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The Fine Art of Noodles at Mitsuyado Sei-Men, The House of Tsukemen

There's nothing more comforting than a bowl of noodles. And having some authentic, handmade noodles in its purest and simplest form can sometimes spell the difference between a good bowl of noodles and a memorable dining experience. At Mitsuyado Sei-Men, The House of Tsukemen, you can have some of the best noodles in the metro, just the place for a proper introduction to Japanese dipping noodles.

Mitsuyado Sei-Men, The House of Tsukemen, specializes in traditional Japanese dipping noodles or "Tsukemen", dry noodles served with a flavorful dipping broth. The subtle yet rich notes of the handmade noodles dipped in a special broth bursts with flavors that is both familiar and new, hearty and comforting. Tsukemen allows you to taste the full flavors and textures of the noodles, with the dipping broth simply enhancing the noodles.

Located along Jupiter Street's restaurant row, Mitsuyado Sei-Men, The House of Tsukemen, prepares fresh noodles daily. And you can even see how the noodles are prepared in a special room. Very cool.
Inside, one can't help but feel transported to the narrow alleys and street side food stalls of Tokyo, with simple wooden tables and benches adding a warmth and cool vibe that signals authenticity.

A table resembling a fully functioning street side stall completes Mitsuyado Sei-Men's look, with fresh noodles served right before you. Mitsuyado Sei-Men's interiors does a pretty good job of bringing the outside in, adding to the fun and uniqueness to one's dining experience.

Private function rooms are also available, with a look that reminds you of the narrow alleys and small family-run ramen places in Japan. Another nice touch.

Hubert U.Young, Managing Director of Aji-No-Chinmi Co., Inc., the same group that manages the popular UCC Coffee chain, Sakae Sushi, Yamato-Pan, and Aoyama Cafe, adds yet another establishment to the growing chain of restaurants. With the growing popularity of ramen, Mitsuyado Sei-Men offers authentic Tsukemen in addition to a full line of traditional ramen, soups and other Japanese dishes as well. 

Chef Yu Takahashi at the kitchen, where all the magic happens, preparing the coming noodle feast. A cool feature at Mitsuyado Sei-Men is their see-through kitchen, allowing diners to have a sneak peek into the preparation of Mitsuyado's dishes. And our noodle feast begins...

First up, Mitsuyado's starters. The Chicken Karaage, deep-fried boneless chicken, moist, tender and juicy inside with a crisp outer layer. Full of flavor, no sauce is needed. Seriously good, even better with a couple of cold beers.

Mitsuyado's Gyoza, soft, tender and chewy with a delicate crispness. The pork filling is moist and juicy, simply bursting with flavors in every bite. Definitely one of the best gyozas in the metro.

Double Cheese Tsukemen, dry noodles with parmesan and a side of zesty cheese sauce and dipping broth. The quality of the thick noodles is immediately evident, firm and chewy, perfectly al dente. But the fun begins once you pour the cheese sauce and dip the noodles in the yuzu broth...

The sharp parmesan and the rich and creamy cheese sauce blends well with the flavorful dipping broth, and the noodles provide a delicious texture making this truly unique and different.

Marutoku Tsukemen, dry noodles with a flavorful dipping broth, a side of Aji-Tama (Japanese soft-boiled egg), Nori and Char-siu pork to complete the dish. A traditional Tsukemen dish, which allows you to taste the individual flavors of the different components, combining each at your own pace. And I have to say, I am now a fan of dry noodles...

Then, Mitsuyado's Ramen bestsellers were served, starting with the Spicy Miso Ramen. The cooling heat from the spicy broth is complemented by the sweet corn and creamy butter, another winner. The bright color of the miso broth confirms the rich and tangy flavor of the dish, and the pork and vegetables add to the medley of flavors.

Tantan Ramen, loaded with ground pork and vegetables in a rich broth. And the noodles are again the clear winners, with all the ingredients combining perfectly. 

The popular Charsiu Ramen, topped with thick, tender slices of pork and fresh vegetables, a personal favorite. The subtle flavors of the pork combine well with the rich broth, adding texture to the dish. 

And the best beer to go with the dishes would be the Hitachino Nest White Ale, surprisingly sweet and creamy, it's one real cool beer, the perfect brew to start the next round of noodle dishes...

Mitsuyado Sei-Men also served some off-the-menu developmental dishes, which simply blew me away. Each dish was new and different, reflecting the kitchen's inventive and creative flair. First, the Ikasumi Ramen, tender pork, vegetables and squid in a flavorful squid ink broth. The rich broth isn't fishy at all, with a subtle sweetness that just blends so well with the other components, clearly a potential bestseller.

Then, two Aesoba style dry noodle dishes were served, the Seafood Aesoba topped with plump shrimp, squid and vegetables with a subtle citrus flavor...

and the Ika Sumi Aesoba, squid ink noodles topped with tender squid and fresh tomatoes. Different and full of flavor, the lightly sweet squid ink noodles combines perfectly with the different toppings, with each component's flavor coming through. Nice.     

And lastly, the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen, tender pork and vegetables in a rich pork bone broth. The broth  has an almost creamy texture, a result of hours and hours of simmering, giving a pleasing mouth feel in every sip. In all the dishes, the noodles really come through. And the verdict? Definitely worthy additions to Mitsuyado Sei-Men's menu.  

And for desserts, we sampled Mitsuyado Sei-Men's bestsellers, the Strawberry Kakigori, Hawaiian Blue Kakigori, Sumiyaki Coffee Jelly with Ice Crream, Cream Anmitsu and Mini Halo-Halo. A cool ending to the noodle feast. 

Mitsuyado Sei-Men is definitely worth checking out. And like all good dining establishments, be prepared for the crowds during lunch and dinner, which is always a good sign. The noodle dishes are definitely worth the wait.

Special thanks to Spanky Enriquez, Tina Vitas, General Manager, Conrad & Co.; and Thessa Pua, Business Development Manager, Japanese Foodstuff Specialists and Food Concepts Management Services for the awesome noodle feast. 

Mitsuyado Sei-Men is located at 22 Jupiter Street, Makati or call 511-1390 for inquiries.

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  1. A warm bowl of noodles would be such comforting in a cold winter day! Mmm... :)

    1. Hi Marina, real comfort food, great to hear from you Marina!

  2. all that, and the chicken skin too hahaha

    1. And a cold Hitachino Nest White Ale...awesome...

  3. Pogi ni spanky! hehe..

    Been wanting to try that noodles with cheese thingamajig!


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