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Admiral Hotel Manila-MGallery Introduces New A la Carte Menu at the Admiral Club

Dining at the Admiral Club in Admiral Hotel Manila-MGallery brings more tasty options to the table with its new A La Carte Menu. And here's a sneak peek...

There's an old saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Or you can make a good thing even better with more of the good stuff. And you'll find exactly that at one of the rising dining destinations along the famed boulevard in Manila. With its extensive and impressive array of offerings in its current buffet spread, Admiral Club at Admiral Hotel Manila-MGallery adds even more flavorful options with its sumptuous new A La Carte Menu. From savory starters to a wide selection of premium steaks and seafood, Chef Loic Brun pulls all the stops for a lavish and memorable dining experience at the Admiral Club

The elegant space with its eye-catching catwalk table at the center and magnificent views of the Manila Bay sunset becomes the perfect stage for an epic feast.  Inspired by the seafaring travels of the Admiral, the buffet spread offers a wide array of culinary offerings from around the world...

...with each station or atelier showcasing different cuisines and ingredients from the fresh and succulent catch of the day... a tempting medley of savory and juicy roasts at the Carving Station...

...and so much more, with stations for fine gourmet cheeses and charcuterie, fresh baked artisan bread, salads, Chinese, Japanese and indulgent desserts as well as live stations for dishes prepared a la minute in an easy to navigate layout...

...including what I think is one of the best Beef Bourguignon in the metro consistent with its underlying French themed concept with its focus on classic French and Mediterranean flavors. 

How do you top that? The new A La Carte Menu fills in the gap if you're looking for more options. Clearly, the Admiral Club has its buffet game in top form. But for increasingly discerning diners who know the game, it's just not enough. They demand more. And the Admiral Club responds with its new A La Carte Menu. The buffet concept and format remains a popular dining option among locals, and its popularity continues to grow with the all-day dining outlets of major hotel properties boasting of expanded offerings. 

Chef Loic Brun weaves in a curated selection of starters and mains for the new A La Carte Menu at Admiral Club adding to the already impressive array of offerings from the buffet spread. The A La Carte Menu features a world class selection of premium beef including Ribeye, Tenderloin, T-Bone, and Striploin steaks from St. Helens of Oregon and Jack's Creek and Mulwarra of Australia finished on the Josper Grill, succulent seafood and tasty starters and desserts. 

That evening, Chef Loic Brun served his recommendations from the new A La Carte Menu starting with The Famous Paté-En-Croûte (P 780) with chorizo, chicken and foie gras served with pickles, Dijon mustard and rustic bread. The savory trifecta of chorizo, chicken and foie gras is the flavorful base of the dish completed by the thin crust over the paté, the clean flavors of the garden fresh and crisp side of salad, the sweet and tart notes of the pickles and the bread. 

The Foie Gras (P 1,580) with fig chutney and balsamic reduction on crisp crusty country-style toast and a side salad tastes as good as it looks. The thick slabs of foie gras just melts in your mouth draping the palate with a buttery, nutty and savory richness. If foie gras is on your list, then this dish by Chef Loic Brun should be high up there. It's a deceptively simple dish with the foie gras as the undisputed star of the plate, ably supported by the fig chutney and balsamic reduction to cut through the richness of the foie gras for that balanced finish. 

The country style toast becomes the perfect vessel for the prized foie gras, absorbing the richness of the different components releasing an intense burst of decadent savory notes after every bite. But it's the delicately balanced play on flavors with each ingredient complementing the other that makes the foie gras starter a must-try from the new A La Carte Menu of Admiral Club

The Duo of Smoked and Fresh Salmon Tartare (P 980) brings layer upon layer of briny sweetness tempered by the sharp yet smooth finish of the wasabi fresh cream and lemon-soy dressing. The delectable blend of sweet briny notes of fresh and smoked salmon and subtle salty hints from the dressing with its citric finish and wasabi fresh cream combine for a luscious richness for another excellent starter option. The new A La Carte Menu also features other must-try starters including Chilled Gallagher Oysters with Condiments (P 1,580 half dozen/P 3,080 a dozen), Rockefeller Oysters (P 1,780/P 3,480) and the Admiral Caesar Salad (P 880). 

From the Josper Grill, the Josper Roasted Salmon Fillet (P 1,680) is a great seafood option with sustainably farmed salmon from the frigid waters of the North Atlantic served with truffe crushed potatoes, grilled asparagus and lemon caper sauce. The Josper Grill adds its own magic to the dish with its fragrant and subtle smoky hints. The unique charcoal grill, oven and smoker transforms many of the grilled specialties at the Admiral Club, and the Josper Roasted Salmon Fillet is one of them. The Spanish charcoal grill is also the secret behind the perfectly grilled steaks at Admiral Club

The Iberico Pluma (P 2,980) with roasted apples and Romesco Sauce brings one of the world's finest pork to the table at the Admiral Club. Widely regarded as the Rolls Royce of pork cuts, the Iberico Pluma brings a delicate savory sweetness to the palate followed by fragrant smoky hints. Simply seasoned, the fresh pure and clean notes of the premium pork comes through with its buttery finish completed by the sides of roasted sweet apples and the tart hints of the tomato-based Romesco sauce.

Other savory options include the Grilled Free Range Marinated Boneless Chicken Thighs (P 980) with roasted marble potatoes, mixed greens and chimichurri; Grilled Live Boston Lobster (P 6,180) and Char-Grilled Jumbo King Prawns (P 1,380).  

For the evening's main course, Chef Loic Brun wheels in the carving cart for a dramatic entrance...

...with the impressive Darling Downs Australian Wagyu MB5 Tomahawk (P 18,980 good for three to four). Call it the "Admiral of Steaks," the specialty Tomahawk with its exquisite marbling is pure beef goodness from the Admiral Club's Josper Grill. 

The elegant slab of beef is clearly the highlight of the evening's lavish feast at the Admiral Club and it clearly establishes the Admiral Club's position as one of the top dining destinations this part of the metro for its excellent steaks in addition to its buffet spread. 

A closer look reveals the Josper Grill's magic with its delicate lattice-work of charring imparting intense flavors to the buttery grass-fed and richly marbled Wagyu beef. 

Then, Chef Loic Brun masterfully carves the Tomahawk with seamless precision and ease showcasing the fork-tender qualities of the premium Darling Downs Australian Wagyu MB5...

...and presenting the perfectly grilled slab of Wagyu with its juicy pink center. And it just doesn't get better than this. 

The premium steaks at the Admiral Club are served with specialty sauces like Peppercorn, Mushroom, Blue Cheese and Red Wine Jus. But the Darling Downs Australian Wagyu MB5 Tomahawk is perfect as is. Seasoned with salt and pepper, that's all you need to enjoy this premium slab of beef. No need to complicate a good steak, right?

A slice of the Darling Downs Australian Wagyu MB5 Tomahawk brings everything we love about a good steak in one bite, from the buttery and juicy pink center that just melts-in-your-mouth with its thin layer of fat to the delicately charred edges with its bold and intense smoky hints for textural contrasts and flavors. 

Pair your Darling Downs Australian Wagyu MB5 Tomahawk with a variety of sides like Parmesan French Fries (P 330), Baked Mac and Cheese (P 330), Grilled Asparagus with Aged Parmesan (P 330), Cauliflower Gratin with Lemon Zest (P 330), Butter Grilled Mixed Mushrooms (P 330), Truffle Mashed Potatoes (P 330), Dirty Rice with Shredded Beef and Chives (P 3300, Creamy Sweet Corn with Orange Ricotta (P 330) and a refreshing Garden Salad (P 330) to complete your epic feast at the Admiral Club

Take one more slice and bite of the Darling Downs Australian Wagyu MB5 Tomahawk and enjoy the moment. The Admiral Club at Admiral Hotel Manila-MGallery is more than just another buffet dining destination by the bay. It's a legit steak place too with its new A La Carte Menu

Cap your feast on a sweet note with the lavish and indulgent dessert offerings from the buffet spread at Admiral Club with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. The addition of the new A La Carte Menu to the buffet dining experience takes the popular concept up a notch. How do you improve on a good thing like the time-tested and popular buffet dining concept? Simply make it better with the addition of a curated A La Carte Menu to enhance and enrich the dining experience. And the Admiral Club at Admiral Hotel Manila-MGallery nails it...

The Admiral Club is located at the top floor of Admiral Hotel Manila-MGallery, 2138 Roxas Boulevard, 1004 Malate, Manila or call +632 5318 9000 or 0917 863 6614 for inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at for updates.

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