Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Freshly Laid: Farm Fresh Eggs From The Eggman

Farm to table freshness...

Eggman brings its farm fresh eggs from free-range, pasture-raised hens to the metro, an all-natural, healthier, and more flavorful option to start your day right.

From farms located down south of the metro, Eggman brings fresh, rustic, all-natural flavors with each tray bearing its name.

Nourished by the land supplemented by a special mix of all-natural grains, the eggs are noticeably larger than the usual commercial variety found in supermarkets and groceries.

And its pale earth colors in varying shades of brown also set it apart from the smaller supermarket variety.

But at they say, the proof is in the pudding. Simply crack an egg and do a quick sunny side-up, and immediately see and taste the difference. Nothing like starting your day right with farm fresh eggs, and it just can't get better than that. The whitest whites and the deepest yellows, simply add a pinch of salt, and enjoy.

The flavors are both richer and creamier, just the way it should be. And if you want to start your day right with pure, clean and all-natural flavors, just give the Eggman a call...

For inquiries and orders, simply call the Eggman at 0908-825-0421. 

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