Sunday, December 27, 2015

Burgers on Parade at The Burger Joint

Prepare for a sumptuous parade of unique burger creations...

The innovative burger creations at The Burger Joint just never fails to impress (for more on The Burger Joint's line of signature burgers, see my previous post here, and their inventive Christmas-inspired burgers here), with each variant recreating classic American flavors. Read on for a flavorful visual tour of The Burger Joint's signature burgers and prepare to drool...

Start with the signature flavors of the American West with the Ranchero Chili (P 199), a quarter pound patty topped with chili, American cheese, and crisp bacon. Each bite delivers a rich medley of flavors, with the distinct notes of the juicy beef patty followed by the chili, cheese and bacon. Chili, cheese, and bacon on a patty with fresh lettuce, what's not to like?

The rich flavors of the American Southwest come through with The Burger Joint's Santa Fe (P 175), a quarter pound patty topped with lettuce, American cheese, bacon mole, grilled corn relish, fried onions, and cilantro. The mild sweetness and earthy notes of the grilled corn relish, along with the bacon mole, combine for rich and unique flavors, and the fried onions and cilantro add their own distinct layer of flavors with every bite. It's the American Southwest on a bun.

The sweet and smoky flavors of the American South is up next with The Burger Joint's Pulled Pork Burger (P 195), with the signature quarter pound patty topped with savory and juicy pulled pork, American cheese and jalapenos. The richness of the premium beef patty and pulled pork combo is tempered by the sharp notes of the jalapeno for balanced flavors.

The rustic and comforting flavors of America's Little Italy are recreated next with The Bambino (P 169), a premium quarter pound patty with lettuce, mozzarella, and capers topped with marinara sauce. The mozzarella and marinara sauce combine for that classic Italian touch, with the sharp notes of the capers completing the flavors. And with The Burger Joint's burgers, both the bun and the patty remain firm without crumbling all the way to the last bite.

Craving for some wieners? No worries, The Burger Joint's got that covered too. The TBJ Chili Dog (P 199), topped with chili, bacon, onions, and cheese on a soft bun. The bacon and the onions add both rich flavors and texture, blending well with the chili and cheese. And that's just some of the signature items you can find at The Burger Joint. If you're ready to go on a flavorful culinary road trip of classic American flavors, you don't have to go far. It starts and ends at The Burger Joint.

The Great American Burger Joint is located at the Ground Floor of SM Center Pasig, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue (C5) corner Las Tiendas Street, Frontera Verde, Pasig, Metro Manila or call 631-1299 for inquiries and deliveries.

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