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#ILoveDishRWM: Resorts World Manila Serves Up Some Love with LOVE Dish, A Celebrity Menu for a Cause.

A feast from the heart. Celebrities join RWM's special Corporate Social Responsibility initiative with their very own signature dishes for a cause...

Former MTV Asia VJ Donita Rose, TV host and chef Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi, actress Dimples Romana, showbiz icon and chef Luigi Muhlach, actress Meg Imperial, TV and radio host Sam Oh, and singer Mark Bautista come together to share some love with their signature dishes at Resorts World Manila's LOVE Dish, a unique and special collaboration for a cause. Led by RWM's Director for Culinary Arts, Master Chef of France Cyrille Soenen, LOVE Dish highlights several dishes created by celebrities to be served in different RWM signature restaurants from September 21 to December 31, 2017. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charitable institutions as part of RWM's Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. Flavorful new dishes and all heart for a cause, here's a tasty peek at the new celebrity menu at Resorts World Manila...

Maxims Hotel's elegant Impressions was the perfect venue for the launch of RWM's LOVE Dish campaign,  surrounded by walls of glass and marble with its warm amber glow (for more on Impressions, see my earlier posts, A Lasting Impressions of RWM's Maxims Hotel and Sunday Brunch at Impressions).

At the launch, RWM's Director of Culinary Arts, Cyrille Soenen, is joined by Mark Bautista, Dimples Romana, Donita Rose and Sam Oh as they welcomed guests from the media at Impressions. Like many of the guests that day, we were all excited for the new dishes prepared by the selected celebrities.

And these celebrities can cook up a mean dish. Each of the celebrities agreed with the novel idea of sharing their love of food to help others, with part of the proceeds donated to the COR Foundation, Right Start Foundation, and the Pasay City Social and Welfare Development Office

The chosen celebrities worked closely with RWM's Director of Culinary Arts, master chef Cyrille Soenen, for the concept and development of their featured dish unveiled and presented at the launch. The diverse flavors and culinary style reflected the unique personalities of each celebrity, refined by master chef Cyrille Soenen (for more on master chef Cyrille Soenen, see my earlier post, Food News: Chef Cyrille Soenen Honored as Master Chef). The result? Different culinary expressions, each one hitting the spot...

Like Chef Luigi Muhlach's Sinuglaw sa Aligue, his own creative spin on a uniquely Filipino dish with fresh tanigue marinated in vinegar, coconut milk and crab fat with just the right spicy kick from siling labuyo and topped with golden deep-fried slivers of crisp chicken skin. Rich and creamy, with the fresh and clean notes of tanigue punching through followed by a whisper of heat from the chili and indulgent notes from the crab fat, it really doesn't get better than that. The crisp chicken skin adds both flavor and textural contrast to the dish, a perfect starter that's great with an ice-cold beer. The son of icons in the local entertainment industry, Luigi found his very own niche as a professional chef and is currently a consultant for Cru Steakhouse at Marriott Hotel Manila. The novel concept of RWM's latest CSR initiative appealed to Luigi Muhlach, embracing the campaign and its objectives. "LOVE Dishes is a great way to help others through food," explained Luigi. "Of course, as a chef, you look for ways to share your talent with as many people as possible, and if by doing that you are also able to do a good thing, then everybody wins." Guests can enjoy Chef Luigi Muhlach's Sinuglaw sa Aligue at The Terrace of Maxims Hotel and in Bar 360 at RWM's Gaming Area all the way until December this year. And each time you order the dish, you're helping one of three designated charities too.

Young actress Meg Imperial is currently taking up culinary arts at the SKD Academy, and showed her kitchen prowess at RWM's LOVE Dish with her Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Breast. Not your usual fried chicken finger, Meg Imperial adds a flavorful punch to her dish with the sharp notes of parmesan and lemon to complement the delicate flavors of the juicy chicken. The chicken itself is perfectly fried, with soft and juicy meat covered by an airy and lightly crisp outer layer of fine parmesan-infused breading. Squeeze some lemon for even more flavorful bites. Meg Imperial explained that the very first dish she experimented on was a baked parmesan chicken dish, and she's totally mastered it since then. The play on contrasting textures and vibrant flavors come together with each bite, making this dish another must-try. You can enjoy Meg Imperial's tasty and crisp creation at Cafe Maxims at the Ground Floor of Maxims Hotel

Actress Dimples Romana is no stranger to culinary delights. Drawing inspiration from her Capampangan roots, Dimples Romana presented her culinary creation for RWM's LOVE Dish campaign, the elegant Salted Egg Prawns. The hearty dish is given the special haute cuisine treatment by Chef Cyrille Soenen, and this one tastes as good as it looks. Plump, succulent prawns with salted egg, that's already a winning combination. The briny notes of the fresh prawns pair well with the creamy texture and distinct flavor of salted egg for a hearty meal in itself. "It's a very timely and trendy dish," Dimples Romana explained, and just in time too. "I've put a very Filipino spin on it. My dish is slightly sweet, very saucy, and goes very well with rice," added Dimples Romana. You may want to ask for extra rice with this one. And extra sauce too. Dimples Romana's Salted Egg Prawns will be served at Passion at the Second Floor of Maxims Hotel.

Donita Rose returns to the limelight with her newfound love for cooking. A former actress and MTV VJ, Donita Rose has had several cooking shows and is a brand ambassador for a number of major consumer and food products. Joining up with RWM's LOVE Dish initiative was an easy choice for Donita. "I'm a believer in doing what you can to help others," Donita says. " I had recently gotten involved with Right Start Foundation, which is all about giving new beginnings to the poorest of the poor. When I was invited to participate in LOVE Dishes, I saw the perfect opportunity to bring the two projects together to make a bigger impact." After completing culinary arts, Donita has worked as a professional chef in various restaurants in the US, bringing with her a wealth of experience. Her main dish for RWM's LOVE Dish initiative is a surprising one. As a child, Donita didn't particularly like Filipino food, but as her career blossomed and took her around the world, she eventually realized that there's just nothing that compares to the warmth and comfort of local flavors. And Donita's take on a classic Filipino dish says it all. Her Ginataang Chicken Adobo is richer than the traditional dish, infused with modern elements for even more layers of flavor. The familiar hints of the traditional adobo are retained, but Donita adds a velvety smooth pumpkin puree and roasted cauliflower for an updated and elegant finish. The richly seasoned and marinated chicken is perfectly executed, with contrasting juicy and crisp textures with every bite. Laid on coconut cream and pumpkin puree, the combination of flavors blends seamlessly with each bite. Think of it as an elegant version upgrade of chicken adobo, and it works. Donita's Guinataang Chicken Adobo will be available at Silogue All-Day Pinoy Comfort Food at the Ground Floor of the Gaming Area and Cafe Maxims at Maxims Hotel.

Chef, restaurateur, and TV host Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi draws inspiration from her travels and exposure to global cuisine with her richly-flavored Sambal Spiced Mixed Mushroom Farfalle, a rustic pasta dish with deep and complex notes. Creamy, rich and aromatic, the dish brings together a tapestry of flavors from the earthy and nutty notes of the mixed mushrooms, the velvety smooth cream draping each farfalle, and the mildly spicy hints from the sambal blend for depth. The seemingly contrasting notes temper the other without overpowering it for delicately balanced flavors. Stephanie brings the best of global flavors in one dish, a delightful fusion adding to the diversity of dishes at RWM's LOVE Dish campaign. Stephanie's dish will be available at Impressions at the Third Floor of Maxims Hotel.

A hearty and sumptuous feast requires an equally indulgent dessert. And RWM's LOVE Dish has that covered too...

Craving for sweet fresh fruits for dessert? The elegantly plated Creamy Mango Strawberry Jelly by Donita Rose combines delicately flambeed mangoes and strawberries ornately suspended in cream cheese with condensed milk and decadent cream base topped with a strawberry and mango coulis for that perfect finishing touch. Pure eye candy that first feeds the eyes before satisfying the palate. And one bite is all you need to feel the love. Sweet and tart, the fresh fruits open up the palate followed by the creamy texture of the jelly. You'll find Donita's lavish dessert served at Impressions at the Third Floor of Maxims Hotel.

And who doesn't love peanut butter? Singer and stage actor Mark Bautista shares his own family recipe for his signature Peanut Butter Cupcakes, tasty bites with the comfortingly familiar notes of peanut butter for that fondly warming childhood throwback. Perfectly dense and moist cupcakes with the nutty sweetness of peanut butter and the deep notes of dark chocolate, you'll definitely want a couple more of these cupcakes with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Being a part of RWM's LOVE Dish initiative was a timely opportunity for Mark Bautista. "Every year, for the last fifteen years, I would spend my birthday at an orphanage or other institution to share my blessings with others. Because I had to do shows abroad, I wasn't able to do it this year," said Mark. "RWM's LOVE Dish Project came at a perfect time and gives me a chance to not only showcase my baking skills, but also to help a lot of people." And in this case, a cupcake goes a long, long way in helping others too. 

Popular TV and radio host Sam Oh shares a taste of home with her Ho tteok with Matcha Glaze and Black Sesame and Salted Caramel Ice Cream, a Korean style pancake with a sweet nutty filling and ubiquitous street food fare. Made from wheat flour, water, milk, sugar, and yeast, Sam Oh adds an indulgent touch to the traditional Korean delicacy with her own stylish flair.  Sam Oh's Ho tteok version takes the immensely popular Korean street food to indulgent heights, paired with silky smooth house-made black sesame seed and salted caramel ice cream drizzled with matcha glaze. And it's a heavenly pairing. The flavors are uniquely Korean, offering diners a new flavor experience and perfect with a soothing hot cup of tea to end a sumptuous feast at RWM. Sam Oh's creative take on traditional Korean street food is available at Ginzadon, RWM's signature Japanese and Korean restaurant.

Fresh, vibrant and exciting new flavors and the idea of giving back and sharing some love adds a whole new dimension to the dining experience at RWM. Good vibes, sincere and honest from the heart, all around.

Curious to experience and share some love? Resorts World Manila's LOVE Dishes will be available at select signature restaurants beginning September 21 until December 31, 2017. You can also download the RWM Mobile App for free on the AppStore and GooglePlay for updates on and complete information on LOVE Dish and RWM's CSR initiatives. For bookings and inquiries, visit or call the tourist/visitor hotline at (02) 908-8833.

Resorts World Manila is located at Newport Boulevard, Newport City, Pasay, 1309 Metro Manila or call (02) 908-8833 for inquiries and reservations.

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