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Have A Merry Brotzeit Christmas with Brotzeit's Christmas Menu

For months since the lockdown, the coming holidays are just what everyone needs in this new normal. Brotzeit brings the holiday vibe with a lavish menu to end a challenging year for yet another reason to raise a toast...

Chef Ivan Maminta rolls out some holiday cheer with the sumptuous new Christmas Menu at Brotzeit. From starters to mains and dessert, Brotzeit teases the palate with a wide selection of holiday-themed dishes along with their specialty Bavarian offerings paired with authentic German beer. The only legitimate German beer bar and restaurant in the metro, diners and guests can enjoy a spot of Bavaria at the heart of the metro. Read on for a peek at the new Christmas menu of Brotzeit...

Since I started my blog, I've been following Brotzeit since its launch back in 2013 (see my very first post on Brotzeit here at Prost! Good Times at Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant and Oktoberfest at Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant from seven years back). 

Through the years, Brotzeit has established itself as the metro's only authentic German beer bar known not only for its premium selection of German beers in both draft and bottles but its sumptuous German dishes (for more on Brotzeit through the years, see my earlier posts, A Quick Bite and a Cold Brew: Brotzeit's New Sandwiches on their hearty sandwich offerings, Celebrate the Flavors of Spring with Brotzeit's Maifest DishesThree Must Try Dishes at Brotzeit on some of my personal favorites and Prost! Brotzeit Celebrates First Year Anniversary from 2014, Let it Rain: Recovery Food at Brotzeit on their comforting specials and Guten Apetit! Brotzeit's New Valentine's and Lenten Specials on their seasonal offerings from 2015, And Bring The Kids Too. At Brotzeit... from 2017, Lass uns Essen! The New Lunch Specials at Brotzeit from 2018, Prost! Cheers to Endless Rounds of Good Vibes, It's Oktoberfest at Brotzeit! and Breadtime Sandwiches at Brotzeit with Helmut, Dirk, Angela, Hasselhoff, Beethoven. Von Trapp and Reuben on their latest sandwich offerings from last year and New Year, New Brotzeit#GoAheadMakeDadsDay: Treat Dad with the Hearty and Savory Rinderragout from Brotzeit on their Father's Day offering and Dining in the Next Normal: The Good Times are Back at Brotzeit on their reopening during the quarantine from early this year). In this new normal, diners can expect the same hearty food and endless rounds of German beer at Brotzeit...

...with an added layer of protection consistent with the times. For your peace of mind, all the latest mandatory health and safety protocols are implemented in all Brotzeit branches in the metro. These include acrylic barriers which are cleaned and disinfected regularly in all tables for social distancing, temperature scans and contact tracing forms. 

Start your Brotzeit experience with a proper beer, like the dark Paulaner Dunkel Hefe Weissbier... 

...and pair it with the savory dishes from Brotzeit's new Christmas Menu. Have a Brotzeit feast for a party of four with the Brotzeit Winterplatte or go a la carte with their tempting selection. You can also enjoy a soothing holiday beverage like the Heisse Schokolade, a dark bittersweet hot chocolate or the Heisser Gluhwein infused with Christmas spices.

The Wild Mushroom Soup (P 220) is an excellent starter to open up the palate with its blend of pureed wild mushrooms and truffles for rich, deep and earthy notes. Each sip warms the palate with its rustic richness best paired with a slice of crusty dark bread. 

Brotzeit, which literally translates to "bread time," serves a traditional dark and crusty multi-grain bread along with its main courses. A dab of indulgent butter complements the rich yet subtle notes of the bread. It's one more uniquely Bavarian touch to your Brotzeit experience. 

Then, have a slice of the Flammkuchen (P 295), a crisp Yule flatbread loaded with smoky bacon and sweet onions that's perfect with a cold Paulaner. The rich savory notes of the bacon are complemented by the fresh and clean flavors of the mildly sweet onions for contrasting yet balanced finish.

Topped high and all the way to the edge with bacon, the Flammkuchen is perfect for sharing with a few rounds of Paulaner for some good vibes all around. Flammkuchen or "flame cake" is a regional specialty from the French-German border region, and Chef Ivan recreates his own version with bacon and onions drizzled with cream for an indulgent take on a traditional classic. 

Order another round of beer with the Flammkuchen, or choose one of the new savory mains from Brotzeit's Christmas Menu... the elegant Baurnente (P 1,300) with roasted duck breast and leg quarter served with wine-braised red cabbage and warm soft bread dumplings all slathered in a rich butter-infused red wine duck jus. Chef Ivan masterfully roasts the duck to perfection, with juicy duck meat capped by a layer of lightly crisp skin. The duck is already indulgently rich and the butter-infused red wine duck jus intensifies the flavors even more. Try mopping up some of that richness with a slice of the dark and crusty bread. 

The sour and tart notes of the wine-braised red cabbage tempers the richness of the roast duck, cleansing the palate for yet another slice and bite. The duck breast and leg portion makes this a filling meal, but you won't want to share this. A full meal on a plate, all the components come together in a flavorful weave you'll want all to yourself. 

Aside from its beer selections, Brotzeit is also known for its pork dishes. After all, nothing pairs better with beer than pork. The Schweinbauch Roulade (P 840) is a slab of broiled pork belly with juicy pork under a layer of delicately crisp crackling served with truffle mashed potatoes, fried onions and roasted winter vegetables. The lightly seasoned pork belly drapes the palate with its juicy richness, finished by the savory notes of the equally rich gravy for one serious and sumptuous meal.

The textural contrasts with the tender pork and crunchy crackling combine for pure pork bliss, enhanced even further by the nutty truffled mashed potatoes and smoky sweetness of the roasted vegetables. The fried onions and rich gravy completes the flavors. 

Craving for beef? Chef Ivan has that covered too in his Christmas Menu. The Beef Wellington (P 1,200) features fork-tender beef tenderloin wrapped and baked in a light puff pastry with mushrooms and black forest ham laid on a rich red wine sauce. The buttery puff pastry adds a rustic touch to the dish, weaving even more flavors with each bite completed by the thick and velvety smooth red wine sauce. 

The savory flavors of the season come through with this hearty dish by Chef Ivan adding a festive vibe to your feast at Brotzeit. Sides of roasted potatoes and wine-braised red cabbage completes the dish. 

Cap your holiday feast at Brotzeit with one more round of Paulaner and the indulgent Pumpkin Brulee (P 190), a spiced pumpkin custard exuding the holiday vibe topped with cinnamon cream. The aromatic fragrance from the spices trigger nostalgic memories of countless Christmas celebrations, and a spoonful reinforces the holiday spirit with its smooth and decadent sweetness.

For many, ending the year on a high note is more than just the passing of seasons. It's a much needed break from the anxiety of a challenging year due to a worldwide pandemic. Step inside Brotzeit and bring on the holiday vibe with a toast and some flavorful new dishes for a memorable Christmas in this new normal...

Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant is located at 112 Streetscape, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Edsa corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City or call 8631-1489 for reservations and inquiries. You can also check out their FB Page at for more updates.

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