Monday, April 2, 2012

Side Views: An Afternoon at the Taos Pueblo

I remember seeing photographs of the Taos Pueblo by Ansel Adams way back in high school, and I was fascinated ever since. Three years ago, I had a chance to spend a half day in this thousand year old village. After imagining this place for pretty much half my life, I was finally here, and somehow I felt a sense of closure, like linking one of many loose loops, a small check in a long bucket list.  

And the Taos Pueblo is just as inspiring as I always knew it would be.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Taos Pueblo is over a thousand years old, and is the only continuously inhabited community in the United States.

Made from adobe, the colors of the ancient dwellings change with the shifting light, making your walk in this historic settlement a lot more interesting. 

The infusion of western influences, including religion, from the arrival of various Spanish expeditions and missions, blend with the ancient structures using the same adobe material. 

Despite the large number of visitors, there is a tranquil and almost serene vibe in the Taos Pueblo, making you see the settlement in a different way. 

The blue skies over New Mexico provide all the light you need, and more, for your photographs. There is an extra fee if you intend to take photographs above the admission price, but it is well worth it. 

The historic settlement is also the oldest continuously inhabited community, and like a guest in a home, it is always wise to remain respectful while inside the Taos Pueblo. 

Splashes of color add life to the bare adobe walls, allowing visitors a unique peek at the culture of the Taos Pueblo.

If you find yourself in New Mexico, the Taos Pueblo is a must-see, specially for photo hobbyists. 

Leaving the Pueblo, I felt a certain peace and an almost spiritual calmness. Though I had only a few hours to spare, it was an experience to last a lifetime. The American Southwest is colorful and magical, with so much history, cultures and flavors, and I feel lucky just to taste a little part of it in this awesome road trip.

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  1. Glad you finally found what you've been waiting for...enjoy the moment, it's yours!

    1. Thanks Jen, it was awesome! Great to hear from you!

  2. What amazing photos.. and that's some road trip you had! A :)

    1. The Taos Pueblo is an amazing place, thanks Anthony!


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