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Dining in the Next Normal: Enjoy #NovotelManilaAtHome with Take Me Out by Novotel Manila

Novotel Manila takes dining at home seriously. With its wide selection of specialty dishes available for pick-up, take-out and delivery coupled with value packed offers and daily specials, Novotel Manila goes all-out for the emerging home dining trend in the new normal... 

Shifting consumer habits due to the quarantine experience have forced the food service industry, including hotels, to adapt and evolve in response to the new normal. Dining at home and the food delivery culture have become the norm rather than exception as our daily routine continues to change and transform as a result of the pandemic. Take Me Out by Novotel Manila is an innovative response to this emerging consumer trend and Novotel Manila pulls all the stops with its wide selection of tempting specialty dishes. 

All boxed up and ready for pick-up, take-out and delivery. Take Me Out by Novotel Manila takes the home dining experience a step further by offering a wide and diverse repertoire of tasty options from fresh baked buns and bread to burgers, soups and salads, whole roasted chicken with all the sides, savory and comforting meals like Filipino, Chinese and Indian dishes; rice bowls and desserts including a decadent gelato selection from their signature outlet. It's a solid response to changing consumer habits in the new normal, and Novotel Manila fully embraces these challenges by adapting to the surge in home dining and the food delivery culture. Plus, you get to enjoy even more value-packed treats with their daily Buy 1 Take 1 deals and Special Offers (scroll down for the detailed listing of special offers).

Ready to eat, ready to cook and ready to reheat, dining at home becomes a simple, no-fuss affair with Novotel Manila's latest and innovative offering. Another thing you'll notice with Take Me Out by Novotel Manila is the use of environment friendly and biodegradable packaging for all its tasty creations. Packed and sealed following the latest government health guidelines with its own ALLSAFE protocols, freshness and safety are guaranteed. With Take Me Out by Novotel Manila, you get to satisfy your cravings and enjoy some peace of mind as well.  

Novotel Manila Araneta Center Executive Chef Massimiliano Pauletto shares his kitchen's all-time favorites allowing loyal customers to bring the Novotel Manila experience home. The Novotel Classic (P 420) is the best way to get acquainted with Take Me Out by Novotel Manila, a hefty burger with two pure and juicy Australian beef patties for that one-two punch of smoky notes from that off-the-grill finish and robust, savory beefy flavors.  

The double cheese burger combo with two Australian prime beef cut patties along with ripe tomatoes, sweet onions and garden fresh and crisp lettuce come together for multiple layers of bold flavors with each bite. The double beef patties deliver a beefy savory richness layered with hints of smokiness from the grill followed by the tart notes of fresh tomatoes, the bite and sweetness of onions and crisp lettuce for that perfect finish. Change the pace with some fries and go for another bite of the The Novotel Classic.    

This is a serious burger. And it's just one of many tasty offerings from Take Me Out by Novotel Manila. Other fresh off the grill burger options from Take Me Out by Novotel Manila include The Mexican Burger (P 380) with chili con carne, salsa, avocado and crispy nacho crumble drizzled with ranch dressing and The Oink (P 400) with chorizo, honey sesame crispy bacon and golden spam bites as well as savory sandwiches like the Croque Monsieur (P 300), The Club (P 380), Crispy Chicken Burger (P 380) and Katsu Curry Sandwich (P 380). And if you want a double dose of pure burger bliss, Take Me Out by Novotel Manila offers The Novotel Classic and other flame-grilled burgers with the Buy 1 Take 1 deal on Sundays and Mondays.

You can also enjoy a complete meal in a bowl with the Rice Bowls of Take Me Out by Novotel Manila, like the Salmon Teriyaki Rice Bowl (P 250) with a delicately seared salmon fillet glazed with sweet teriyaki sauce laid on garlic fried rice with a side of pickled vegetables and scrambled egg. The buttery, melt in your mouth texture of the premium salmon is complemented by the sweet and sharp notes of the teriyaki glaze for contrasting flavors and textures. The flavors are fresh and clean from the use of the freshest ingredients. 

It's a filling and satisfying meal all in one bowl. Other Rice Bowls from Take Me Out by Novotel Manila include the Bacon & Egg (P 250), Tonkatsu (P 250), Crispy Fried Chicken (P 250), Pork Belly (P 250) and Beef Tapa (P 250). You can also enjoy Chinese dishes with their Sweet Sour Pork (P 250), Lemon Chicken (P 250), Cantonese Fried Noodles (P 250) and Yang Chow Fried Rice (P 250). Mark Wednesdays and Sundays for the Buy 1 Take 1 deals on Rice Bowls

Elevate your home dining experience with Novotel's Favorite Classic Chicken (P 499 Chicken Only/P 849 Chicken Deluxe with sides, sauces and rice), the latest addition to Take Me Out by Novotel Manila available starting November 11. The mouthwatering whole chicken (available Fried or Roasted) is prepped with your preferred marinade (Spicy Peri-Peri, Smoked Cajun, Lemon Rosemary and Garlic) that's perfect for dining at home with family. Make it even more extra special with the Novotel's Favorite Classic Chicken Deluxe (P 849) which comes with rice that's good for four (choose from Plain Rice or Java Rice), two special sauces (Harissa, Peri-Peri and Honey-Soya), and a choice of two sides (Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Honey Sesame Potato Salad, Coleslaw or the Mexican-inspired Beans, Corn, Tomato Salad with Avocado). You can also customize your Novotel's Favorite Classic Chicken Deluxe feast with additional sides (P 90), rice (P 55) and sauces (P 70 per 120 ml bottle). 

The Novotel's Favorite Classic Chicken adds a festive vibe to your home dining table, perfectly roasted draped with the Spicy Peri-Peri Marinade to complement the delicate flavors of the juicy chicken. The whole roasted chicken is tender, bursting with rich flavors with every slice and bite. The roasted variant adds layers of smoky hints to complete the flavors. Dining at home in the new normal becomes so much more special with comforting dishes like these.

Pair the Novotel's Favorite Classic Chicken with tasty sides (P 90/side) like the Honey Sesame Potato Salad, Coleslaw and Beans, Corn, Tomato Salad with creamy avocado cubes topped with crunchy nacho bits, each one tempering the subtle spicy hints of the Peri-Peri Marinade of the whole roasted chicken for balanced flavors.

But it's the special sauces (P 70 per 120 ml bottle) that really add the finishing touch to the Novotel's Favorite Classic Chicken. From the sharp and sweet notes of the Honey Soya to the soothing heat of the pepper-infused Peri-Peri and the rich spice blend of the Harissa, you can enhance the already rich notes of the whole roasted chicken with any of these special sauces. Each one has its own unique flavor profile and character, and you can change the flavors of the whole roasted chicken simply by switching the sauces. 

You just can't go wrong with mac and cheese. Hearty pasta dishes are also included in the freshly prepared take away selections of Take Me Out by Novotel Manila, like the Mac N Cheese (P 200) with garlic bread. The soft yet firm noodles are draped in a creamy cheese sauce delivering all the cheesy goodness you love. Other pasta dishes include the Bolognaise (P 250) and classic Carbonara (P 250). The Mac N Cheese is also the perfect side... the sumptuous Novotel's Favorite Classic Chicken Deluxe complete with all the trimmings, sauces and rice. It's a complete package that transforms any home dining experience.  

Variety and value sets Take Me Out by Novotel Manila from the usual take-out and delivery options. And for residents up north of the metro, options for dining at home just got reloaded with even more options. The long lasting impact of the new normal will be felt until next year, and Take Me Out by Novotel Manila is a successful pivot to these changing times maintaining its connection with customers while remaining relevant. 

And there's more. Take Me Out by Novotel Manila constantly refreshes their menu offerings with weekly specials. The featured Bread of the Week from Take Me Out by Novotel Manila is the pull-apart Garlic Cheese Bread (P 180 net for 2 pcs), their inspired take on the popular Korean inspired bun.

The bun is masterfully executed with contrasting textures of the soft bun infused with garlicky notes and a lightly crisp outer layer topped with cream cheese. It's this flavorful combination of cream cheese and garlic that makes this savory bun a hit, and its popularity continues to grow. The version of Take Me Out by Novotel Manila ranks high among the similar offerings available in the metro.

And here's a bonus. Check out the Special Offer on the featured Bread of the Week on Sundays for a cool deal. With so many attractive offers on a daily basis, Take Me Out by Novotel Manila also adds more value to dining at home in the new normal. 

Meanwhile, take a closer look at the Garlic Cheese Bread. Pull apart a piece and the first bite delivers bold garlicky notes rounded out by the velvety smooth finish of cream cheese. The bun itself has rich buttery hints adding even more layers of flavor. The Take Me Out by Novotel Manila label on the bun also packs a sweet surprise.  

Refreshed with weekly offerings adding to an already wide and varied menu, there's always something new to try and discover with Take Me Out by Novotel Manila.  

Cap you sumptuous feast at home with a serving of Novotel Manila's decadent gelato to end it on a high note. The Indulge Gelato Counter at Novotel Manila brings a tempting selection of homemade artisanal Gelato (P 380/Pint) to your table with wittingly named flavors like Oui Vanilla or the classic French Vanilla, Rocher That with Ferrero Rocher, Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese with its cream cheese and Oreo combo, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go with the bold notes of cafe latte and Papa Don Preach with alcohol-infused rum and raisin.

That day, my sumptuous sampler from Take Me Out by Novotel Manila included a pint of Nutty for You, a rich and creamy gelato made with peanut butter. The dense and packed texture of the silky smooth gelato drapes the palate with an indulgent richness and the peanut butter comes through kicked up by chunky chips of Reese's. Each pint comes with a serving of colorful sprinkles and cookie crumbs for additional toppings as well as a pair of waffle cups. Perfect for sharing, but I won't judge you if you want the pint all to yourself (for more on Novotel Manila's chilled treats, see my post Chill. At Novotel Manila's Ice N' Cream from three years back on my very first encounter with their indulgent creations).

Make your next home dining experience special with the wide selection of specialty dishes from Take Me Out by Novotel Manila like the Novotel's Favorite Classic Chicken...

...savory flame-grilled burgers like the The Novotel Classic and other sandwiches...

...healthy and flavorful fresh Salads with crisp vegetables sourced from their very own farms and Appetizers...

...complete meals in a bowl with their Rice Bowl selection and Chinese dishes...

...comforting Soups, Pasta and Indian dishes (and I really believe they have the best Indian cuisine this side of the metro)... comfortingly familiar Filipino flavors and Gourmet Pizza...

...and fresh baked Bread, Buns and indulgent Desserts including their line of creamy Gelato. Take Me Out by Novotel Manila's got it all covered for that perfect home dining experience.

And it's easy to create your festive home feast with simple ordering and payment instructions.

And here's an even better deal from Take Me Out by Novotel Manila, just pick any day of the week for their special Buy 1 Take 1 Specials and Special Offers

Dining at home and the food delivery culture will be here for many more months in the new normal. Novotel Manila makes it more memorable with their specialty offerings. What's on the home dining table today? Take Me Out by Novotel Manila...

For more on Take Me Out by Novotel Manila, visit their FB Page at or call +632 8990 7999 or +63949 886 5591 for orders and inquiries. You can also email at for orders.

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