Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Health and Wellness: All Straightened Up for the New Year at Karada Japanese Body Therapy

It's a brand new year, and a perfect time to get all straightened up. And at Karada Japanese Body Therapy, I rediscovered what it feels like to be renewed and revitalized in just one session. And there's really no better way to start the new year... 

With over 100 branches in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand, Karada Japanese Body Therapy recently opened a new branch at the New Glorietta Mall offering a full range of Seitai body therapy sessions based on balance and alignment. And staffed by expert therapists trained in Japan led by its General Manager, Hiroaki Naruse,  you're in very good hands.

Unlike the usual spa, Karada Japanese Body Therapy has a more clinical approach offering a more comprehensive treatment to relieving body and muscle aches with it's signature Seitai method. And after years of bad posture caused by long hours in traffic or sitting behind a desk in the office, one's natural alignment can be a little off resulting in shoulder and back aches. And the stress of the holiday rush didn't make it any easier. It was definitely time to get straightened up at Karada...

Entering the new salon, one is immediately welcomed by the friendly staff, and the warm, muted colors helps one feel comfortably at home. Before any session, your therapist goes through a systematic review of your medical condition to identify symptoms and the proper salon treatment. I go for the full treatment. Karada Japanese Body Therapy offers the following treatments:

AP (Atlas & Pelvis) Balance: The Seitai Pelvis adjustment treatment restores the body's natural balance by readjusting the pelvic skeletal alignment to relieve discomfort and pressure from the lower back and shoulders. The benefits include an improved posture and balance, relief from back pains and a restored balance that is immediately noticeable after the session. 

Body Treatment (Shiatsu/Deep Tissue Massage): This treatment centers on the philosophy of Itakimochii, roughly translated as "pain with pleasure" with the applied pressure of shiatsu on the body and muscles resulting in improved body movement and flexibility.

Foot Treatment (Reflexology): The only session using lotion, the treatment applies pinpoint pressure on the soles to relieve nagging foot aches and pains and detoxify the body. 

AP & Body Treatment: A comprehensive treatment combining AP Balance and Shiatsu, a perfect package.

Each of the treatments are available in three different durations, Energizer (20 minutes), Therapeutic (45 minutes) and The Bliss (60 minutes), with prices starting from P 345 to P 1,495 per session. 

After changing to something more comfortable, I was then led to my cubicle and wrapped in warm towels for the first treatment. Your clothes and valuables are safely stashed in the basket, which is then placed below the therapeutic bed. I was really looking forward to the Reflexology Foot Treatment after experiencing some nagging foot aches, and the session was not only relaxing but informative as well. Your therapist explains each of the reflexology zones while applying pressure, and how each zone is indicative of your body's overall health. The levels of pressure are adjusted depending on your threshold, but believe me, there is some comfort as more pleasure is applied, and the concept of Itakimochii really works. 

The comforting pressure applied on the soles breaks down the concentrated nodules of toxins, called "gori-gori" improving circulation and relieving  the pain and discomfort. After the session, one feels a renewed lightness I have not experienced in a very long time. 

After the Reflexology Foot Treatment, the Body Treatment came next, as the same pinpoint pressure is applied to your back, arms and legs. A dry massage without any lotion or creams, the session uses finger pressure to relax the muscles. A stiff lower back, another nagging problem I've had for years, was given particular attention by my therapist. Breaking down more concentrated nodules of toxins, the session felt like being cleansed, and years of nagging back aches simply felt like it was rubbed away.  

After the session, I was asked to raise my legs, which was noticeably higher than the first time before the session, a sign of improved body movement and flexibility. At this point, I really felt brand new, but there was one more treatment. Karada's signature AP Balance treatment performed no less by Karada's GM, Hiro Naruse. A preliminary check of the spine and pelvis identified alignment issues which caused pressure and pain on my lower back the past few years. And here's a surprising fact, many of us don't realize it but all of us experience some back pains due to one leg being slightly shorter than the other, causing imbalance and stress on the body' natural alignment. Hiro then applies pressure to realign the body's structure in a series of gentle pushing motions. He then explains the process with a skeletal model to illustrate the where the alignment was applied. I was then asked to walk, and immediately one feels taller, lighter and yup, even happier. Awesome.  

The effects of the sessions are immediately noticeable, and your mood is pleasantly more positive. An improved posture, no body aches, just perfect. The whole experience at Karada Japanese Body Therapy is definitely unique and different, giving it an edge over the usual spa, as Karada's PH Chua shows off the facilities.

And Karada's friendly master Seitai expert and GM Hiro Naruse guarantees your experience at Karada Japanese Body Therapy will straighten you up in no time.  

Feel brand new this new year, head on down to Karada Japanese Body Therapy for a session with their friendly and expert staff...you deserve it.

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Karada Japanese Body Therapy is located at the 3rd Floor of The New Glorietta Mall, Space No. 3-086, Ayala Center, Makati City or call 569-1928, 836-3713 to 16 for reservations and inquiries. 

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