Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sweet or Savory? It's Your Call at Marriott Grand Ballroom's Crema.

A light yet savory meal, or a sweet and indulgent snack with a cup of freshly brewed premium coffee...or both. You can, at Marriott Grand Ballroom's Crema.

Take you pick from a wide selection of light meals and snacks, including an extensive selection of indulgent desserts at Marriott Grand Ballroom's Crema, a modern take on traditional Manila bakeries serving delicate pastries, premium coffee and Gen Y teas. Drawing inspiration from old Manila's bakeries, the hotel's coffee-focused deli outlet features an interactive counter displaying a wide array of freshly baked treats, updated with a modern spin.

Located at the impressive new Marriott Grand Ballroom, Crema is the ideal stop for a light meal or snack (for more on the largest ballroom facility in the country, see my post on my other travel blog here, the many flavorful food options here, and comforting Asian noodle and rice dishes at Marriott Grand Ballroom's Mian here). 

Inside the casual interiors of Crema, you can find your very own spot to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee in comfort.  The clean, modern lines give it a cool contemporary vibe, matched by the impeccable service of the staff. Just look for Krizzy, April, and AR (L) and they'll be more than glad to walk you through Crema's extensive offerings.

Start your dining experience at Crema with their signature Latte, and go for a large cup. After a few soothing sips, it's time to explore Crema's wide range of baked treats at the counter...

The wide selection at Crema includes the buttery soft and flaky Chocolate Croissant (P 110), drizzled with chocolate and perfect with the Latte...

...and the light and crisp Cream Cheese Danish (P 120/Left), a delicately layered treat with cream cheese. Each bite comes with an audible crunch bursting with rich flavors. The familiar and comforting Cinnamon Roll (P 110/Right) is another treat that's perfect for a late afternoon snack.

Crema also offers a variety of freshly baked muffins, including the Blueberry Muffin (P 110/Left) and the mildly sweet Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin (P 110/Right) with its blend of bananas and chocolate.

You can also go for the Walnut Granola Yogurt Muffin (P 110/Left) for a satisfying yet healthy option or ditch your diet and go for the indulgent Ube Ensaymada (P 160/Right), the classic pillow-soft brioche filled with sweet purple yam, layered with rich butter and draped in cheese. 

At Crema, you'll also find light meals for a quick mid-morning or late afternoon snack, like the signature Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap (P 270), a popular bestseller. The soft and chewy wrap combines with the fresh and crisp greens, tender and juicy chicken, and creamy Caesar dressing for a rich blend of flavors and textures. It's the perfect meal for a quick bite, without holding back on flavor.

Other light yet savory meal options at Crema include the Breakfast Sandwich (P 220/Right) with egg and the Roasted Mushroom and Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich (P 250/Left), with nutty mushrooms, creamy mozzarella and vegetables. Light yet filling, you can't go wrong with Crema's sandwiches and wraps.  

But save room for dessert. With an equally impressive selection, choosing your dessert can be challenging. Have a refreshing cup of Cafe Mocha to help you settle down before deciding on dessert. Or just go with the flow and go all-out at Crema's counter...

Start with Crema's trio of cookies, like the elegant Almond Honey (P 60), the chewy Chocolate Crinkle, and the Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookie with its rich chocolate notes, great starters before Crema's indulgent desserts.

Crema's own take on the classic sans rival is given a flavorful twist with their inventive Pistachio Sans Rival (P 270), a layered dessert with soft and chewy buttercream meringue coated in pistachios. The sweet nutty notes of the pistachios give this sans rival a distinct flavor, pairing well with the buttercream meringue for a new flavor experience.

But there's more. Crema's equally indulgent Strawberry Tart (P 230) not only looks good, it tastes pretty good too. As you walk down the counter at Crema, you'll find even more pastries and desserts... the colorful Cheesecake (P 270/Left) topped with fresh strawberries, mangoes, and kiwi fruit and the intricate Tiramisu (P 270/Right) with white chocolate shards. The parade of pastries continue down the counter...

...with Crema's moist Banana Cake (P 170/Left) and rustic Apple Tart (P 160/Right) for even more indulgent options. After walking the expansive ballroom, you'll need a good sugar fix to recharge and Crema has everything you need to get back in the groove.

Not to be missed is Crema's popular Flourless Chocolate Feuilletine (P 250/Left), a soft and moist chocolate dessert that simply melts in your mouth, and the Caramel Chocolate Tart (P 270/Right) with caramel and chocolate for a winning pair.

And if you still haven't made up your mind on which dessert to go for, Crema also offers its intricate White Chocolate Brownie (P 250/Left) topped with a macaroon and white chocolate ribbon, and the comforting Apple Strudel (P 170/Right). And just like the traditional bakery, simply point and select your pastry. 

And if you think Crema has run out of flavorful surprises, think again. Cap your feast with a cup of artisan Yogurt, topped with a variety of colorful sprinkles. Sweet, tart, and velvety smooth, you can customize your own yogurt treat with your choice of toppings, including chocolate and caramel syrup. 

Creamy yogurt topped with sprinkles on a late afternoon...just can't get any better than this. Crema has so much to offer, from light savory snacks, to sweet and indulgent desserts, just what you need for a quick mid-morning bite or late afternoon snack.

If you find yourself in the country's largest ballroom facility, make sure to stop by Crema for a light savory meal or an indulgent dessert. Or both. At Marriott Grand Ballroom's Crema...

Crema is located at the Marriott Grand Ballroom, No. 10 Newport Boulevard, Newport City Complex, Pasay City, Manila or call 988-9999 for inquiries.

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