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#DrinkLikeABoss: Tea Time at Home with True Boss

The quarantine experience due to the pandemic is a reminder that life will now be forever changed as we transition to the next normal. There are lessons to be learned, but the fact remains that your first line of defense is your health. After all, your health matters now more than ever. Maybe it's time for a cool change in your choice of tea, milk tea or fruit beverage and drink like a boss...

The very first fruit enzyme specialty drink in the country, True Boss cuts through the crowded clutter of milk teas and fresh fruit drinks in the emerging and extremely competitive beverage market with a variety of healthy and refreshing options. In the time of Covid 19, making the right and smart choice for that extra edge can be a winning game plan. Better yet, you can stay home, stay safe and have your True Boss specialty drinks delivered just like a boss...

The dramatic surge in online transactions and deliveries by food businesses during the quarantine is an adaptive response to the new normal. As more establishments pivot in a move to make on-line more mainstream, consumers and diners now have access to an infinite array of choices. And these include smarter and healthier options like the unique fruit enzyme beverages of True Boss. These natural beverages are not your usual sweetened tea or fruit drinks, in fact the bold and pronounced tartness of the drink is similar to the intensely sour and acidic kombucha, a fermented tea known for its health benefits. And like kombucha, be aware that your first sip delivers a sharp yet flavorful kick as the fruit enzyme reacts to your body. If you've had sweets or salty food prior to your first sip, this "kick" becomes even more intense. But as you enjoy more soothing sips, there is a cooling sensation that starts from the palate down to the entire body as it mellows. It's this deep cleansing feeling that immediately relieves you, and you're ready for the day.

The predominant flavor profile of the local mass market and millennials in particular are skewed with a preference for sweeter beverages, and it may be reasonably argued that consumer reaction to a radically different kind of tea will be extremely challenging. Maybe it's about time to break the norm and be receptive to new flavor experiences.      

Established in Taiwan, True Boss was driven by one goal: to create fruit enzymes made with fresh and real fruits and vegetables for a healthier alternative. All-natural, simple and 100% genuine, the line of beverages not only provide increased health benefits from the usual sugary options but more bang for the buck with the optimum value for money. It's a winning formula and today, True Boss is present in eight countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Canada, Korea and the Philippines with more than twenty stores.

Churning out fresh beverages can be tedious, but True Boss makes no compromises when it comes to quality. Fruit enzymes go through a three-stage fermentation process with over a hundred procedures. And this is where the magic happens behind each beverage stamped with the True Boss brand. Using the freshest all-natural ingredients, all products pass through stringent third party testing with SGS to meet its quality benchmarks.

The wide selection at True Boss include five basic variants of fruit enzymes, with the basic Fruit Enzyme Drink, Fruit Enzyme with Basil Seeds, Fruit Enzyme Plus, Fruit Enzyme with Pearls and Fruit Enzyme Tea. Customizing your fruit enzyme drink begins with the flavor base, and you can choose from Plum, Cranberry, Apple, Grape and Peach. Or go for a tea-based drink with Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, and Alpine Tea as your base. If you prefer, you can also add fresh toppings like Kiwi, Apple, Mango, Strawberry and Grapefruit. The combinations present infinite possibilities. Here are some refreshing options, starting with the Fruit Enzyme with Aloe like the Grape Enzyme with Aloe with its sharp and acidic yet refreshing notes mellowed by the aloe. The initial sensation of vibrant sour and almost vinegary flavors from the first sip settles down after a few more sips for a delicately balanced finish. 

From the Fruit Enzyme Plus line with choice of two toppings, the Plum Enzyme with Mango & Strawberry is a refreshing combo weaving the sweetness of mangoes, the sour hints of strawberries and the deep notes of sweet plums in one soothing beverage. The flavors are rich and complex yet delicately balanced. Each refreshing sip brings bits of mango and cubes of strawberries to complete the flavors. Natural fruit enzymes are a known metabolism booster and immunity enhancer, health benefits everyone needs in these crazy and uncertain times as the threat of the viral pandemic continues to linger. Made from fermented fruits and vegetables, enzymes are rich in amino acids, proteins and a natural source of Vitamin C. Fruit enzymes also inhibits the synthesis of fats, revitalizes cells, neutralizes PH value, helps maintain cardiovascular health, soothes muscle aches and eliminates fatigue. Plus, fruit enzymes helps balance your sugar and salt levels. You can enjoy all that with a fresh beverage from True Boss.

A tea-based drink, the Peach Enzyme & Alpine Tea with Mango Toppings is yet another winning trifecta with the flavors of natural peaches, tea and sweet mangoes coming together seamlessly. Like the previous fruit enzyme drinks, one is greeted by a flavorful burst of sharpness that softens after succeeding sips. Fresh peaches and mangoes bring that fruity layer of sweetness followed by the deep earthy hints of tea.

From the Fruit Enzyme with Basil Seeds line, the Apple Enzyme with Basil Seeds delivers the same intense burst of refreshing notes with the added texture of basil seeds for a unique flavor experience. Like a mildly sour cider, the Apple Enzyme with Basil Seeds is both light yet full of flavor with clean and crisp notes. 

From the Fruit Enzyme with Pearl line, the Cranberry Enzyme with Pearl blends the sourness of the cranberries with the sweetness of soft and chewy pearls. Bite on the pearls for that explosion of tartness. Using the freshest fruits, the flavors are both rich and real without the overwhelming sweetness of similar drinks in the market. True Boss uses cane sugar for all its beverage creations which is easily absorbed by the body. But the sugar content is not as excessive as compared to what's available in the market. True Boss recommends customers try the original and optimal blend of sugar levels for the first time, but if they still think it's too sweet then they can lower the sugar on their next try. I was told a True Boss customer who is diabetic had no issues with the beverages after a blood test revealed normal levels. True Boss clearly has perfected that sugar blend.   

True Boss also offers other variants, including Fruit Tea with Cheese Milk Foam, Tea with Cheese Milk Foam, Sparkling Drinks and the popular Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Pearl for even more tasty and refreshing options (see full menu below). The new Taro Fresh Milk is a creamy beverage rounded out by the earthy flavors of taro and soon on its way as one of their bestsellers. Rich and creamy, it's an indulgent drink and the addition of taro complements the flavor. Drinking one is like having a light meal or snack, and it's good all the way to the last sip. It can be difficult to select just one flavor in your list of favorites, but that's all part of the fun at True Boss.

True Boss offers a wide variety of refreshing and healthy options to suit your taste or mood from its proprietary Fruit Enzyme Drinks to Tea Drinks, Special Drinks and Hot Drinks with all the extras as tempting options for a customized beverage. And here's an added bonus for readers of the blog, True Boss will be giving Free Pearls to your beverages when you order direct at the E. Rodriguez, West Avenue and SM MOA branches using the Promo Code TBDFF from July 6-12, 2020. Now that's something to look out for, right?

Staying fit and healthy while staying home during the quarantine remains your top priority. In line with this, True Boss is implementing a cool promotion for fitness enthusiasts with the True Boss Workout Challenge for a chance to win a Workout Set or a pair of Dumbbells from Ensayo Gym Equipment Inc. The promotion also introduces their new variants, Peach or Cranberry Enzyme with Yakult Drinks. It's a timely reminder for everyone to stay healthy and keep fit in the time of Covid 19. How to join? Easy. Just follow the steps outlined below and you're on your way to a winning workout without breaking a sweat...

1. Follow Facebook and IG page of True Boss.

2. Post your own workout photo or video with a True Boss drink (you may take a photo or video without your face) and include the hashtag #TrueBossWorkoutChallenge and #TrueBossXEnsayo. Make sure it’s set to public. Comment the link of your entry here:

3. 10 lucky winners will be chosen.

Grand Prize: A Workout Set from Ensayo Gym Equipment, Inc. with the new True Boss Peach or Cranberry Enzyme with Yakult Drink

9 Winners: A pair of dumbbells from Ensayo Gym Equipment, Inc. with the new True Boss Peach or Cranberry Enzyme with Yakult Drink

4. Deadlines of entries is on June 30, 2020.

5. Participants may submit more than 1 entry but may only win once.

Get your True Boss and run with it. Submit your entries today! 😊

Maybe it's time for a cool change and drink like a boss with True Boss. The quarantine experience is a wake-up call to be more conscious of what we eat and drink and having an extra edge to boost one's immune system is always the smart move. Have your healthy and refreshing creations prepared for pick-up (note that social distancing and precautionary measures are strictly implemented for all pick-up orders) or delivered straight to your home via FoodPanda, GrabFood, LalaFood, BEXTRA Philippines and Just like a Boss...

For more on True Boss, visit their FB Page here at You can also call their Store Hotline Numbers at 02 7900-2076/0906 294 5070 (E. Rodriguez), 02 7747-3171/0916 270 9916 (West Avenue) and 02 7746 4608/0967 452 4087 (SM Mall of Asia). Follow True on IG at @truebossph and the hashtags #TrueBossPH and #tbPH. 

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