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Flavors of the Orient: An Exquisite Five-Course Feast by Celebrity Master Chef Jereme Leung at China Blue in Conrad Manila

Celebrity Master Chef Jereme Leung returns for a limited six-day culinary event as part of The Legendary Chef Series at China Blue in Conrad Manila. Mark your calendar...

World-renowned celebrity Chef Jereme Leung takes your palate on an epic culinary journey with Flavors of the Orient at China Blue by Jereme Leung in Conrad Manila with an elegant five-course menu from July 18 to 23 promising a unique and memorable dining experience. 

Regarded by many as an innovative visionary, the creative force behind Conrad Manila's China Blue and Conrad Maldives' Ufaa restaurants as well as many other culinary ventures presents an elegant weave of both tradition and contemporary expressions of flavors with a curated menu inspired by the diverse cuisines and traditions of the Orient. You can say it's one of those culinary events you just can't miss, and here's why...

The prestigious property along the bay has long since established itself as a culinary destination this side of the metro. And for a limited time, guests will be treated to a one-of-a-kind dining experience from an acclaimed master. From July 18 to 23Conrad Manila showcases the latest edition of The Legendary Chefs Series with the return of Chef Jereme Leung at China Blue.

China Blue by Jereme Leung at Conrad Manila is known for their inventive and modern interpretation of traditional Chinese cuisine orchestrated by the master chef himself. Traveling around the globe most of the year visiting his various restaurants, diners can catch a glimpse of Chef Jereme Leung and even have a chat from July 18 to 23 to cap a memorable feast at China Blue

Inside China Blue by Jereme Leung, the beautifully designed space sets the mood for your own deep dive into the world of an award-winning chef...

...immersing you in a sensory experience with its impressive high ceiling, ornate blue chandeliers and panoramic glass walls overlooking the scenic bay draping the interiors in natural light.  

Your table also allows you to catch a glimpse of the bay's iconic sunset, adding another intricate layer to your dining experience. Glass and wood are the dominant design elements in this contemporary space making it the perfect stage for a sumptuous feast of traditional Chinese cuisine with a modern spin by celebrity Chef Jereme Leung.

For more intimate gatherings, China Blue by Jereme Leung offers even more options with its elegant private rooms configured for a party of 12 to 30 or more.

And for a few days this month starting the 18th to the 23rd, you can enjoy an exclusive engagement with the man himself at China Blue by Jereme Leung as he presents his curated five-course menu for The Legendary Chefs Series at Conrad Manila. The story of the acclaimed master chef is an inspiring one, celebrated with each of his creative dishes in the special Flavors of the Orient five-course menu as well as the signature cuisine of the restaurant that bears his name. 

Chef Jereme Leung began his culinary journey way back in 1983 starting as a dishwasher in Hong Kong, sold dim sum and helmed a roadside kitchen as well as a number of free standing restaurants, worked in every section of prestigious kitchens climbing the ladder eventually heading the executive chef position of major hotel properties before venturing on his own setting up a food company in 2002. Now with four offices and 600 employees for his various F&B projects, Chef Jereme Leung is a success story driven by creativity and a single minded vision of culinary perfection. In addition, Chef Jereme Leung runs a successful network of world-class restaurants around the globe with many more soon on the pipeline. Just for a few days, catch and have a chat with Chef Jereme Leung at Conrad Manila and let him take you to his world built from over three decades of experience in the global culinary scene.

"Master Chef Jereme Leung's limited engagement at Conrad Manila brings a lot of excitement as he once again delights guests with his magical culinary touch on extraordinary dishes fitting during this period of our Legendary Chefs Series. We are certain that his exclusive new repertoire will further heighten the culinary reputation of the already well-loved China Blue," shared Conrad Manila General Manager Fabio Berto.

Collaborating and working alongside Executive Chinese Chef Eng Yew Khor of Conrad Manila, Chef Jereme Leung proudly embraces his culinary roots inspired by its rich heritage and traditions while updating it with a contemporary and modern spin. Chef Jereme Leung also hand carried special ingredients you won't find locally just for the Flavors of the Orient five-course menu. 

"This restaurant, we focus a lot on two things. Number one, traditional cooking methods of Chinese cookery. I won't say this is Cantonese, I won't say this isSzechuan, I won't say this is Hunnan because I think in another context to many people outside of China we don't make sense at all," explained Chef Jereme Leung. Instead, he brings the full and colorful palette of flavors from China's rich culinary legacy for a more unique and wholistic experience. "So we generally take China as one thing taking different cooking methods from different regions and then we enhance it with our own tone," added Chef Jereme Leung which becomes evident in the curated five-course menu aptly dubbed Flavors of the Orient

Chef Jereme Leung then led the culinary team of China Blue at Conrad Manila in expediting the first course...

...delicately plating each component of the dish...

...as guests at the exclusive preview get a rare glimpse of Chef Jereme Leung's modern culinary style in action and up close.

The Blooming Sunset, a refreshing beverage teases the palate with its refreshing notes...

...just in time for the first course in the Flavors of the Orient five-course menu by Chef Jereme Leung at China Blue. Feeding the eyes before the palate, Chef Jereme Leung's plated art of Marinated Lobster with Coriander Lime Jelly Dressing and Crispy Bean Curd Sheet and Deep-Fried Kataifi Seafood with Otak-Otak and Lemongrass is a lavish expression of fresh, bold flavors and textural contrasts.

The first course reflects a blend of Asian flavors and styles with succulent lobsters "that were just swimming at the pool three hours ago" marinated in lime juice and delicately poached and dressed in a silky smooth yet refreshing dressing of lime and coriander jelly topped with crisp bean curd sheets. 

Taking inspiration from Malaysia's otak-otak, Chef Jereme Leung reinterprets the classic seafood dish traditionally wrapped in banana leaf with a succulent blend of cuttlefish and fish draped in a crisp wrap of kaitafi or thin threads of pastry for a modern twist.

Chef Jereme Leung's version of otak-otak is an inspired take on traditional Asian flavors with the delicate sweetness of the seafood draping the palate in a clean and briny sweetness capped by the delicate crispness of the kataifi. The marinated lobster is just pure indulgence delivering a flavorful burst capped by that soft, springy yet firm texture that can only come from the freshest seafood. 

For the second course, a comforting and soothing bowl of Double-Boiled Merry-Fruit Peach Gum, Sea Cucumber, Black Chicken Dumpling, Dry Moon Clam and Matsutake Mushroom Soup warms the palate like a comforting hug with its rich yet subtle and nuanced notes. Made with one of the ingredients hand-carried by Chef Jereme Leung, the merry fruit is traditional ingredient in Chinese cuisine with its mildly sweet and nutty hints (it also improves potency, or so I'm told) complementing the fresh medley of seafood and mushrooms.

Double boiled for concentrated yet calming flavors, the opulent soup course opens up the palate with each succeeding sip releasing even more intense notes. The sea cucumber, dry moon clams and Matsutake mushrooms add even more flavorful layers for depth to complement the light yet soothing broth. 

Saving the best for last, the Black Chicken Dumpling adds that savory punch to the dish with its distinct flavors. One more sip, and you're ready for the first savory main course from the Flavors of the Orient menu... 

...as Chef Jereme Leung lavishly adds the finishing touches.

The Steamed Sea Garoupa with Sun-Dried Ginger, Red Chili, Black Bean Paste and Superior Chicken Stock is a classic take on a traditional dish from China's Funan region. Bannered by lightly salted and aged fillet of grouper in an air-controlled room for four hours, the tedious process extracts all the moisture for a firmer yet buttery soft texture and richer flavors.

No need for a knife, a spoon will work just fine for this tender and melt-in-your-mouth fillet of fish. A bite followed by a spoonful of the broth completes the dish with contrasting hints from the ginger, red chili and black bean paste adding its own subtle hints for that perfect finish. The deceptive simplicity of the dish makes it even more special, proving once more that freshness is flavor with the very best ingredients.

The Slow-Cooked Beef, Boneless Short Ribs, Green Pepper and Barbecue Sauce is one many personal highlights from the Flavors of the Orient five-course feast by Chef Jereme Leung. Cooked long and slow for hours, the beef is more than fork-tender and melt-in-your mouth. It's beef at its purest and most decadent form, elegantly plated by Chefs Jereme Leung and Eng Yew Khor

The savory richness of the beef is perfectly tempered by the sweetness of the sauce and that bold smoky finish. "You could smell the smoky sauce, that's very much Chef Khor. He loves the smoke" added Chef Jereme. The dish is comfortingly familiar even nostalgic yet each bite becomes a refreshingly new experience. Masterfully executed, the savory beef dish delivers full-on and unrestrained flavors.

Did you say rice? Chefs Jereme Leung and Eng Yew Khor served the Black Sesame Fried Rice with Dried Scallop, Seafood and Spring Onion Egg White Pearl and just in time too. Great on its own, perfect with the Slow-Cooked Beef dish served earlier with its sweet and smoky sauce. Four courses down, the Flavors of the Orient five-course menu impresses right from the very first appetizer. Next up, dessert. 

The Hawthorne Ice Cream with Chinese Sweet Vinegar Caramel and Traditional Onion Pancake is a fitting ending to a sumptuous feast by the bay. Topped with Hawthorne fruit with its uniquely sweet and tangy notes over lusciously smooth ice cream, each decadent spoonful is balanced by the equally indulgent yet sharp flavors with just a hint of sourness from the Chinese Sweet Vinegar Caramel. Almost like a balsamic reduction, the rich play on flavors along with fresh grapes and strawberries ends the Flavors of the Orient culinary journey on a high note.

Chef Jereme Leung, a curated five-course menu combining the finest ingredients with meticulous execution, a view of the picturesque bay. That's all the reasons you need to visit China Blue by Jereme Leung at Conrad Manila. But better hurry. Chef Jereme Leung will only be at Conrad Manila until the 23rd before flying off to his other restaurants around the world. 

For a limited time, experience culinary masterpieces in a curated five-course feast dubbed Flavors of the Orient by Chef Jereme Leung at China Blue in Conrad Manila for P 6,588 net per person. To book your reservation, see the links below...

China Blue by Jereme Leung is located at Level 3, Conrad Manila, Seaside Boulevard, Coral Way, Pasay, Metro Manila. You can +632 8833 9999 and +63 917 650 3591 for inquiries and reservations or visit their website at https://eatdrinkhilton.com/china-blue-by-jereme-leung-conrad-manila/ for more information and updates.

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