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Bringing You A Taste of Japan with A Seafood Festival by JETRO PH at Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo in Mitsukoshi BGC

Premium Miyazaki Hamachi and Hokkaido Scallops gently simmering on an indulgently rich and lusciously creamy collagen broth combine for a lavish seafood feast. Meet the special new Japanese Seafood Combo by Bijin Nabe...

The Japan External Trade Organization or JETRO PH brings a taste of Japan with A Seafood Festival at Mitsukoshi Mall in BGC showcasing a succulent tandem of the day's freshest catch. At Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo, diners can indulge in the finest sashimi grade Miyazaki Hamachi or Hokkaido Scallops served with their signature collagen broth with the new Special Seafood Combo every Friday to Sunday for the period of February 20 to March 15, 2024. Along with Prologue d'Fined, Sen-Ryo and Mitsukoshi Fresh, Bijin Nabe celebrates Japan's rich culinary traditions with the freshest and finest catch flown in straight from Japan during the seafood festival at Mitsukoshi Mall. Now let's get the pot boiling with the Special Seafood Combo at Bijin Nabe...

It's Japan at the heart of BGC offering the widest selections of Japanese products and delicacies all in one place. Unique to the metro, a step inside Mitsukoshi Mall transports you to the Land of the Rising Sun for an insightful window to Japanese culture. As you immerse yourself in a variety of visual and culinary treats to tease both your eyes and palate with each step, you'll soon realize why Mitsukoshi Mall in BGC is one of the top shopping and destinations in the metro. 

At Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo in Mitsukoshi Mall, the seafood festival is celebrated with the new Special Japanese Seafood Combo featuring the prized Hokkaido Scallops and Miyazaki Hamachi with their signature collagen-based "Japanese Beauty Hot Pot". 

The Miyazaki Hamachi (P 1,790) and Hokkaido Scallop Combos (P 1,790) at Bijin Nabe by Tsukuda Nojo offer fresh and clean flavors for a unique hot pot dining experience. Paired with the silky smooth and sticky collagen broth base and garden fresh vegetables, the new Special Seafood Combos at Bijin Nabe offer a refreshing and hearty alternative to the usual hot pot options. 

The Seafood Festival at Mitsukoshi Mall is part of the on-going "Bringing You A Taste of Japan" campaign by JETRO PH, a long-term program designed to showcase Japan's finest culinary products to the local market. They say the best way to understand and appreciate any culture is by experiencing its rich and diverse flavors, and A Seafood Festival at Mitsukoshi Mall does exactly that with the special seafood menu offerings from participating restaurants. 

The freshest seafood remains an integral part of Japan's culinary tapestry, defining its flavorful and traditional richness for centuries. From February 20 to March 15, JETRO PH unveils another layer in Japan's culinary heritage with a Taste of Japan through A Seafood Festival at Bijin Nabe by Tsukuda NojoPrologue d'FinedSen-Ryo and Mitsukoshi Fresh (for more on the launch of A Seafood Festival, see my post JETRO PH Brings You A Taste of Japan with A Seafood Festival at Prologue d'Fined in Mitsukoshi BGC).  

For a limited time, indulge in premium sashimi grade Miyazaki Hamachi and Hokkaido Scallops at Bijin Nabe in Mitsukoshi Mall and experience the fresh and real flavors of Japan with each hearty sip and bite. You'll also find a tempting array of premium and fresh seafood from Japan lining the shelves at Mitsukoshi Fresh

And here's a cool deal. Diners at Bijin Nabe can a enjoy a refreshing Nippon Premium Chu-Hi which comes with each order of the new Special Seafood Combo sets for the duration of the festival. Available in four flavorful variants, open up the palate with the Aomori Fuji Apple, Hokkaido Furano Melon, Fukushima White Peach and Ehime Iyokan Orange before your sumptuous Special Seafood Combo hot pot feast at Bijin Nabe

The arrival of the steel pot containing the signature collagen broth kicks off your dining experience at Bijin Nabe. Renowned the world over for its lusciously creamy collagen broth described by many as "Japanese beauty hot pot," the rich broth is made by tediously boiling and stewing chicken bones for over eight hours. The long hours of simmering allows all the nutrition from the bones to melt away for a concentrated yet elegantly smooth and flavorful broth of soft gelatin and 100% all-natural collagen. Bijin Nabe keeps it simple allowing the natural flavors to develop after hours of simmering without any artificial additives or MSG. 

And it takes mere seconds to transform the soft gelatin into a steaming and fragrant broth once you turn on the special induction table-top cooker. Loaded with Vitamin A, B1, B2 and Iron, the "Golden Collagen Chicken Stock" is believed to have countless health and beauty benefits with its all-natural ingredients. It's what sets Bijin Nabe apart from the usual hot pot options in the metro. 

Then, my Hokkaido Scallops Special Seafood Combo (P 1,790 good for two) was served...

...with a delectable medley of fresh vegetables and seafood including succulent crab sticks, crisp cabbage, the subtle sharpness of Mizuna or Japanese mustard greens, sweet radish, nutty and earthy Shiitake mushrooms and soft silken tofu...

...and the day's featured catch of premium sashimi grade Hokkaido Scallops. Large and plump, the Hokkaido Scallops from the cold, nutrient and plankton-rich waters of Japan's famed northern coast deliver deep and rich briny sweet notes with its firm and delicate silky custard-like texture that just melts in your mouth with each bite. Seafood from cold frigid waters are widely regarded as some of the finest in the world with its naturally higher fat content, and these Hokkaido Scallops are among the very best. Now you can enjoy this prized catch at Bijin Nabe...

Each Special Seafood Combo at Bijin Nabe is good for two, with each of the vegetable and seafood ingredients adding layers of distinct notes to the rich collagen broth. The special set also includes fresh Mizuna or mustard greens with its mild and delectable peppery hints almost like arugula to temper the richness of the broth for a balanced finish. It's the only set at Bijin Nabe that includes Japanese mustard greens along with the Hokkaido Scallops for a unique hot pot experience. 

As the pot gently simmers, a sip of the silky smooth collagen stock is the first step in your Bijin Nabe experience with its rich yet clean notes draping the palate with its lingering notes. Then, add the radish, cabbage, Mizuna and Shiitake mushrooms to the boiling pot. After a few more minutes, a sip of the vegetable filled broth brings layers of subtle and even delicately nuanced flavors into play transforming the stock base. The broth becomes a flavorful canvas, changed and transformed by the individual notes from the different ingredients. The complexity of flavors with each added ingredient is part of the Bijin Nabe hot pot experience anchored on the signature collagen broth. 

Now with a muted layer of sweetness from the vegetables, the crab sticks and Hokkaido Scallops are next...

Both the crab sticks and Hokkaido Scallops need only a five to ten second dip on the steaming hot collagen broth and no more, warming it just enough with the creamy textures of the stock while maintaining its natural briny sweetness. A bite of the succulent crab stick releases a flavorful burst of intense notes finished perfectly by the collagen broth. 

But it's the Hokkaido Scallop that's the much anticipated highlight of the hot pot feast at Bijin Nabe. The fresh and bold briny sweetness and the firm and springy yet delicately butter soft consistency brings a delectable play of textures and flavors to the palate. This is what Japan's finest catch brings to your hot pot at Bijin Nabe, pure unrestrained yet all natural and opulent notes with each bite. 

The addition of seafood also changes the flavors and complexity of the broth, weaving both subtle salty and sweet notes for a hearty hot pot feast at Bijin Nabe

If seafood's your game, the new Special Seafood Combo at Bijin Nabe in Mitsukoshi Mall may just be your ticket to Japan's rich culinary traditions celebrated with A Seafood Festival by JETRO PH

Haul in your fresh catch straight from Japan with the new Special Seafood Combo of Miyazaki Hamachi or Hokkaido Scallops at Bijin Nabe by Tsukuda Nojo in Mitsukoshi Mall every Friday to Saturday from February 20 to March 15 and savor a fresh and succulent taste of Japan. Time to turn up the heat with the freshest catch from Japan at Bijin Nabe...

Bijin Nabe by Tsukuda Nojo is located at the 2nd Floor, Mitsukoshi Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila. You can also visit their FB Page and IG Feed at https://www.facebook.com/BijinNabePH/ and https://www.instagram.com/bijinnabeph/ for more updates or call 0929 309 9551 for inquiries and more information. 

For more on JETRO PH, visit their website at https://www.jetro.go.jp/philippines/

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