Monday, April 15, 2013

Shawarma and More at Shawarma Guys

Bacon and Pork Sisig Shawarma? You better believe it. Nothing like a shawarma to cap a late night at The Fort Strip. And Shawarma Guys is definitely the place for traditional shawarma, and some inventive new combos. 

From the same group behind Relik and URBN Bar & Restaurant, comes a new resto concept offering a full range of cool Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine bannered by traditional and inventive Shawarma dishes that's just perfect after some serious clubbing at The Fort Strip. 

Inside Shawarma Guys,  one is welcomed by brightly-lit and spacious interiors, definitely a refreshing change after having one too many at the nearby bars and clubs. And the cool graphics keep you occupied while waiting for your orders.
Chef Benjo Tuason scores another winner with Shawarma Guys, offering Middle Eastern cuisine and Shawarma with an inventive twist, at affordable prices. A winning formula at The Fort Strip.

A refreshing Strawberry Lassi (P 100) before the meal, a cool blend of yogurt and strawberry, perfect on a summer night.Tart and not too sweet, just perfect before any meal at Shawarma Guys. Shawarma Guys also offers a Mango Lassi as well as the regular yogurt Lassi and a variety of fresh fruit shakes and cold beers.

Meet Shawarma Guys' starting five, five awesome versions with traditional flavors and some cool refreshing and surprising twists. A sampler platter featuring different Shawarma variants were served, including Beef, Chicken, and Lamb, which were all great. Two new variants were also served, Bacon and Pork Sisig. Note that smaller sampling sizes were served, the regular servings are much larger. I've always enjoyed Beef and Lamb, and Shawarma Guys do not disappoint with their traditional versions of Shawarma. The Bacon and Pork Sisig Shawarma are a totally new flavor experience, and both work well with pita, veggies and garlic yogurt sauce. Inventive, playful, and non-conventional, Shawarma Guys scores high with their unique shawarma creations. Great shawarma, seriously good.

Patty's Bacon with Cheesy Yogurt Sauce is the featured Shawarma for the month of April, and this one totally rocks. If you enjoy bacon and cheese, this is it. Like the Pork Sisig Shawarma, the crisp Bacon Shawarma is totally new and different, yet the crispness of the bacon and the fresh veggies make this comfortingly familiar. It's a great meal to end the night at The Fort Strip, and a surefire way to curb one too many mojitos. Craving for an all-meat Shawarma? Go for The Timo, a hearty chicken, lamb and beef combo with no veggies. Breakfast? The Breakfast Shawarma is definitely the right choice, with chorizo, egg and capsicum chutney. Shawarma with a twist. Very cool. And leave it to Shawarma Guys to come up with a few more surprises.

For those looking for heftier meals, Shawarma Guys offers a full range of dishes to satisfy any craving or appetite. Like The Blackbenny Platter (P 470), a cool combo with beef, beef tenderloin, chicken and lamb kebabs on buttered basmati rice with grilled tomatoes and pita, a full meal in a platter.

Other notable dishes include the Chicken Makhni (P 220), buttered chicken curry with basmati and pita. A rich tomato based sauce goes well with the basmati, and the cooling heat from the spices gradually builds up for that extra kick.

Then, there's the Garlic Ox Brain (P 150), crisp on the outside, soft, buttery and creamy inside. Squeeze a little lemon, and you're good to go. Great with a cold beer.

And for dessert, you can always have some of URBN Bar & Kitchen's bestsellers (check out URBN Bar & Kitchen's cool dishes here at, like the Mango Cheesecake...

...and the Chocolate Love-Ah Cake. Pure chocolate bliss on a plate, drizzled with olive oil on the sides for added richness.

And to complete your Chocolate Love-Ah Cake, rich and creamy vanilla ice cream. Just can't get any better than that.

Not only is Shawarma Guys the perfect spot after clubbing at URBN Bar & Kitchen, it's a great place for lunch or an afternoon snack as well. Special thanks to Chef Benjo Tuason and Patricia Cortez for a cool Middle Eastern dinner. Looking for Shawarma with a cool twist? Check out Shawarma Guys at The Fort Strip. Good food. Good times. 

Shawarma Guys is located at the Ground Floor, Fort Pointe Building, Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global Cuty, Taguig or call 966-8838 for inquiries.

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  1. This sounds like a really interesting place.

    1. Hi Caroline, great food, cool place! Great to hear from you Caroline!

  2. Thanks! And thanks too for visiting my blog!


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