Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Tasty Pitstop with Unli Crabs and Unli Korean BBQ at Pitstop

Unlimited Korean BBQ for only P 199 and Unlimited Crabs for just P 699? Time for a tasty pitstop for all the Korean BBQ and crabs you Pitstop Food Park.

You read it right. Unli Korean BBQ for P 199 and Unli Crabs for P 699. Only at Pitstop Food Park. It's a serious pair of cool deals to make you push the pedal to the metal and race over to Pitstop Food Park. Hungry? Read on...

Located along Congressional Extension in Quezon City, Pitstop Food Park isn't your usual food park. With its value-packed Unli Korean Barbecue for P 199 and Unli Crabs for only P 699, you get more bang for your buck to match your hefty appetite. And you can enjoy your meal at the spacious open layout at your own pace.

At the center of Pitstop Food Park is the station for your unlimited cravings. And for a limited time, you can enjoy Unlimited Korean BBQ for P 199 and Unli Crabs for only P 699. And no matter how you go around it, it's a deal you just can't refuse or pass up. 

Just do the math and you'll still end up the real winner with Pitstop Food Park's Unli Korean BBQ and Unli Crabs. For the Unli Korean BBQ (P 199), you can have all the pork and beef you want, so grill away at your very own table-top grill. The sides cost extra (a minimal fee of P 15 per side) to complete your Korean feast.

And it just takes a few minutes for the tender beef and juicy pork to cook at your table-top grill. Once cooked to your preferred doneness, the game is definitely on. One more round of beef and pork? Why not. All around you, you'll see hungry diners playing the same game with Pitstop Food Park's Unli Korean BBQ deal.

Wrap your grilled beef and pork in garden-fresh and crisp lettuce leaves, dab a little spicy soybean paste and top with kimchi and roasted garlic or simply pair it with steamed white rice, it's your call. And while you're doing quick work on the initial round, order a second. And a third. It's Unli Korean BBQ.

Pitstop Food Park has another ace up its sleeves. Craving for crabs? The Unli Crabs (P 699) is one other value for money option that will get you down and dirty for some serious business.

Draped in a special sweet sauce, you'll be licking your fingers as you pick the crabs. One platter done, and you're just about ready for the next round. Pitstop Food Park also offers crabs in Alavar sauce.

The racing theme adds color to Pitstop Food Park's spacious interiors, but you'll be speeding through Congressional Extension for their Unli Korean BBQ and Unli Crabs. Tasty and satisfying with excellent value for money, this is one race where you're the overwhelming winner. All the time. At Pitstop Food Park. But better hurry. The Unli Korean BBQ and Unli Crabs is available for a limited time only...

Pitstop Food Park is located along Congressional Extension, Quezon City or call 509-2080 for inquiries and more information. You can also visit their FB Page at

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