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Pangasinan's Finest Comes To Your Table with Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes

The Covid 19 virus continues to pose a lingering threat as the General Community Quarantine is extended in the National Capital Region until the end of the month. There are positive signs that the goal of flattening the curve is slowly taking shape but this is no time to lower our vigilance. One positive flip side to the quarantine experience is the continued surge of online transactions, deliveries or pick-ups and greater access to a wide variety of food and produce like never before. This emerging trend is also the perfect opportunity to discover local regional flavors... 

From far up north to your table, local producers bring their local specialties to the metro. Now, you can experience the rich flavors of Pangasinan with Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes like their traditional Boneless Bonuan Tinapang Bangus, Guisadong Bagoong Alamang, Padas Isda Sauce and Heritage Pure Tsokolate Batirol. It's regional products like these that highlight the variety and richness of our colorful and multi-layered culinary diversity. Read on for a peek at Pangasinan's finest... 

Long known for their Bonuan Bangus, Pangasinan is considered by many as the Bangus Capital of the Philippines. The local mikfish raised and cultivated in Dagupan are tastier and chunkier delivering fresh and clean flavors. Pangasinan has set the standard for quality milkfish, and Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes lets you rediscover these uniquely local flavors in a variety of products. In Baranggay Bonuan Binloc, the Bonuan Tinapang Bangus reigns as the region's signature product. Pairing this with Pangasinan's other specialties like Guisadong Bagoong Alamang and Padas Isda Sauce promises an authentic flavor experience you can enjoy at the comfort of your home. End your nostalgic local feast with a soothing cup of Heritage Pure Tsokolate Batirol to complete your Pangasinense experience on a high note. These products not only reflect the province's culinary heritage, but one remarkable woman's love for her family and Pangasinan...

A girl scout, an accomplished accountant, home cook and loving wife, her legacy continues with Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes showcasing the best, freshest and finest local produce of Pangasinan prepared with traditional methods passed down for generations.   

Lola Pering meticulously prepared these cherished family recipes to her family and now you can experience that very same love through a variety of Pangasinense products, including the much-loved Boneless Bonuan Tinapang Bangus (P 300/3 pcs). Freshly caught and harvested, the milkfish are then meticulously cleaned, gutted and deboned before the traditional smoking process.

It's the smoking process that sets Bonuan Tinapang Bangus apart from other regional varieties, using bamboo exclusively for their product. The use of bamboo in the smoking process infuses a distinct yet subtle sweetness in both fragrance and flavor, perfectly complementing the natural richness of the milkfish. Just like Lola Pering's home-cooked meals, there are absolutely no short cuts, MSG or preservatives in this classic Pangasinense specialty.

Sold in packs of three, Lola Pering's Boneless Bonuan Tinapang Bangus can be fried or baked pairing well with garlic fried rice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. One bite and the natural sweetness of the bangus comes through followed by just a gentle whisper of smoky notes for a delicately balanced finish. Fresh off the frying pan, you can enjoy contrasting textures from the soft meaty fish to its lightly crisp skin. Lola Pering's Boneless Bonuan Tinapang Bangus is also a versatile ingredient and can be used as a flavorful base for dishes like crispy fried spring rolls, mixed with fried rice, comforting sinigang, savory sisig and even pasta dishes. Try it as pulutan with an ice-cold beer for an entirely new and flavorful take. You'll want some condiments to go with your dish, and Lola Pering's has that covered too... 

The Guisadong Bagoong Alamang (P 120) or sauteed shrimp paste and Padas Isda Sauce (P 120) are a flavorful duo of condiments made from fresh seafood that can be enjoyed as is or used as a seasoning ingredient to any dish. Made from fermented small shrimps or alamang and sauteed with garlic, onions and tomatoes, the Guisadong Bagoong Alamang delivers fresh, bold and briny notes for that salty finish to balance any savory dish. It can be used as a marinade or best enjoyed simply with ripe or green mangoes, pakbet, ensaladang talong, dining-ding, saluyot or steamed vegetables and many other local recipes.

Give your Guisadong Bagoong Alamang a flavorful test run with fresh vegetables... steamed ampalaya and eggplant to complement your meal.

Fermented for months for that well-balanced flavor and vibrant salty notes, Lola Pering's Guisadong Bagoong Alamang drapes the palate with a burst of richness followed by a subtle sweetness. It's just the way Lola Pering would have it. 

The Padas Isda Sauce is another kind of bagoong made with the local fish called padas. The bottle of Padas Isda Sauce reveals two distinct layers, with the liquid fish sauce on top and the pureed fish or darker brown liquid on the lower portion. As such, it's best to shake it well before serving.

A dip in the liquid sauce bring pronounced briny notes, while the padas adds a layer of savory flavors. Squeeze some fresh calamansi and add some fiery chili for a little heat, and you're ready to go. The Padas Isda Sauce is an all-natural seasoning that elevates any dish like sinigang na isda, tortang talong and ensaladang manga

After a hearty feast, you can enjoy another of Lola Pering's specialties with the Heritage Pure Tsokolate Batirol (P 120). Packed in a plastic sleeve and sealed with a paper roll, the medium sized discs of local tablea tsokolate are just what you need for that soothing cup of thick hot chocolate. Simply dilute the discs in hot or boiling water, then sweeten with raw sugar or honey and top with milk.

Enjoyed in the morning for breakfast or mid-afternoon for merienda, you can relive the tradition of "almusal or merendar con chocolate" with each cup, best paired with other regional specialties like Puto Calasiao, suman and manga.

Enjoy Pangasinan's finest on your table with Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes for a taste of the north. Dining at home can be made even more memorable when you rediscover authentic local and regional flavors. Each purchase also goes a long way in helping Pangasinan's local food producers. Send your orders via SMS on Viber or WhatsApp (contact numbers detailed below) and Lola Pering's specialty products will be on its way to you (delivery charges apply). Enjoy free delivery for a minimum purchase of P 1,000 in selected areas including Corinthians, Green Meadows, Eastwood, Valle Verde, White Plains, La Vista, St. Ignatius Loyola Heights, Enclave and Casa Verde. Payment options include GCash, BPI and BDO.
For more information on Lola Pering's Heritage Recipes, visit their FB Page at for updates. You can also call 0917 533 8472 (SMS WhatsApp) or 0995 096 4045 (SMS Viber) for orders or view their IG feed at @lolaperingsheritagerecipes.

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