Monday, April 30, 2012

Side Views: Carmel and Monterey

There's just something about long drives along the ocean, it's about reconnecting with yourself. I had the chance to do just that three years ago, and it was awesome. Here are two great coastal drives while in SFO,  each offering its own unique charm and vibe.   

The sound of surf, beautiful weather, and scenic drive make Carmel a must stop. Pull the down windows and  let the briny air surround you. Pop in your favorite CD and enjoy the ride...

Perfect weather in November...can't get any better than that.

Then, take a leisurely drive along Carmel's Scenic Loop for some amazing views.

Head  on to Highway One for another easy drive to Monterey. Monterey is a great place to simply chill, have a cup of coffee or better yet, indulge in some Ghirardelli ice cream.

Don't miss out on Monterey's sunset...two great coastal drives, two awesome road trips.

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