Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gather Round For Some Cool Dishes at Bonfire

There's always something special when friends and family gather round a blazing bonfire, and childhood memories are filled with moments like these. And it's the food that make these moments a little more special. Classic comfort food shared with friends and family over a fire, nothing beats that. And at Bonfire, it's all about classic comfort food with celebrity chef Tristan Encarnacion's touch.

At Bonfire, the extensive selection of cool comfort food recaptures that feeling with friends and family. Pizza, pasta, ribs, barbecue and Smores, in a cool and casual place. Each dish is simply presented, yet there is a subtle elegance in the plating, and you know there's a master chef in Bonfire's kitchen. And here's the cool part. You get your favorite classic comfort food at surprisingly reasonable prices.

Inside, Bonfire exudes that relaxed and casual vibe. And the best part? You can enjoy a cool meal at Bonfire wearing your favorite t-shirt, sneakers and shorts. No dress code here. Later in the evening, cocktails take over giving it a cooler vibe.

Nothing like a pre-dinner drink, a cool shot of premium Scotch to start things at Bonfire.

Bonfire also serves quite an extensive range of drinks, like the Rootbeer Float (P 95) and different flavored milk shakes like the Strawberry Milk Shake (P 115).

Dinner begins with one of Bonfire's signature salads, the Pomelo Mojito Salad (P 185). The citrusy and minty mojito dressing is sweet and tart, and works well with the sweet and sour pomelo. A simple salad with a burst of flavors, this was definitely something new and different. Light and refreshing, another perfect starter before any meal at Bonfire.

The Shrimp, Mango, and Alfalfa Salad (P 185) is another bestseller, and the addition of alfalfa gives this dish a more rustic and healthier note. The blend of flavors and textures makes this another winner.

Seafood Chowder (P 85), a comforting cup before the meal. Light yet creamy, the tender and almost butter like chunks of dory melt in your mouth. Add some salt and pepper to bump up the flavor, and you just have to check out Bonfire's cool peppermill.

Next, The Pasta Trio (P 295), a sampler featuring Bonfire's Carbonara, Vongole, Shrimp and Chorizo pasta. Elegantly plated , each pasta dish is different and the sampler platter offers diners a taste of Bonfire's popular pastas in one dish.

Then, Bonfire's pizza dishes arrived, all served in cool wooden boards giving it a rustic and casual feel. The Bonfire Grilled Chicken Pizza (P 295), drizzled with barbecue sauce on a thin, crisp crust, with bold flavors and a subtle smoky note. It's comfortingly familiar and flavorful, and best shared with friends and family.

The Peach, Bacon and Cheese Pizza (P 320), a cool blend of sweet and salty with the flavorful bacon complemented by the sweet peaches and rich cheese, a cool combo of flavors in very bite. I normally avoid pizzas with sweet fruits, but this one surprisingly works quite well as I go for another slice.

Then, there's Bonfire's All-in-One Pizza (P 340), topped with ground beef, green and red peppers, mushrooms, olives, onions and tomatoes.  This All-in-One has pretty much everything, and should be a great choice for groups deciding which pizza to get.

Chicken Fingers (P 225), with Honey Mustard, Tomato and Tartar dip, crisp and tender chicken with different dips for different flavors. And the honey mustard is clearly the winner, hands down.

Pan-Seared Creamy Dory & Spinach Fillet (P 305), covered in a cream sauce over chunky home-style mashed potatoes and topped with crisp fried spinach. Elegantly plated, the rich cream sauce enhances the subtle sweet flavor of the fresh dory, and the spinach adds another layer of cool flavor and texture. A simple yet elegant dish, a visual treat with Chef Tristan's touch.

You definitely got to have the ribs. A comfort food feast just won;t be complete without it. And Bonfire's Baby Back Ribs (P 385) is another winner. Fork-tender and fall-off-the-bone goodness with a sweet and smoky glaze, this is comfort food. With a side of the signature chunky and home-style mashed potatoes, this one's a meal in itself.

Bonfire's Camper Skewers (P 495), with grilled liempo, pork barbecue, chicken barbecue, shrimp and bell pepper skewer, and grilled salmon head is another sampler featuring Bonfire's bestsellers. Great with few beers, and great for sharing.

Bonfire also offers a Ribeye Steak (P 365), with a rich brown gravy and the familiar mashed potatoes and served on a cool wooden board. For the price, the steak is a pretty good deal, perfectly grilled with a light char for flavor.

And for dessert, complete your Bonfire dining experience with its signature Smores (P 125), crisp grahams layered with roasted marshmallows and topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. And this one just brings back so many childhood memories of so many summers. Rich, creamy and fun, it's a perfect dessert to cap your meal at Bonfire.

Other dessert options include Bonfire's Dulce de Leche Cheesecake (P 210), a blend of creamy cheese and sweet dulce de leche. Rich, creamy and elegantly plated, this one's perfect with a good cup of coffee.

Bonfire's cool vibe, classic comfort food and reasonable prices make this a definite must try. Come for lunch, dinner or cocktails, just the place where you comfortably dress down and have a good meal or a few drinks.

Executive Chef Tristan Encarnacion, the creative force behind Bonfire's kitchen, ensures you have a cool dining experience at Bonfire.

Special thanks to Angel Pelayo-Ty, Bonfire's owner and manager, for a cool dinner at Bonfire. Looking for classic comfort food without busting your wallet? Head on down to Bonfire for some good times and good food.

Bonfire is located at Greenhills Town Center , Granada Street, New Manila. Quezon City.

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  1. Dude Food, that's definitely some good food! I love pizzaaaaaaa!!! :P

    Followed you via GFC, hope you follow back :P

    1. Hi Samantha, great food and value, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. I have to try this!!! Prices are quite reasonable :) everything looks good especially that baby back ribs :)

    1. Hi Berylle, great food and great value, cool place! Great to hear from you Berylle!


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