Saturday, December 12, 2015

New Dishes, A New Brew and a Holiday Beer at The Brewery at the Palace

Smoky notes and hints of spices. The holidays get even better with a new brew, a special Christmas beer and new signature dishes... 

The Brewery at the Palace introduces a new line of refreshing brews alongside new dishes, adding a festive and flavorful vibe to the holiday season. That's more than enough reason to swing by The Brewery at the Palace for a round or two paired with some of their new dishes.

Since it opened a few months back (see my previous post on the launch here), I find myself going back time after time for a round or two of their fresh beer on tap, brewed right on the premises behind the long bar. And the best way to experience the brewing style of The Brewery at the Palace is with their Sampling Flight (P 280), featuring all four craft artisan beers. Start with the light, crisp and refreshing Pilsner (P 180-300ml/P 250-500ml), a Czech style lager with a clear golden hue and a smooth and elegant finish. Then, follow it up with a sip of their Weissbier (P 200-300ml/P 280-500ml), a filling wheat beer with bold, fruity notes. Next on your flight is the IPA (P 220-300ml/P 310-500ml), with more pronounced malty and hoppy flavors. Cap your flight with the full-bodied Stout (P 210-300ml/290-500ml), a dark beer with a hint of coffee in every sip. Depending on your mood, time of day, or even your dish, each one offers a distinct flavor and vibe. My preferences lean toward the IPA and the Stout, but I wouldn't mind a cold Pilsner or Wheat Beer anytime.

You can also try one of their special seasonal flavored brews, like the Ginger Ale (P 200-300ml/P 80 Single Beer Sampler), a top fermented beer infused with fresh ginger. With a bright golden hue, the Ginger Ale delivers a distinct floral and citrus aroma with malty body and a smooth ginger finish. The fresh ginger doesn't give it an overly medicinal taste, in fact, it's a surprisingly well-balanced brew with refreshing notes.

The new Smokey Oakey (P 240-300ml/P 310-500ml) is a richly flavored brew maturated with oak from whisky barrels giving it deep and bold smoky notes. One sip and layers of different notes weave seamlessly, starting with its pronounced roasted caramel flavor followed by shades of orange peel, rounded out by hints of malt, vanilla and wood. It's definitely a brew with character, with the rich notes lingering long after the first sip. The name says it all, and I just found a new favorite brew at The Brewery.

And just for the holidays, why not indulge in the new Christmas brew, Santa's Little Helper (P 240-300ml/P 310-500ml), a traditional holiday brew infused with six Christmas spices including cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, cloves, juniper berries, and sweet orange peel. Mildly sweet with its blend of spices, it's the perfect brew to jumpstart the holiday season. The Smokey Oakey and Santa's Little Helper reflects The Brewery's continuous and constant innovation and creativity, new brews that allow you to discover new flavor experiences. And that's why stopping by at The Brewery for a few rounds is special, with round after round of different brews to make it even more interesting.

Then, it's time to pair your beer with the new signature dishes from The Brewery at the Palace, like the rustic and comforting Chicken Bacon Mushroom and Ale Pie (P 380), a homemade pie with tender chicken, smoky bacon, and nutty porcini mushrooms cooked with their very own IPA in a spent grain pie crust served with a side of fresh greens and steak cut fries.

Made from spent grain from the brewing process, the buttery crust is light and crisp, retaining its form and texture as it absorbs the savory filling of chicken, bacon and mushrooms. There's just something so comforting with a freshly baked meat pie, and The Brewery's pies are a welcome addition to their signature dishes. Cooked with the signature IPA, the chicken, bacon, and mushrooms combine in a rich savory blend of rustic flavors. Pair this with The Brewery's signature IPA with its sharp hoppy notes to temper the richness of the pies, or go for the Smokey Oakey or Stout for a bold and hearty pairing.

And if you're looking for some serious pork love, go for The Brewery's Pork Chop (P 580), a thick and hefty slab of tender and juicy pork brined for 24 hours, and served with a side of salad and a sweet and tart Apple and Onion Gravy.

The Brewery's new Pork Chop is perfectly grilled and juicy, delivering a burst of mild yet rich notes with every bite. I've always enjoyed apples with pork dishes, with its contrasting tartness for balanced flavors with the pork chop. And again, Chef Carlo Miguel combines a fresh approach with comforting flavors reflective of his "freestyle" pub cuisine. Pair it with the Ginger Beer or even the new Santa's Little Helper with its refreshing flavors to contrast with the richness of the pork, or go for full flavors with the Stout or the Smokey Oakey. At The Brewery, it's your call.

A smoky brew, a Christmas beer, and new dishes, just in time for the holidays. And each one added to my list of favorites. The holidays just got The Brewery at the Palace.

The Brewery at the Palace is located at The Palace, 10th Avenue corner 38th Street in Uptown Fort, Bonifacio Global City and is open Mondays to Sundays, 11am until 2am for dine-in, take-out and events reservations. Contact their reservations hotline at 0917-813-9429 and Events hotline at 0917-638-3339 for more information. 

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