Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Meanwhile, Down At The Charcoal Pits: A Preview of The Lechon Shop by Leonardo's Lechon

You know the holidays are just around the corner when the charcoal pits at Leonardo's Lechon are fired up all day and all night, all week long...

And this is where the magic of Leonardo's Lechon happens, down at the charcoal pits, since 1947. For generations, Leonardo's Lechon has been at the heart of countless celebrations with its signature whole roasted pigs, and now these same charcoal pits are taking the family business to a whole new level with innovation keeping in pace with the times. Read on and find out what's cooking at Leonardo's Lechon's charcoal pits...

Honed by years of pit roasting, the crew at Leonardo's Lechon don't need any instruments to gauge the temperature, it's old school lechon roasted low and slow on fiery hot charcoal (for more on Leonardo's Lechon, see my earlier posts, A Family Affair: Leonardo's Lechon at Heirloom Kitchen and Just Another Day at Leonardo's Lechon...)

Adjustments in heat are done by adding or removing charcoal, and the crew knows exactly when more charcoal is needed by simply looking at the changing hues of the lechon as it turns slowly over the low fire. And that's how it's been done for over seventy years.

A few more hours and the lechon takes on a deeper and more vibrant color...

...and another whole roasted lechon is dispatched for delivery. Through the years, Leonardo's Lechon has gained a loyal following becoming an integral part of any celebration. Leonardo's Lechon is quite used to the spotlight (see my post, Leonardo's Lechon Goes Prime Time...), and you'll soon be hearing a lot more on Leonardo's Lechon.

Leonardo's Lechon now offers more than just the traditional whole pit-roasted pigs. It's innovations like these that keep Leonardo's Lechon top-of-mind with its signature stuffed lechons. Savory, smoky and richly spiced and seasoned sausages stuffed into the lechon along with marble potatoes and onions infusing its distinct notes...

...meet The Carnivore Lechon. The unique smoky hints of the sausages add layers of rich flavors to the juicy pork capped by the lightly crisp outer layer of crackling. The Carnivore Lechon is just one of the many creative interpretations of Leonardo's Lechon (more on Leonardo's Lechon's other inventive lechon creations on my post, Meet The Drunken Lechon by Leonardo's Lechon and Pedro Brewcrafters...). 

Everything you love about the traditional lechon gets an added flavorful punch with the savory stuffing of sausages (for more on the Carnivore Lechon by Leonardo's Lechon, see my post, Single Malt, Lechon, and Sisig...Round Two with the Carnivore Lechon by Leonardo's Lechon. ).

But there's more. Leonardo's Lechon combines another Filipino favorite, the Chicken Gallena, with its signature lechon for another creative and inventive spin on rich flavors. Imagine whole chicken slow-roasted inside the lechon for an infusion of flavor that sets it apart from the others. Think of it as a double dose of savory notes in one lechon.

The whole chicken is infused with the savory richness of the lechon as it releases its own juices adding more flavor to the pork. The Carnivore Lechon and the Chicken Gallena Lechon are bold reinterpretations of the traditional whole roast pig complementing its signature Lechon Tagalog (for more on the Lechon Gallena, see my earlier post, Double The Flavor: The Chicken Gallena by Leonardo's Lechon.).

And once you start, you just can't stop.

Each order of Leonardo's Lechon's whole roasted pig comes with a complimentary serving of Dinuguan, a traditional pork blood stew. At Leonardo's Lechon, nothing is wasted and everything is used from snout to tail. You'll want some extra steamed white rice with Leonardo's Lechon's Dinuguan.

Down at the charcoal pit, another inspired innovation is being cooked up... 

Leonardo's Lechon will soon introduce The Lechon Shop where customers can purchase their signature whole roasted pig by the kilo or smaller portions to satisfy their pork cravings. Now that's a cool idea...

And with a trusted name like Leonardo's Lechon, you know you're getting one of the country's very best whole roasted pigs prepared the same way since 1947. Now with an accessible and convenient retail outlet, you don't have to go whole hog to satisfy your pork craving with Leonardo's Lechon. 

And soon, you can enjoy Rice Toppings with Leonardo's Lechon's juicy pork and crisp crackling at The Lechon Shop.

There's just nothing quite like a bowl of steamed white rice topped with lechon. Nothing.

Take-out? No worries. The Lechon Shop's got that covered too. All the lechon you want and more, soon at The Lechon Shop by Leonardo's Lechon.

Leonardo's Lechon has gone a long way since 1947, combining both tradition and innovation to keep in pace with modern times. And it's working.

In the meantime, another batch of whole roasted pigs are slow-roasted on the charcoal pit...

...and prepared for yet another delivery. It's just another day down at the charcoal pits of Leonardo's Lechon.

Leonardo's Lechon is located at 89 J. Basa Street, San Juan, Metro Manila or call 724-3068, 726-9828, 744-5172, 725-6071, 725-8618 qnd 0917-883-3391 for inquiries and orders. You can also visit their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/leonardoslechon for more information.

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