Sunday, August 16, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: This Weekend, Leave All The Cooking to Mama V Delicious...

 Like they all say, mothers always know best. And when Mama V says it's delicious, better believe it...

Delicious at your doorstep. Dining at home is the new normal, but that doesn't mean missing out on your favorite dishes from the metro's countless dining establishments. Mama V Delicious brings its delectable offerings made from 60 year-old family recipes to your table with its sumptuous Mama V Delicious Meals to-Go for convenient and hassle-free dining at home. Comforting and fresh flavors with a home-style vibe, Mama V Delicious satisfies your cravings with a wide array of classic local dishes conveniently delivered to your doorstep. That means you don't have to work for hours in the family kitchen, you too can take the weekend off. This weekend, enjoy a lavish feast at home and just leave all the cooking to Mama V Delicious... 

From hearty Solo Rice Meals, Ready-to-Eat and frozen Cook-at-Home dishes to lavish Set Group Packages, Mama V Delicious takes all the fuss away from dining at home in the new normal by offering an extensive selection of dishes to satisfy everyone's cravings. And the secret behind dish? Mama V Delicious brings nearly 60 years of cherished family recipes from her kitchen to your table. Beginning with Mama V Restaurant, Mama V Delicious is an offshoot focusing on food delivery. But the flavors remain consistent with the Mama V brand, led by a dynamic mother and daughter tandem. The flavors are both real and fresh with a home-style touch. And that's what sets Mama V Delicious apart from the usual food delivery options. There's a wholesome honesty with their repertoire of dishes that just warms the palate and body, and you can say that's just what we need in these uncertain times. And since 2018, Mama V Delicious has been sharing a taste of their home kitchen to countless loyal diners delivered to their doorstep with specialty home-cooked dishes. 

Once your home-cooked feast from Mama V Delicious arrives at your door, you'll immediately notice little details that come with each package. Sealed on all sides to protect it from the elements and properly labeled with the name of the dish, it's touches like these that really matter in the new normal...

The proper packing and handling of food is increasingly becoming a concern in the new normal, and Mama V Delicious ensures that all your orders are sealed tight before delivery. Mama V Delicious already has a finely tuned online ordering and food delivery system in place with cashless transactions and cash on delivery options with GrabExpress and LalaMove Pabili Service, an advantage that presented its value in the new normal. Finalizing and booking your order with a quick call or online via Facebook, Instagram and their easy to navigate website at is easy and you'll be assisted by their Deliciousness Concierge, Michelle and Nathaxia, each step of the way. It's pretty cool for comforting and nostalgic cuisine based on 60-year old recipes to be fully wired, connected and integrated for the 21st century. And when you sign-up on their website, you get a large box of cooked Crispy Kropek absolutely FREE with your order. Now that's a pretty cool deal.
And this mean serving of Crispy Kropek is the perfect way to get acquainted with the homey culinary style of Mama V Delicious. You can enjoy your Crispy Kropek cooked and ready-to-eat (P 220 Medium/P 300 Large) or in raw or Cook-at-Home variant (ranging from P 100-520 for small, medium and large orders). Each kropek is evenly crisp all around, with fresh and clean flavors unlike the saltier commercial variants. Each bite just gets better with a dip in another specialty product of Mama V. Delicious...

...the wittingly named Sassy Suka (P 88), a refreshingly tart, sour and mildly spicy vinegar infused with onions, red chilies and spices. Aptly named, Sassy Suka delivers bold, upfront yet well-rounded and balanced flavors to perk up the palate without being too spicy. You'll want a bottle of Sassy Suka on your table as you'll find many dishes from Mama V Delicious pairs perfectly with it like their Daing na Bangus, Angus Beef Tapa, Chicharon Bulaklak, Chicken or Pork Barbecue and other fried dishes. And yes, it's the perfect condiment for the Crispy Kropek too.

Opening another tightly sealed pack from Mama V Delicious reveals another tasty surprise followed by a nutty, garlicky and fragrant aroma, the savory Garlic Sotanghon in a ready-to-eat party tray (prices range from P 340 to P 980 in Small, Medium and Large). 

Each soft and springy glass noodle delivers rich notes with a pronounced garlicky finish, and the earthy mushrooms complete the flavors. The finely minced garlic adds depth to the flavor of the noodles while the meaty mushrooms gives it a mild savory finish. You don't need to add any condiments at all, this one's already packed and loaded.

And here's the dish that started it all. The seeds for the idea of Mama V Delicious began with the delivery of party tray family style servings of their specialty Bacon Carbonara to homes, offices and events and now Mama V Delicious offers a wide variety of dishes to fit any celebration or occasion at home. It was a simple idea ignited by their popular Bacon Carbonara that eventually led to Mama V Delicious. Voted as one of the Top Ten winners in last year's 10th Anniversary edition of the Ultimate Taste Test with the Bacon Carbonara playing a key role, the decision to create a separate venture offering food delivery was a timely one with the viral outbreak already defining the year 2020. 

Indulgently rich and creamy tempered by the sharp smoky notes of bacon, it's no surprise why this specialty pasta dish by Mama V Delicious has been a favorite for celebrations at home or the office. The Bacon Carbonara (prices range from P 540 to P 1,860 in Small, Medium and Large) brings the silky smooth cheese sauce with buttery hints, soft yet firm noodles and bacon together in a hearty and festive combo of pure unrestrained goodness. But it isn't one-dimensional at all, twirl up another forkful of noodles draped in the thick sauce with bits of bacon and you'll notice the flavors are well-defined and distinct. Creamy, cheesy and buttery with the sharp and smoky hints and lightly crisp texture of bacon combine for hearty pasta dish. It's a dish that made celebrations prior to the pandemic so much more memorable, and in these uncertain times, maybe we all need a generous serving of Bacon Carbonara at home for the quarantine.

Tempt your palate with the unctuous richness and delectable crunch of Chicharon Bulaklak (prices range from P 600 to P 1,040 in Small, Medium and Large) and once you start, well, you know the rest. One bite and you'll notice the savory yet clean flavors without any hint of gamey notes, finished by a delicate crunch.

And it's time to bring back the bottle of Sassy Suka by Mama V Delicious to balance the richness with its bright and vibrant sour and tart layers of flavor. Like I said, it's a good and smart idea to purchase a bottle of Sassy Suka along with your orders from Mama V Delicious for delivery. 

Still warm and crisp from the delivery, the impulse to just dive in and pick a piece can be overwhelming. It's Chicharon Bulaklak after all, so it's totally understandable. The curled, ruffled edges are what gives this local chicharon its flowery name and a bowl of this delicacy is a guaranteed cure for heartbreak. 

Chopped into bite-sized chunks, it's easy to stop counting and just keep grabbing one more crunchy piece of Chicharon Bulaklak for that last bite. And that dip in Sassy Suka adds that contrasting flavor to round things out. Just can't get better than that.

Then, there's the classic savory mains of Mama V Delicious, like this Beef Lengua with Mushrooms (prices range from P 800 to P 1,400 in Small, Medium and Large) with fork-tender and melt-in-your-mouth ox tongue draped in a rich and buttery mushroom sauce. It's a dish that brings back fond and special memories when we would have it at home for celebrations. And Mama V Delicious masterfully recreates those moments with this elegant and comforting dish.

Using only the finest and freshest ingredients, the flavors just pop in your mouth draping it with a buttery richness. The tender texture of the lengua just bursts with deep beefy notes with every bite while the button mushrooms add both texture and earthy flavors. The dish doesn't play on bold, flavor forward notes but mellow, smooth yet rich buttery flavors just like the lengua you know and love so well. Both texture and flavor weave their distinct layers in a seamless blend for a mouthfeel experience that makes this nostalgic dish a constant bestseller at Mama V Delicious. But it's the thick buttery sauce that binds all the elements together, adding even more intense savory notes. This is a dish that calls for extra rice slathered with that buttery mushroom sauce. Seconds? Absolutely.

The Beef Kaldereta (ranges from P 300 to P 680 in Small, Medium and Large) is another dish where the sauce along with the tender beef combine for another comforting and sumptuous dish. Like many of their savory dishes, the sauce is given the same attention as the main components and can stand on its own for the full flavor experience. Simmered for hours absorbing the flavors of the beef, you'll need extra rice as well with this Beef Kaldereta.

And Mama V Delicious doesn't hold back on flavor. Each spoonful delivers all the flavorful notes you remember with this dish, hitting all the right spots. Pour some of the rich sauce over steamed white rice along with a few slices of tender beef and dining at home suddenly becomes even more special with the Mama V Delicious experience. That wholesome home-cooked vibe makes every dish by Mama V Delicious special.

The Pinoy Bolognese (ranges from P 580 to P 1,980 in Small, Medium and Large) is a meaty twist to the traditional pasta dish with ground Angus beef and crispy bacon covered in a rich tomato sauce with cheese. The tomato-based pasta dish provides yet another tasty option for pasta with its mildly tart notes rounded out by the Angus beef, bacon and cheese.

It's another popular party tray staple from Mama V Delicious, and you can turn any simple celebration at home during the quarantine into a festive and memorable experience. Any celebration just isn't complete without a generous serving of noodles.

For seafood lovers, the Breaded White Fish with Calamansi Butter (ranges from P 260 to P 700 in Small, Medium and Large) is an excellent option from Mama V Delicious. The delicate texture of white fish delivers subtle sweet notes followed by the lightly crisp texture from the outer layer of breading while the calamansi butter completes the flavors. It's this pairing of fresh flavors from the white fish and the calamansi butter topped with finely minced garlic that makes this a comforting meal option at home, perfect with steamed white rice or with a side of Bacon Carbonara.

The party trays of Mama V Delicious are built around the very Filipino concept of shared and communal dining for families and friends. While the quarantine may have a put a hold on family gatherings, dining at home can still be as festive and memorable with immediate family members. And Mama V Delicious provides infinite options and tasty combinations which you can order a la carte or with their Set Group Packages.

The Angus Beef Tapa (ranges from P 600 to P 1,440 in Small, Medium and Large) in Sweet, Salty and Spicy variants brings another comforting element to dining at home. Thinly sliced into tender strips of fork-tender beef, the Angus Beef Tapa is not only perfect for breakfast but makes for a sumptuous meal any time of day.

Delivered warm and ready to eat, the tender strips of beef with thin layers of fat bring rich savory notes to the palate. And depending on the flavor variant you choose, you can enjoy these beefy notes with a sweet, salty or spicy finish. You can reheat the Angus Beef Tapa if you wish, giving it a delicate crispness with a gentle sear on a hot pan. Which ever way you want it, this Angus Beef Tapa is another winner from Mama V Delicious.

As with all things, the day after always gives some clarity. And the Angus Beef Tapa is the perfect start for another day at home in the new normal. A hearty breakfast is one of those simple pleasures that help get you through the quarantine experience.

If you prefer Solo Rice Meals for everyone at home, Mama V Delicious offers 18 tempting options from from Fried Chicken to Pork Adobo and Pork Patatim to Angus Beef Tapa (choose from Sweet, Salty and Spicy), Chicharon Bulaklak, Pork Sinigang, Chicken Curry, Salmon with Calamansi Butter and Boneless Daing na Bangus with Egg (see full listing below).

The Pork Barbecue (P 148) is a popular option, with three skewers of tender and juicy pork draped in a mildly sweet marinade served with rice and Mama V Delicious' specialty Sassy Suka. You can also opt for the Chicken Barbecue Solo Rice Meal if you prefer. 

The Solo Rice Meal selection of Mama V Delicious guarantees everyone at home can enjoy exactly what they want conveniently packed in a box. But for larger families, you can't go wrong with their extensive party tray menu offerings. The Ready-to-Eat Party Trays of Mama V Delicious have been popular mainstays in countless celebrations and if you're planning a family feast at home, here are some value-packed options...

A Solo Rice Meal for everyone at home? Go ahead and take your pick...

How to order online? That's easy. Here's how to have Delicious at Your Doorstep with Mama V Delicious in eight simple steps...

Should you have any questions on the ordering and payment process, the ever reliable Deliciousness Concierge of Mama V Delicious is always there to assist you. It's a nice touch that completes the Mama V Delicious experience.

From starters to noodles and savory mains, Mama V Delicious aims to bring Delicious At Your Doorstep with satisfying home-cooked meals with just a few taps or clicks on your mobile device. With the prolonged quarantine in effect, Mama V Delicious is all set to face the new normal head on while remaining relevant and top-of-mind among its loyal customers. And this bodes well for the family-run business as it firmly strengthens its position hinged on the promise of home-style Delicious At Your Doorstep in these challenging times. 

In the meantime, enjoy a comforting afternoon snack with your Crispy Kropek and a refreshing glass of Gulaman & Sago (P 88/500 ml serving) from Mama V Delicious. We've seen countless culinary trends and innovations during the quarantine, but somehow it's the old-school and nostalgic flavors of comforting home-cooked meals that continue to resonate more than ever with the quarantine experience. Mama V Delicious responds to the new normal with its wide variety of specialty dishes, each one securely packed and conveniently delivered to you doorstep with a quick call or message on their social media platforms or via their website. Convenience and wholesome flavors make up the unique Mama V Delicious experience and this weekend, take the day off and leave all the cooking to Mama V Delicious...

Mama V Delicious is located at the Ground Floor, Providence Tower, 2471 Leon Guinto corner Estrada Street, Manila or call (02) 7502 4210 and 0917 811 7580 for orders and inquiries. You can also visit their Facebook Page at and their Instagram at for more updates. You can also access their website at for orders and additional menu information.

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