Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Food News: Oriang by Cafe de Bonifacio Opens in Market! Market!

The quiet rumblings of a revolution seemed to fill the air, as Cafe de Bonificaio opens its new dining establishment at Market! Market!. Oriang by Cafe de Bonifacio, the newest spin-off from the popular Cafe de Bonifacio, brings its signature Filipino dishes to its new location. 

Named after Gregoria de Jesus, the wife of revolutionary leader and national hero Andres Bonifacio,  Oriang by Cafe de Bonifacio offers classic Filipino comfort food at affordable prices. Great food with more bang for the buck, sounds like a pretty cool revolution. With the success of Cafe de Bonifacio, the first restaurant of brothers Vicente and Alfredo Wencesalo, naming their second dining establishment after the wife of Andres Bonifacio seemed appropriate. Patriotism runs deep, as the Wenceslao brothers were at the forefront during the Martial Law era as activists and ardent nationalists. 

And the brothers' passion for nationalism continues in their new venture. Oriang by Cafe Bonifacio serves many of Cafe de Bonifacio's signature dishes, but with more affordable prices. Along with other bloggers, I got to sample Oriang by Cafe de Bonifacio's dishes during the soft opening a few days ago... 

Each table includes traditional condiments to go with Oriang by Cafe de Bonifacio's dishes, including pickled onions, sweet pickled mangoes and pickled singkamas (jicama). Other condiments include chili oil, onion-garlic dip and ginger-garlic dip.

The appetizers arrived, starting with Oriang by Cafe de Bonifacio's cool twist on traditional spring rolls, Lumpiang Hubad in Pastry Cups (P 135). Loaded with fresh vegetables and sweet sauce, the crisp lumpia wrapper adds the familiar crisp texture to complete the dish.  Its refreshing twists like this that give Oriang by Cafe de Bonifacio a distinct edge over other establishments within the same price range.

Next, the Ensaladang Talong (P 135), a sweet, smoky salad with eggplants, tomatoes, and salted eggs. Familiar and comforting, the refreshing salad is a great starter.

Oriang by Cafe de Bonifacio also offers a selection of fresh fruit juices like the Fresh Cucumber and Lemon Juice (P 75), and Watermelon and Basil Juice (P 75), just perfect with your meal.

Then, the Sinigang na Tadyang ng Baka (P 265) arrived, a hearty sour tamarind based soup with beef ribs and fresh vegetables. The rich sourness from the plump tomatoes and tamarinds really hits the spot. 

Oriang Super Fried Rice (P 215) topped with grilled pork and onions, perfect when paired with Oriang's grilled specialties, as more dishes arrived...

Bicol Express (P 265), tender pork stewed in coconut cream with chili and vegetables. The rich and creamy sauce combines well with the cooling heat from the chili, another winner from Oriang by Cafe de Bonifacio.

Butterflied Tilapia in Tamarind Sauce (P 265), crisp deep-fried fish with a sweet sauce, served with a side of pickled onions. The sweet sauce enhances the delicate flavors of the fish, and the crispness of the fish adds the finishing touch. 

Spring Chicken Honey Barbecue (P 235 Half, P 400 Whole Chicken), tender chicken with a rich sweet honey glaze, traditional chicken barbecue that's comforting, another winner. 

To cap the meal, we were served Oriang by Cafe de Bonifacio's signature desserts, starting with the Turon de Gregoria (P 85), another cool and refreshing take on the traditional turon served with ice cream, with crisp lumpia wrappers topped with sweet bananas,

and Mango and Latik Roti (P 85), a reinterpretation of mango crepes done with Oriang by Cafe de Bonifacio's inventive style. 

Authentic and great-tasting Filipino comfort food at affordable prices, always a winning formula. Familiar flavors with a refreshing and playful twist, now that's cool. And I'm pretty sure Gregoria de Jesus would be quite pleased with the dishes. Special thanks to Alfredo and Vicente Wenceslao, Chef Ojie Reloj, Chef John Cu-Unjieng and the friendly staff at Oriang for a great dinner.

Oriang is located at the Space 10-12, Ground Floor, Fiesta Market, Market! Market!, Taguig City or call 625-0597 and 0927-724-0543 for inquiries.

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  1. I loved Cafe de Bonifacio! Congratulations for having a new branch Sir Freddie! :)

  2. Your food is awesome and the presentation ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

  3. Hi, perfect meal. All look awesome and delectable especially the desserts. As usual your pictures are perfect.

    Have a wonderful week ahead.

    1. Hi Amelia, thanks! And thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!


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