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A Taste of Singapore Signature Flavors by Nanyang Comes to the New GH Mall in Greenhills Shopping Center

Pull. Stretch. Pour. The vibrant coffee shop culture from the Lion City goes north as the nostalgic flavors of the traditional and authentic Singaporean kopi tiam experience are masterfully recreated at the newest shopping and dining destination in Greenhills. The new year is definitely looking bright when it comes to dining options in the resurgent Greenhills neighborhood...

Nanyang brings Singapore's finest delights up north to the new GH Mall in Greenhills Shopping Center bannered by its Singapore Signature dishes like Laksa, Kaya and Hainanese Chicken along with its uniquely soothing kopi and teh selections. The enduring Singaporean brand whose name is literally translated as "Southern Ocean" serves a flavorful weave from the rich kopi tiam tradition in a wide variety of tempting dishes. Here's a peek at the tasty offerings of Nanyang, now open at the new GH Mall in Greenhills...

From down south to up north, Nanyang widens its coverage and reach of the metro with a growing network of branches including its newest and latest location at GH Mall in Greenhills. The opening of Nanyang adds to the colorful tapestry of flavorful offerings at the new GH Mall with its repertoire of classic and authentic Singaporean kopi tiam fare. 

Iced Kopi Melaka. Iced Teh Melaka. At the heart of the Singaporean kopi tiam experience are the refreshing libations prepared fresh as you order to open up your palate...

...pulled, stretched and poured in true kopi tiam style. Refreshing libations and hearty dishes at reasonable prices remain the winning formula at Nanyang, and now you can experience a true Singaporean institution at the popular Greenhills commercial district. 

Nanyang weaves a contemporary fusion with its nostalgic coffee house concept updated with a modern spin with its repertoire of classic Singapore Signature staples. A satisfying breakfast of coffee and toast, mid-afternoon snack of iced beverages with sweet kaya or a hearty lunch or dinner with one of many tempting Singaporean selections, Nanyang at the new GH Mall in Greenhills is the perfect spot for tasty sips and bites. 

The homey and comforting kopi tiam vibe with its wide open layout sets the mood for an authentic Singaporean kopi tiam experience. The new branch also features private dining rooms for more intimate gatherings with family and friends or for business meetings. 

But first, some libations. Hot or cold? Depending on your mood, craving or the weather, Nanyang offers an array of refreshing options. 

The Teh C (P 100 Hot/P 110 Cold) with tea, water and evaporated milk is the quintessential beverage of choice at Nanyang taking you deep into Singapore's tea culture from the very first sip to the last. The subtle and even nuanced notes of the tea brings a flavorful depth while the evaporated milk adds the perfect creamy finish with each sip.  

Brewed following a timeless Straits Asian traditional recipe, the kopi and teh selections at Nanyang reflects the Singaporean coffee shop culture with each cup. 

The Iced Honey Yuzu (P 130) teases the palate with its burst of vibrant citrus notes tempered by the sweetness of honey while the Iced Teh Melaka (P 120) with its blend of premium black tea, palm sugar and evaporated milk in three distinctly colored layers combine for a balanced yet indulgently satisfying beverage. Each layer complements the other in a seamless flavorful weave draping the palate with its refreshing richness. 

The Iced Honey Yuzu is one of the latest offerings at Nanyang, with bright notes to cool you down and perk you up after a day of shopping at the new GH Mall. The Iced Teh Melaka is a Singaporean classic in itself with its sweet, creamy and rounded flavors. 

But the beverages are just the first layer in a true Singaporean kopi tiam experience with a full medley of Singapore Signature dishes fresh off the kitchen at Nanyang. Kaya and toast completes the beverage of your choice at Nanyang...

The Hainanese Kaya with Honey Toast (P 70) with a thick slab of butter on crisp toast brings a delectable play of contrasting flavors and textures to the palate. The buttery richness and sweetness of honey combine for comforting bites perfectly washed down by soothing sips of the Teh C or Iced Teh Melaka

A dip in soft-boiled egg with thick light soy and ground pepper brings multiple layers of flavors with each distinct note complementing the other. A mid-morning breakfast or light afternoon snack, a cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee paired with traditional toast is one timeless combo in the enduring Singaporean kopi tiam experience. 

Nanyang offers an extensive variety of traditional toasts from the Nonya Kaya Toast (P 70) infused with fragrant and sweet pandan giving it a green hue to Butter (P 50), Butter Sugar (P 50) and Peanut Butter (P 60) variants. You can also opt for their line of Thick Toast for heartier bites. You can also simplify your mid-morning breakfast or late afternoon snack with the Toast Set Meal (P 168) with a toast of your choice, two soft-boiled eggs and kopi or teh for that all-in package. 

For heftier appetites, Nanyang offers savory and iconic Singapore Signature dishes that have defined the Lion City's cuisine like Laksa and Hainanese Chicken Rice. Both dishes reflect the rich and diverse melting pot of flavors of Singapore, meticulously recreated at Nanyang

The Laksa with Prawn or Fish Ball (P 268) over soft yet firm springy noodles simmered over a rich and thick yet silky smooth coconut-based broth warms the palate with complex notes followed by the briny sweetness of the fresh succulent prawns. Fish cake, tofu skin and boiled egg completes the lavish noodle dish. The origins of the dish can be traced back to the ancient spice trade and early Peranakan interaction with local Malays resulting in one of the world's unique noodle dishes. This is Singapore in a bowl. Like Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa has been shaped by history, geography and the intermingling of cultures for one of the region's unique flavor experiences. And Nanyang stays true to tradition with its version of the iconic dish. 

Considered as one of the national dishes of Singapore, the Hainanese Chicken Rice (P 268) is a complete meal with lightly poached chicken, seasoned rice cooked in chicken stock, a bowl of chicken broth and a trio of chili, dark soy and finely minced ginger sauces garnished with fresh and sweet cucumber. The ubiquitous dish may be found in hawker centers, upscale restaurants and hotels throughout Singapore marking its deep roots in the Lion City's culinary heritage. 

The fact that both Malaysia and Singapore claim the culinary specialty as their national dish and the absence of the dish in Hainan does not diminish the storied history of the iconic staple. At Nanyang, you can indulge in one of the purest expressions of the famed Singaporean dish from the soft, moist and richly seasoned rice cooked in chicken stock, the clean notes of the broth, the fresh bok choy, the bold notes from the trifecta of sauces and the tender, almost melt-in-your mouth poached chicken. It's these different components coming together with each tasty bite and spoonful that places the Hainanese Chicken Rice at the top of your list at Nanyang

Each component from the set is masterfully executed, and the delicately poached chicken truly stands out as one of the best examples of the Singaporean Signature dish in the metro. A complete and satisfying meal in itself without busting your wallet, the Hainanese Chicken Rice combines both authenticity and value in one elegant set. 

Looking for that extra crunch? You can opt for the Hainanese Fried Chicken Rice (P 268) for yet another novel spin on a Singapore Signature original. 

One more round for the road? Try the Iced Kopi Melaka (P 120) or the Kopi Jelly Milk Tea (P 130) for that refreshing change of pace... 

...or stick to the Iced Teh Melaka (P 120) for that light sweet and creamy finish. You can also give in to your nostalgic childhood indulgences like the Milo Dinosaur (P 130) and Horlicks (120 Hot/P 1340 Cold) plus many more at Nanyang

One more Iced Teh Melaka to go and you're ready for another round of shopping at the new GH Mall

The wide and tempting dining options at the new GH Mall in Greenhills offer infinite and tasty possibilities. But if it's the nostalgic and hearty notes of Singapore's classic kopi tiam you're craving, Nanyang should be at the top of your list. Come inside for some soothing sips and hearty bites at Nanyang for a deep and immersive dive into the Lion City's unique coffee shop culture with an array of authentic Singapore Signature flavors and dishes, now open at GH Mall

Nanyang is located at the Lower Ground Floor of the new GH Mall in Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills, Ortigas Avenue, San Juan, Metro Manila. You may visit their FB Page and website at and for more updates and information.

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