Monday, December 10, 2018

Load It. Gift It. Taste The Love: Share Some Love This Gift-Giving Season with The Bistro Group and Stone Valley Gift Cards

The gift of giving just got a flavorful spin...

Stone Valley Business Solutions, Inc. takes gift-giving for the holidays and beyond to an all-new level of convenience enhancing both giving gifts and the shopping experience with its innovative reloadable and reusable gift cards. It's a novel concept that takes the guesswork and the fuss out from gift-giving allowing more flexibility bringing you one step closer to cashless shopping enjoyment.

For Stone Valley's Howard N. Ormsby (R), it's a story that began two years ago at Italianni's in Greenbelt 2 when the idea for a gift card first came up. More than just a gift card, adding reloadable and reusable features sets it apart from the usual GCs. The story comes full circle at Italianni's with gift cards for The Bistro Group (L)...

...with the formal launch right where it all began two years ago for Howard as an idea. The Bistro Group, one of the country's leading food and international hospitality companies behind iconic and enduring casual dining restaurant brands like TGI Fridays, Italianni's, Village Tavern, Texas Roadhouse, Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant, Modern Shanghai, Krazy Garlic, Fish & Co., Denny's, Bulgogi Brothers, Baker & Cook and Buffalo Wild Wings, is the first of many brands to collaborate with Stone Valley Business Solutions for its unique gift cards. The Stone Valley gift card management framework offers a new system of management, distribution and sale of gift cards for its partner merchant and retail establishments. Gone are the days of single-use GCs, with the reloadable and reusable features of Stone Valley gift cards making it an essential card for every wallet. 

Using the Stone Valley Gift Cards is easy. All gift card display racks from participating hubs, merchants and retail outlets will have no value until a selection and purchase is made. The cards will then be activated and loaded at Stone Valley's central system with the value matching the amount paid. Then, your Stone Valley gift cards are as good as cash for use in partner establishments. And here's the cool part. Once consumed, the gift cards can be reloaded and reused again. And again. Or you can pass it on to a friend as a gift. 

Currently, the Stone Valley gift cards can be purchased in all restaurants under The Bistro Group. Purchase and load it with a minimum of P 500 all the way to P 10,000 or more and you're all set to complete your Christmas gift-giving list or taste the love in any restaurant from The Bistro Group. Fully consumable and can be used multiple times without any expiration date, the Stone Valley gift card just changes the usual gift card landscape.

And when you've got the card, you can the taste the love from any of The Bistro Group's casual dining restaurants... Italianni's, a long-time favorite. You just can't say no to the classic Seafood Cioppino or the comforting Spaghetti and Meatballs. Shrimp Fra Diablo and Truffle Chicken and Mushroom? Yes, please. Pair that with a Quattro Formaggio, Pesche Prosciutto or rustic Margherita pizza, and you've got some real love on the table at Italianni's. Just bring your gift card and you don't have to worry.

Stone Valley Business Solutions, Inc. and The Bistro Group adds yet another flavorful layer to the season of giving with its reloadable and reusable gift cards. And that's just the start. Expect to see even more partner establishments offering Stone Valley gift cards soon.

So where's lunch? Easy. Just pull out your collection of gift cards from Stone Valley Business Solutions, Inc. and The Bistro Group and taste the love during the holidays and beyond...

For more information on Stone Valley Gift Cards, visit their website at or call 0908-818-9688 for inquiries.

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