: Hineleban Farms at Backwell by BBZ

Farm fresh goodness comes to Poblacion at Backwell by BBZ. And it's only here at Backwell by BBZ where you can enjoy Hineleban Adlai and Hinelaban Coffee...

Backwell by BBZ, well known for their Beer Below Zero, cocktails, and many signature dishes in Poblacion, expands its menu offerings to include the much sought-after products from Hineleban Farms specifically Hineleban Adlai and Hineleban Coffee. Backwell by BBZ is all set to transform and lead the charge for a healthier dining lifestyle in Poblacion's culinary scene (for more on Backwell by BBZ, see my previous post, Speak Softly and Carry a Big Tomahawk: Pork, Beef and Beer Below Zero at Backwell by BBZ).

It's also a timely move. The modern lifestyle and diet propelled Diabetes high up the charts ranked as the sixth leading cause of death in the country. According to data compiled by the Philippine Daily Inquirer from the Department of Health, there were at least 3.51 million Filipinos between the age of 20 to 79 diagnosed with diabetes based on reported cases in 2015. But the number may be significantly higher since most are not even aware of the early symptoms of diabetes. It's an alarming trend that deserves attention.

And for three women, it all begins with supplementing your diet with the right kind of food. Jek Nunez of Backwell by BBZ, Justine Claudia Perrine of Hineleban Farms and culinary consultant Sabrina Artadi come together in a unique collaboration to offer alternative options to the bar and restaurant's extensive menu. For Sabrina Artadi, a long-time health advocate, food is medicine and you'll go far when you eat right (for more on Sabrina Artadi, see my earlier posts, Celebrating The Art of Happy with Sabrina's Kitchen from last year and my first encounter with Hineleban Farms and Just Another Day in Sabrina's Kitchen from six years ago).

Personally, I'd like to enjoy and feast on whatever I want. And having a frosty ice-cold brew, never frozen with Beer Below Zero's unique and proprietary technology, is always the perfect start at Backwell by BBZ. From local, imported and craft brews like Monkey Eagle, you can enjoy the full and rich flavors of your favorite beer at the right and ideal temperature undiluted by the addition of rice. And adding ice to a glass of beer just isn't right. A few more refreshing sips, and you're suddenly more open to try something new, something that's even good for you. Like they say, don't knock it until you try it, right?

Sabrina Artadi's refreshing Pechay Taboulleh with Adlai drizzled with olive oil, calamansi and cumin is a unique salad dish combining fresh greens and Adlai grains. I've never had pechay, or Chinese cabbage, in a salad before but leave it to Sabrina to always surprise you with something new. I've enjoyed pechay in soups, or served blanched or steamed as a side to savory mains and having it in a salad was definitely new to me. Mildly sweet with just a whisper of bitter spicy hints, the fresh greens added unique flavors complemented by the tart dressing.

And I did enjoy it. The soft Adlai grains add flavor with its subtle sweetness and texture to complete the salad. It's a dish that reflects the versatility of Adlai, pairing well with the other ingredients of the salad. Known to have the highest nutrients per calorie second to kale, the common pechay can be your first step to better health. Add some Adlai, and your path is set. After all, it's all about enjoying and experiencing new flavors.

The salad dish was my introduction to this wonder grain from Bukidnon. And I was looking forward to the next dishes where the grain was the main ingredient. Adlai is an heirloom grain cultivated in Bukidnon by the indigenous people of the highlands. The mountain crop offers numerous health benefits to supplement your diet. Adlai is gluten-free, low in glycemic index making it ideal for diabetics, a high source of calcium, iron, dietary fiber, potassium and magnesium; sodium-free and contains only 1% fat.  It's also a versatile grain and can be used for paella, risotto, arroz caldo, fried rice and even salads and pasta dishes. Cooking Adlai is as easy as cooking rice, with the same 1 cup of Adlai to two cups water ratio in a rice cooker or saucepan. One cup of Adlai is equivalent to two servings. Soft with a subtle sweetness, the flavor and texture is similar to rice but a whole lot healthier.

The soft and fluffy texture of Adlai really shines in Backwell by BBZ's Adlai Caldo with Turmeric, a flavorful dish with the larger and rounder grains absorbing the various notes of the different ingredients. Each spoonful delivers a burst of bold flavors, kicked up the turmeric. Loaded with tender chunks of chicken, salted egg, and spring onions, it's a tastier alternative to the usual arroz caldo...

...and I can have this any time of day at Backwell by BBZ. Backwell by BBZ offers a full range of savory Adlai dishes, including Adlai Longanisa Bolognese, Adlai Sundried Tomato and Mushrooms, Adlai Sardine Capers and Olive, Adlai Chicken Shrimp and Fish Curry, Adlai Pot Roast, Adlai Sweet and Spicy Chicken and Adlai Champorado for even more healthier options. No longer just a spot for a few drinks, Backwell by BBZ offers breakfast, lunch and dinner with a repertoire of savory dishes for the whole day. That means you can enjoy your ice-cold and never frozen brew any time of day too at Backwell by BBZ.

And that was it. I was sold on Adlai. But another tasty dish with Adlai was served, and that really sealed the deal for me. Sabrina Artadi's Dirty Cajun with Chicken Liver Adlai offered rich and bold notes that will have you going for seconds.

The deep and distinct flavors of the rum-marinated chicken liver are absorbed by the Adlai delivering a burst of richness with every bite. Richly seasoned with a blend of spices, this Dirty Cajun really rocks.

Topped with fresh tomatoes and herbs, the Dirty Cajun with Chicken Liver is yet another dish showcasing the versatile Adlai grain. And it's good for you too. Healthy food doesn't have to be bland, you just have to be creative.

Soft and fluffy, cooked Adlai (L) is noticeably larger and rounder than the usual elongated rice grains and is the perfect substitute to rice, pasta, quinoa, arborio, millet and other grains. After a satisfying meal with Hineleban Adlai, Claudia Perrine capped our feast with another signature product from Hineleban Farms...

...with a freshly brewed cup of Hineleban Coffee, a 100% Highland Specialty Arabica Coffee. Grown high above in the cool mist-covered ranges of Bukidnon's Mount Kitanglad, Hineleban Coffee is an experience in itself. The wide selection of coffee-based beverages at Backwell by BBZ are made from these prized coffee beans.

Delicately hand-picked, the bright red coffee cherries are nurtured by the cool mountain climes and roasted to perfection for its distinctive fruity and nutty hints, chocolate and caramel finish. From the Americano, Latte, Cappuccino and Flat White to the Mocha and Macchiato, Backwell by BBZ is your perfect spot for that caffeine fix. 

But to fully appreciate the distinct notes of Hineleban Coffee, the Pour Over (P 160) is the way to go at Backwell by BBZ. The elaborate process in preparing your cup builds your anticipation. The delicate pouring, done in a slow circular fashion, releases a fruity and nutty aroma... 

...and after a few minutes, your cup is served. It's not often I take my coffee black, only on those rare instances when you need a serious pick me up. But the Pour Over, with no sugar or cream, had all the flavors you're looking for in a robust cup of freshly brewed coffee. Bold nutty and fruity notes with a delicate sweetness almost like caramel drapes your palate, intensifying even more with another sip. None of the usual bitterness from over roasted beans ruin the flavors, it's a perfect cup. And you'll find it right here at Backwell by BBZ. Including healthier choices too as Hineleban Farms comes to Backwell by BBZ.

Backwell by BBZ is located at 8471 Rockwell Drive corner Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati or call 0920-972-2904 for inquiries. You can also check out their FB Page at for more information and updates.

For more on Hineleban Farms, visit their FB Page at

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