Friday, April 26, 2013

A Fresh Batch of Noodles at Mitsuyado Sei-Men, The House of Tsukemen

As the sun sets, the fresh and imported ingredients are arranged and weighed based on traditional Japanese recipes. In the fading afternoon light, it's time once again to prepare another batch of fresh noodles for the dinner service at Mitsuyado Sei-Men, The House of Tsukemen. Like clockwork, the process repeats a daily cycle, every single day.

Freshly made at least twice a day, the noodles at Mitsuyado Sei-Men, The House of Tsukemen, have a distinct firmness and flavor that can only come from noodles made just a few hours earlier. Using premium ingredients imported from Japan, the noodles at Mitsuyado Sei-Men are as authentic as it can be, rustic and traditional, providing a rich flavor in every bite.

Layers of gyoza wrappers made just a few minutes earlier are delicately arranged on a stainless steel bench, with each thin sheet dusted with flour, ready to be cut manually into the familiar circular discs. The process can be tedious, but one bite of Mitsuyado's bestselling gyoza is enough to convince you why Mitsuyado prefers to do it the hard way. No shortcuts here.

Then, Mitsuyado's noodle master prepares a new batch of fresh noodles, as spools slowly roll up the fresh dough. The room is then filled with a buttery aroma, as the spools takes up the remaining strips of dough.

The wooden trays are then prepared, ready for the fresh batch of noodles for the dinner service.

The freshly made noodles are then neatly arranged on flour dusted,  paper lined wooden trays, ready to be sent to Mitsuyado's kitchen, all fired up and ready for dinner and the incoming customers.

The noodles are then transformed to some of Mitsuyado's signature ramen dishes, like the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen (P 420/Large), velvety smooth freshly made noodles in a rich pork bone broth that's been simmering for hours for that creamy, almost butter-like texture.

Topped with thick, tender slices of roast pork, vegetables and marutoku or marinated soft-boiled eggs, the combination of flavors and textures come alive in every spoonful, or slurp, And the noodles remain the highlight of the dish. Smooth and firm, nothing like fresh noodles.

The Char-Siu Ramen (P 420/Large) is another signature dish, and the noodles once again take center stage. The tender roast pork, or Char-Siu, marutoku and vegetables enrich the flavors, but the noodles bind all the flavors together in a medley of rich textures.

And one of the best ways of enjoying Mitsuyado's freshly made noodles is with its classic line of dry noodles, or "tsukemen". And the Cheese Sauce Tsukemen (P 350/Large) is a perfect introduction to Mitsuyado's authentic noodles. A rich cheese sauce is poured on the noodles, and a flavorful dipping broth is provided for a unique noodle experience.

As the dinner service comes to an end, the ingredients for the next day's fresh batch of noodles are arranged and weighed. Another batch is scheduled in the morning, before lunch, and another for the dinner service. And the cycle continues, like clockwork. Nothing can compare to freshly made noodles, and at Mitsuyado, that's exactly what you get. Every single day.

Mitsuyado Sei-Men, The House of Tsukemen, is located at 22 Jupiter Street, Makati or call 511-1390 for inquiries.

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