Saturday, December 24, 2011

Spreading Some Cookie Love with SweetLeaf Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

What's Christmas without cookies? There are cookies, and then there is the cookie. I recently read a post on SweetLeaf Soft Batch Cookies from fellow blogger Yedy at (see Yedy's post on SweetLeaf Soft Batch cookies at and I knew right then I had to try it...

I decided to go for the traditional Chocolate chip cookies and placed an order via Facebook, and here they are...pretty cool packaging, nice touch with the Kraft bags, perfect for gift-giving. And the Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Awesome. Once you pick up a cookie, you'll immediately notice the weight, heavier than the regular cookie and a sure sign of good things to come. This could be the Cookie of all cookies yet. Rich, soft and chewy, you just can't stop after one cookie.

SweetLeaf Soft Batch Cookies is managed by two young sisters, and I'm pretty sure we'll hear more from these entrepreneur bakers soon. SweetLeaf offers other cookie varieties with amazing flavor combinations like Triple Chocolate Mint, Peanut Butter and Oatmeal, Dark Chocolate Strawberry, and Wasabi White Chocolate Chunk cookies.

In the meantime, I'm thinking of warming up some milk or better yet, a cup of hot chocolate for a double chocolate overload...

...and I'll just have to find another gift since I'm keeping this bag of cookies.

One bite, and you know it's gonna be a great Christmas. Another perfect Christmas weekend afternoon, made even better with SweetLeaf Soft Batch cookies. And here's wishing everyone an awesome Christmas!

To order SweetLeaf Soft Batch Cookies, call 922-853-5999 or simply log on to their Facebook page at

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  1. They look delicious… They have a unique shape, almost like a swirly pattern in the middle! Very beautiful packaging, too.

  2. Haha! I tried letting it go so that I can give it as a Christmas gift but I wasn't able to because it was gone in no time! I ended up recommending it to friends nalang ;) Super yummy! But my favorite has always been their triple chocolate mint cookies, were you able to try it as well? :) Happy Holidays Dude! :)

  3. This is a great gift idea. The cookies look awesome, I bet they are delicious. Thanks for sharing the link. Happy holidays.

  4. @ Nicole - Hi Nicole, the swirly shapes are pretty cool, with each cookie being different. And the packaging is cool too, great for gift-giving! Great to hear from you, Nicole and Merry Christmas!

    @ Yedy - I know, I couldn't resist, I kept one bag for myself! I'd like to try the Wasabi White Chocolate next. Thanks Yedy and Merry Christmas!

    @ Anita - The cookies and packaging are perfect gifts, I just lost self-control and kept one bag! The cookies were delicious! Thanks Anita and Merry Christmas!

  5. Oh my, those cookies look so chunky and rich! Were they chewy or crispy? They look quite chewy since they're thick, though :) Om nom nom...

  6. Hey Ducky, these cookies are soft and chewy, thick and chunky. Can't wait to try the other varieties like Wasabi White Chocolate and Triple Chocolate Mint. Thanks for dropping by, Ducky, and Merry Christmas!

  7. This cookies look delicious! I want some with a glass of milk please :) Great post!

  8. Hello Maggie, thanks! The cookies were delicious, will have to order a second bag soon. Thanks for visiting and happy new year!


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