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All Set For The Ramen Sets of Ramen Nagi

Chicken Karaage, Gyoza or Chashu Rice Set, what's your go-to pairing with your favorite bowl of Original Butao at Ramen Nagi? If you love all three, then you're all set for the Ramen Sets at Ramen Nagi. And over at the O-Square 2 Greenhills branch of Ramen Nagi, you can enjoy your Ramen Set as early as 10:00 am to start your day...

The Ramen Sets offer yet another tasty option to get your ramen fix at Ramen Nagi and then some. A complete meal anchored on their signature Original Butao, the Ramen Sets satisfies your ramen fix with tasty sides like Chicken Karaage, Gyoza or Chashu Rice for one sumptuous ensemble of savory bites. And you can enjoy it as early as 10:00 am in selected Ramen Nagi locations. All set for your ramen fix? 

Now a part of the menu for a limited time at Ramen Nagi, the Ramen Sets are offered weekdays starting at 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm in all branches. But over at Ramen Nagi locations in Robinsons Magnolia, Trinoma, Alabang Town Center and Greenhills, you can start as early as 10:00 am all the way to 5:00 pm

The Ramen Sets (P 420) are available in three tasty variants, the Butao-Chicken Karaage Set, the Butao-Gyoza Set and the Butao-Chashu Rice Set. Chicken Karaage, Gyoza or Chashu Rice? All three options offer the right mix of flavors and textures guaranteed to satisfy any craving but the Butao-Chashu Rice Set packs a serious punch for a hefty appetite. Each set includes crisp Nagi Chips, Japanese style Potato Salad and seasoned Bean Sprouts to tease your palate for the perfect start to another sumptuous ramen meal at Ramen Nagi

The Chashu Rice bowl is a meal in itself with a mound of savory pork chashu on steamed white rice drizzled with a mildly sweet and thick sauce. The fork-tender chashu and rice combo is a crave-busting winner for a solid one-two punch along with the Original Butao. If you've been tempted before to order one of their set Kiddie Meals, this one's a grown up version with all the goods on a tray. 

Cap it all off with their award-winning Original Butao with its thick and creamy tonkotsu broth to complete your feast. If a sudden early craving for ramen hits, the Ramen Sets by Ramen Nagi is one option too good to pass up. 

Exceptional value and variety come together in a sumptuous offering at Ramen Nagi with the Ramen Sets. Priced at P 420, you get a bit of everything in one packed and fully loaded set with starters, sides and savory main paired with the Original Butao you just can't pass up. And if the craving hits early before 10:00 am, you can simply head on over to the Ramen Nagi Greenhills, Robinsons Magnolia, Alabang Town Center and Trinoma branches for your Ramen Set

Ramen Nagi is located at O-Square 2, Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Avenue, Metro Manila. You can also visit their FB Page and IG Feed at and  for more information and updates.

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