Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Be A Kitchen Pro with Masflex Kitchen Pro

Following the success of its Culinary Knife Collection designed, endorsed, and approved by Chef Gene Gonzalez, Masflex Kitchen Pro released their new bakeware collection...and you too can bake like a Kitchen Pro. 

At the recent book launch of Philippine Breads by Chef Gene Gonzalez at Cafe Ysabel (more on the latest book by Chef Gene Gonzalez on my previous post here), the wide range of new Masflex Kitchen Pro bakeware products were showcased and used for the event's fresh baked breads. The new bakeware line is another collaboration with Chef Gene Gonzalez, reinforcing the brand's image as "The Culinary Standard." Proudly homegrown, Masflex Kitchen Pro products are designed by a Filipino Chef for Filipino Chefs & Kitchen Enthusiasts. Read on for a closer look...

The book launch of Philippine Breads by Chef Gene Gonzalez was also the perfect opportunity to run the new line of products through its paces with freshly baked local breads. The new bakeware line by Masflex Kitchen Pro include round and square cake pans, pizza pans, loaf pans, roasting pans, rectangular cake pans, small and medium cookie sheets, and muffin pans each designed with the following impressive features:
  • Extended edge design on pans provide a secure grip, making it easy to transfer to and from the oven, as well as durability.
  • Modern carbon steel material distributes heat quickly and evenly for consistent baking results.
  • Premium non-stick coating absorbs oven energy efficiently allowing the use of lower baking temperatures.
  • Baked pastries and savory dishes are easy to transfer with the non-stick coating.
  • Easy to wash and dishwasher safe, each product from the new bakeware line is easy to maintain. 

The new line includes a deep Round Cake Pan ideal for cakes, chiffons, meringues and savory pies like deep-dish pizzas and large flans. As with all of Masflex Kitchen Pro's bakeware products, the innovative extended edge design makes it easy to handle in the professional or home kitchen. The new line also has a Square Cake Pan that's great for brownies, square cakes and flans. Making pizza? That's easy too, with Masflex Kitchen Pro's Pizza Pan and Pizza Crisper Pan. The modern carbon steel material makes it easy to clean, keeping it sanitary with no bacterial residues particularly on the corner areas as crumbs and leftovers simply slide off during cleaning with its non-stick coating.

The Masflex Kitchen Pro Roasting Pan also incorporates the extended edge design, with the tall straight side ideal for preventing spills when preparing large cuts of meat and poultry like roast beef, chicken, and vegetables for slow oven braising. The Roasting Pan is also easy to clean, and great from oven to table.

Masflex Kitchen Pro's new bakeware line also features 6 and 12-Cup Muffin Pans, ideal for cupcakes, muffins, buns, cinnamon rolls, flans and individual pies. And with the extended edge design in all Masflex Kitchen Pro bakeware products, it's easy to handle, from kitchen to oven to table, with no fuss.

Explore your creative side with the Masflex Kitchen Pro Garnishing Set, which includes a Combination Zester, a two-in-one tool with a citrus peeler and zester; the Double Baller and Mini Baller, perfect for scooping ball shapes from fruits and vegetables; a Peeler, a delicate Decorating Knife for creating fine edges and elaborate leaf and floral patterns; a Curler for butter, fruits, and vegetables; and a Corer for fruits. Impress your customers, or your family, with the new bakeware line and garnishing set. Do it like a pro in the kitchen...with Masflex Kitchen Pro.

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