Friday, September 15, 2017

#CIBO20: Cibo Marks Twenty Years of Real Italian Flavors

The United Kingdom returns Hong Kong to Chinese rule, Microsoft becomes the world's most valuable company, Mike Tyson goes for a bite instead of a punch, Titanic becomes a global blockbuster, a royal fairy tale ends with Princess Diana's tragic accident and Steve Jobs returns to Apple. The year 1997 featured both highs and lows, definitely interesting times... 

It was also that same year when Chef Margarita Fores introduced real and authentic Italian flavors with the opening of Cibo, her take on a modern caffe-paninoteca. Countless servings of Cibo's very own antipasti, zuppe, insalate, paste, pizze, secondi platti, dolci, and bevande became a special part of our daily routine, satisfying and nourishing our appetites and warming the heart with each visit. Twenty years later, Cibo remains as popular as ever, with even more good things yet to come. 

Has it really been twenty years? The times have gone by so fast, but a plate of Cibo's signature pasta still hits the spot after all these years. On stage, Chef Margarita Fores (R) shared her epic culinary journey with Cibo, thanking her loyal customers for being part of the historic milestone and hinted of even more flavorful adventures. 

At various live stations, the staff prepared Cibo's new Panino Porchetta to never-ending queues. You just can't resist porchetta with apple and pear mostarda on a crisp panini (for more on Cibo, see my previous posts, Celebrating Twenty Years of Italian Classics at Cibo SM Aura Premier and Having Your Comforting Pasta Fix at Cibo...). 

The savory richness of the tender and juicy Roman-style roast pork is perfectly tempered by the tart apple and pear mostarda for balanced flavors, followed by the subtle spicy notes of fresh arugula.

Other tasty bites from Cibo's all-new Italian street food inspired menu were also served, including the hearty and rustic Arancini, Sicilian-style deep-fried risotto balls offering rich flavors and textural contrasts (for more on Cibo's Italian street food menu, see my earlier post, Street Food with Italian Flair: Takin' It To The Street with Cibo di Strada...). 

Free-flowing cocktails and wine added a celebratory vibe to the event, calling for yet another tasty Panino Porchetta. The grills set up at the live stations were fired up all night, as more guests arrived. Cibo's signature pizzas were also served, fresh from the oven, as well as their popular Dip Al Forno with spinach, gorgonzola and crostini.

During the celebrations, special prizes were raffled off to guests, including several winners of Spinach Dip for a Year and one lucky winner of Cibo for Life. Imagine that. A sumptuous meal at Cibo for the rest of your life. That's special. Cibo's definitely going all-out on its twentieth year.

On Cibo's special day, every one showed up. And why not. Cibo's been a part of their lives weaving fond memories with Chef Margarita's flavorful dishes. Chef Margarita also introduced her long-time employees and their families (R) who've been with her right from the start. And that's what made this celebration so special. 

The lines at the different live stations remained long and busy, but the party was really just starting. Then, Cibo's staff made the rounds handing out colorfully wrapped packages to guests, eliciting smiles and excited reactions. Chef Margarita Fores had one more surprise up her sleeves that evening... 

Twenty years on, things can only get sweeter at Cibo. 2016 Asia's Best Female Chef Margarita Fores introduced her latest creation, a line of indulgent hand-crafted chocolate in a variety of flavors. Made with Davao's premium single-origin organic cacao, Chef Margarita Fores adds her own inventive spin with unique flavors...

It's pure chocolate indulgence reflecting the culinary philosophy of Chef Margarita Fores reinterpreted in four unique flavors. 

Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate with Chili Pepper, Dark Chocolate with Rosemary, and Dark Milk Chocolate with Honey, Cibo is well on its way to amaze its loyal customers and a whole new generation of diners with their simple yet enduring culinary philosophy, using the freshest and finest ingredients for real flavors. Here's to even more flavorful years ahead...  

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