Sunday, August 2, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: Happiness is Homemade with the Delightful Baked Homemade Treats by Adie's Delight

Happiness is homemade. It may as well be the catch phrase for the quarantine experience in these challenging times with the surge of home-based food businesses reflecting their resilience and creativity. As we all slowly transition to the new normal, home bakers are leading the charge in different communities with their innovative yet comforting creations.

All eyes are fixed on the home front as the food service industry struggles to remain open in a lingering global pandemic. Despite the countless challenges from the quarantine, we've seen an abundance of creativity and innovation coming out of home kitchens around the country like never before. Adie's Delight is taking "happiness is homemade" to heart with their indulgent reinterpretation of the traditional bibingka and comforting savory baked pies like Chicken Pot Pie and Shepherd's Pie all the way to the next normal.  

We've seen comforting classics and inventive concepts during the quarantine, and it's a trend that's likely here to stay. A housewife turned baker weaves yet another inspiring story on the home front with her sumptuous homemade specialties. It's true that bakers make the world smell better, and Adie's Delight makes it a whole lot more flavorful too.

The specialty fresh-baked creations are elegantly packed in white boxes, exuding a rustic warmth that can only come from a home kitchen. After all, the quarantine experience made us all appreciate our homes where the kitchen was once again the center of family activities. The pandemic changed our daily routine, and dining at home became the norm. This marked change in consumer habits led to increased online transactions and food deliveries with access to so many delectable finds in the metro. A craving for nostalgic and comforting dishes became part of the home experience during the quarantine. In any crisis, a taste of the familiar does wonders to make each day in a prolonged quarantine so much more bearable. Adie's Delight has just what you need, conveniently delivered to your doorstep.  

The traditional bibingka has been part of our culinary tradition for generations, but Adie's Delight gives it a refreshed and inventive spin for a new bibingka experience like no other. Adie's Delight is serious about their bibingka, elevating the local rice cake delicacy with a lavish and indulgent spin. Made exclusively with rice which they tediously grind into galapong each day with absolutely no flour, the resulting product is softer, creamier and fluffier than the usual cake-like texture of the popular staple.

And all it takes are a few taps on your mobile device to bring home the comforting offerings of Adie's Delight... this rustic Shepherd's Pie (P 450) with savory and juicy ground beef baked with mushrooms and green peppers liberally seasoned with black pepper and topped with creamy old-fashioned mashed potatoes and herbs. Warm it up in the oven and you're ready for a sumptuous slice.

Fresh from the oven, the fragrant aroma triggers your senses before tempting the eyes. The mashed potato crust offers contrasting textures, velvety smooth and soft on the bottom with a delicate crispness on top.

A slice reveals savory layers of ground beef, mushrooms and green peppers draped by the herbed mashed potato crust. Rich, juicy and beefy notes from the ground beef are followed by the nutty and earthy hints of mushrooms and the fresh subtle sweetness of green peppers rounded out by the old-fashioned mashed potato crust for that perfect finish. With each succeeding slice and bite, the savory pie makes for a hearty and satisfying meal in itself.

But there's more coming out from the busy ovens of Adie's Delight. The Creamy Chicken Pot Pie (P 395) with its buttery aroma conjures images of festive family meals with its charred and rustic crust. There's a whole lot of love and attention to detail with each homemade product by Adie's Delight all the way down to its real and honest flavors. True to its mission, happiness is indeed homemade.

The Chicken Pot Pie has that homemade vibe with its hand-shaped edges around the crust, becoming even more enticing when you heat it in the oven for just a few minutes.

The moment you carve a slice, the sumptuous filling is revealed with chunks of tender chicken, mushrooms, onions, potatoes, carrots and egg flowing to the edge of your plate. Just like the Shepherd's Pie, Adie's Delight doesn't hold back on fresh ingredients with the Chicken Pot Pie.

The distinct flavor of each ingredient comes together in a balanced, delicate and seamless weave finished by just a hint of sweetness and the buttery crust. Like any memorable family meal, it's this coming together of rich flavors that brighten up any table. But save room for one more specialty baked item that built and firmly established Adie's Delight's reputation on the net...

...the famous Triple Cheese Bibingka Galapong (P 120/piece) topped with quezo de bola and salted egg. At first glance, it may strike you as a regular bibingka. But take a closer look and you'll immediate notice the generous toppings of quezo de bola  with salted egg as the finishing touch. It's a pretty loaded bibingka, but there's more. Available in attractive boxed sets for one, two, four and six, the Triple Cheese Bibingka Galapong also makes an ideal gift.

Individually wrapped in banana leaf, each serving has some weight to give you an idea on the dense texture and composition of the rice cake. And this where the use of 100% freshly ground galapong makes a significant difference in this unique bibingka.

Made with Cheddar, Cream Cheese and Kesong Puti, the rich blend of cheeses give this bibingka a velvety smooth texture far different from the usual cake-like consistency of the usual variety. It's this indulgent difference that sets it apart from from other traditional rice cakes.

These specialty bibingkas of Adie's Delight are softer, creamier and fluffier with each bite melting in your mouth draping the palate with a decadent richness. This luscious mouthfeel lingers, releasing the sharp notes of quezo de bola, Cheddar and salted egg tempered perfectly by the cream cheese for delicately balanced flavors.

It's like no other bibingka I've tried, a class on its own. I can clearly see why this specialty Triple Cheese Bibingka Galapong by Adie's Delight became a sensation on the net, and it's innovations like this that keep the metro's culinary scene active and vibrant in these challenging times warmed by a homemade touch. Home kitchens and home-based food businesses are responding well to the new normal, but one thing's for sure. Happiness really is homemade, with Adie's Delight...

For more on Adie's Delight, call 0917 880 2212 for orders and inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at and their IG Account at @adies_delight.

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