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BB.Q Chicken: Korea's Finest Fried Chicken Lands in Manila

K-Drama fans need no introduction to Korea's Finest Fried Chicken. Crisp, juicy and bursting with rich and vibrant flavors, BB.Q Chicken lands in your list of must-try fried chicken options now open at Robinsons Magnolia.

The ubiquitous fried chicken is a mainstream staple that cuts through borders and culture, who doesn't love crispy and juicy fried chicken? Welcome the newest kid on the fried chicken block...

The continuing popularity of K-Pop, K-Drama and everything Korean in the country paves the way for Korea's Finest Fried Chicken with the opening of BB.Q Chicken at Robinsons Magnolia. The initials of the brand stands for "Best of the Best Quality" with its wide selection of specialty fried chicken offerings. Crispier, juicier and more tender along with an eclectic variety and mix of different flavor options with its homemade sauces, BB.Q Chicken takes flight to the top of your list.  

Now with more than 3,500 stores worldwide in 57 countries, BB.Q Chicken is a true Korean success story that began way back in 1995 based on a simple yet single-minded mission: serve great-tasting, high-quality Korean fried chicken to the world. And when the brand gets featured in a popular K-Drama series, BB.Q Chicken is now a global phenomenon riding high on the popularity of Korean culture. 

And the secret to the Best of the Best Quality Korean fried chicken? A passion for excellence and pride in Korean culture drives the brand. In fact, BB.Q Chicken even has a long-running Chicken University in Seoul to constantly keep the brand on the cutting edge of quality and flavor leading the charge for Korean culture with authentic recipes and exciting innovations. Authenticity, pride, creativity and quality defines the brand promising a uniquely refreshing spin on the popular staple and that means a hearty and sumptuous dining experience for fried chicken lovers everywhere, whether you're a K-Pop and K-Drama fan or not. 

And here's another kitchen secret. BB.Q Chicken fries their signature offering in olive oil for a thinner, more delicate and evenly crisp coating as well as rounder and fuller flavors. Now with two locations in the metro, you can enjoy your Korean style fried chicken in BGC and the newest BB.Q Chicken branch at Robinsons Magnolia.   

That day, crowds gathered for the opening of the newest branch of BB.Q Chicken in Robinsons Magnolia...

...led by the brand's top management including former Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson, local government officials represented by Quezon City Vice Mayor Gian Sotto and special guests.  

The festive vibe turns up a notch with the formal ribbon cutting ceremony...

...followed by the slicing of the cake...

...and a toast. Korea's number one fried chicken chain, BB.Q Chicken, is now open at Robinsons Magnolia to satisfy all your fried chicken and K-Drama inspired cravings. We've all had Korean style fried chicken before, but I have to admit I was more than curious about the fried chicken that crash landed on everyone's hearts riding high on the crest of the K-Wave phenomenon.

Inside BB.Q Chicken in Robinsons Magnolia, a table by the panoramic glass walls surrounding the bright and spacious interiors was the perfect spot to experience Korea's Finest Fried Chicken. A refreshing Seouljito (P 250) with Peach Soju, lime juice, mint leaves, ginger ale and Monin Peach opens up the palate with its clean and soothing notes for the coming feast. Other equally tempting signature BB.Q Cocktails (P 250) include the Melon Drop, K-Pop, Sojutini, K-Iced Tea, K-Mule, Love Shot and Lychee Margarita

One of the more unique beverages at BB.Q Chicken is the Ice Cream Float with Yakult (P 169) that's both soothingly indulgent and comfortingly nostalgic at the same time with the elegant smoothness of vanilla ice cream capped by the distinct sweet and tart notes of Yakult. It's also the perfect beverage to temper the fiery heat from BB.Q Chicken's signature spicy fried chicken sauces. 

But before we sample their famous fried chicken, a taste of popular Korean dishes like Stone Pot Bulgogi Bibimbap (P 349) sets in you in the proper K-Wave mood. Soft and fluffy steamed rice with a crisp bottom topped with an assortment of fresh vegetables, Korean chili paste and fork-tender beef bulgogi, the Stone Pot Bulgogi Bibimbap is a hearty meal in itself.

The medley of fresh vegetables adds that layer of subtle sweetness to complement the savory richness of the beef and the nutty notes of the mushrooms. A good bibimbap always works.

The Seafood Sundubu Jigae (P 349) with its fresh catch of succulent seafood and rich and spicy broth drapes the palate with a lingering and soothing heat for another winner from BB.Q Chicken's playbook. Think rainy days and the Seafood Sundubu Jigae of BB.Q Chicken just brightens it up. The Sundubu Jigae is also available in Kimchi and Beef variants.

The Cobb Salad (P 299) with red beans, avocado, olives, tomatoes, quail eggs, sweet corn and golden fried chicken strips presents a delectable play on contrasting flavors and textures all in one bite pairing well with the fried chicken feast about to be served at BB.Q Chicken. Other salad option include the Chicken Caesar Salad (P 289) and Mascarpone Salad (P 349).

There's a whole lot of flavors to discover at BB.Q Chicken from Rice Meals to Chicken Meals, Pasta and House Specials good for sharing like the Pane Spicy Fondue Chicken (P 779) with its spicy cheese-flavored cream sauce along with traditional Korean dishes from the K-Food selection.

But you're here for the fried chicken, and BB.Q Chicken has an impressive roster of tasty options for your Korean fried chicken cravings...

The signature Golden Fried Chicken (P 495-Half or 4 pcs/P 945-Whole or 8 pcs) with its light and crisp texture layered over tender and juicy meat is the culmination of a tedious process in the quest for the perfect Korean fried chicken. And BB.Q Chicken nails it. 

Richly seasoned, the flavors come punching through from the very first bite announced by an audible crunch. The delicate notes of the chicken are delivered with a tender and juicy finish just the way a good fried chicken should be capped by that thin and crunchy outer layer. The richness of the olive oil also completes the flavors. Simple, uncluttered and uncomplicated with that perfect finish, the Golden Fried Chicken is the ideal introduction to the BB.Q Chicken philosophy staying true to the ingredients, recipes and methods from Korea's culinary heritage and traditions. 

Fresh off the deep fryers, the Golden Fried Chicken will have you going for another bite. And another piece announces your successful crash landing to pure fried chicken bliss. Craving for some heat? The Golden Fried Chicken is also available in a spicy variant, the Hot Crispy Chicken with its rich spice blend and a hint of Masala.

BB.Q Chicken is also known the world over for its Sauced Chicken like the Secret Chicken (P 549 Half/P 999 Whole) draped in a sweet and sticky sauce made from over 20 all-natural ingredients including Korean chili paste, garlic and onions for a distinctive blend of flavors. It's a unique flavor you'll only find at BB.Q Chicken.

Bring on the heat with the Hot Spicy Chicken (P 549 Half/P 999 Whole) for that kick with the spiced-up Secret Sauce. The heat doesn't overwhelm, but it lingers building up gradually with each succeeding bite. A Soju Premium (P 260) or San Miguel Super Dry (P 85) is the perfect pairing with the Hot Spicy Chicken.

The Cheesling Chicken (P 569 Half/P 1,019 Whole) brings a whole new set of flavors into play with its cheesy spin. Fried in olive oil and tossed in BB.Q Chicken's very own proprietary cheese powder, the Cheesling Chicken is another playfully inventive expression of fried chicken goodness.  

Then, there's the Gangnam Style Chicken (P 569 Half/P 1,099 Whole) stir-fried with leeks and garlic for a lavish blend of spicy garlic, sweet and spicy, sour and salty notes to complement the juicy chicken. The flavors are bold, complex and unrestrained, teasing the palate with each bite. 

And who doesn't love fried chicken, right? BB.Q Chicken adds a whole new layer to your fried chicken experience. From its authentic Korean ingredients and spices to the use of olive oil, BB.Q Chicken offers something new to the local restaurant scene with its innovative take on Korean style fried chicken.

The search for the perfect Korean fried chicken leads to many roads and options. But you'll find one with its blend of authentic Korean ingredients and masterful execution at the newest kid on the fried chicken block landing just in time at Robinsons Magnolia. And just like your favorite K-Drama, this may be the start of your new romance with BB.Q Chicken crash landing to your list of top fried chicken spots in the metro. 

BB.Q Chicken is located at the Third Floor of Robinsons Magnolia, Doña Hemady Street, New Manila, Quezon City. You can also visit their FB Page and IG Feed at and for more information and updates.

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