Friday, December 14, 2018

Sup? Rediscover Comforting Asian Flavors With A Vibrant Modern Spin At Sup? Chow!

Comfortingly familiar flavors are transformed and elevated in a new dining concept by one of the metro's talented young chefs...

One bite and your favorite rice and noodle dishes are given a whole new and refreshed take. Sup? Chow is the newest foodie destination located at the heart of busy Salcedo Village in Makati offering sumptuous Chinese and Asian inspired cuisine. Chef Francis Lim takes you back in time momentarily only to jolt you back in a flash with his inventive take on traditional flavors. Modern, innovative and flavor-forward, it's a refreshing addition to Salcedo Village's bustling culinary landscape.

Chef Francis Lim draws inspiration from his favorite childhood meals with his modern interpretation of traditional Chinese and Asian cuisine at Sup? Chow. I first met Chef Francis Lim almost four years ago at Tipple & Slaw Sandwich Shop & Bar (more on my previous post at Serious Bites at Tipple & Slaw Sandwich Shop & Bar), and I knew then being traditional and ordinary are not what you can expect from this talented young chef. Instead, Chef Francis Lim takes the traditional and adds his own modern spin with such flair that the comfortingly familiar becomes refreshingly new and different.  

Open up your palate with a refreshing tipple from Sup? Chow's well-stocked bar like the soothing Suntory Sour...

...and you're ready for Chef Francis Lim's inspired Asian flavors with a modern take at Sup? Chow. The Mapo Tofu Wontons (P 250) with tender mapo pork, soft tofu, leek sauce and chili threads takes traditional ingredients served in an unexpected street taco style that just works. The savory richness of the pork blend well with the tart sweetness of the dark leek sauce and the soothing heat from the chili threads. Top it with Sup? Chow's pickled fresh radishes and vegetables and enjoy the burst of flavors with every bite.

The colorful and elegantly plated Birthday Misua (P 180) with broccoli leaves and vegetable puree wrapped in rice paper is another must-try at Sup? Chow, highlighted by the clean and refreshing notes of vegetables. Each bite delivers a subtle sweetness coating the palate with layers of flavors, and you can't have just one so go ahead and have another.

The Roasted Pork Belly (P 350) with pickled fruits, mustard sauce and light hoisin dip is another favorite from Sup? Chow's a la carte menu. The delicate yet rich notes of the pork are perfectly tempered by the mustard and hoisin for balanced flavors. That layer of crisp crackling delivers that satisfying finish to the dish. Other a la carte dishes at Sup? Chow include the Miso Butter Fried Chicken (P 280), Roast Duck (P 550 Half/P 985 Whole), Beef Rendang (P 350), Squid (P 350), Crispy Pork Leg with Pata Tim Sauce (P 550), Char Siu Style Pork Belly (P 350), Bok Choy, Kailan, Chow Suey (P 350) and Braised Pork Belly (P 380).

But it's the rice bowls along with the noddle dishes that shine at Sup? Chow. The Korean Beef Stew (P 280) with tender slabs of seasoned beef on kimchi rice, topped with scrambled egg and toasted sesame is a complete meal in itself. The fork-tender beef, richly seasoned with spices, delivers both sweet and nutty notes complemented by the sharp hints of subtle heat from the soft kimchi rice. The hefty and generous serving not only offers excellent value, it will leave you immensely satisfied.

Chef Francis Lim takes rice bowls quite seriously, and you'll find a wide selection of rice bowls to choose from at Sup? Chow. Other savory rice bowls include Pepper Chicken (P 220), Char Siu (P 235), Char Siu Grilled Chicken (P 235), Truffle Braised Beef (P 280), Beef Broccoli (P 280), Viet Beef Stew (P 280), Braised Pork Belly (P 250), Duck Rice (P 280) and Chow Suey (P 250).

Sometimes all you need is a bowl of noodles to make the day better. At Sup? Chow, you'll be hard-pressed to choose just one noodle dish when everything on the menu is painfully tempting. The Tan Tan Misua (P 250), a hearty noodle dish with shrimps and toasted sesame draped in rich tan tan sauce, is always an excellent choice. The soft yet firm noodles absorbs the various flavors of all the ingredients, draped in a thick sauce that adds even more intense notes. The shrimps add that layer of briny sweetness followed by the nutty hints of sesame to complete the dish.  

With just a whisper of mild heat, each sip coats the palate intensifying even more with the next bite. Like all of Sup? Chow's dishes, there is a rustic and honest homestyle richness that's not held back with the modern presentation. That's Chef Francis Lim for you. Other must-try noodle dishes include Garlic Misua (P 220), Bang! Bang! Noodles with Beef Rendang (P 280), Duck Mee Goreng (P 290), Crispy Noodles (P 350), Hot & Sour Laksa Soup (P 350), Shrimp Mee Sua Soup (P 250), Beef Noodle Soup (P 330) and Stewed Pork with Hand-Ripped Noodles (P 350).

Cap your feast with Sup? Chow's sweet and indulgent Masachi with White Chocolate, a soft japanese mochi stuffed with decadent white chocolate...

...or the equally tempting Masachi with Black Ginger in Ginger Milk.Traditional and comfortingly familiar flavors are brought back with a refreshed and inventive spin, and you can rediscover all these and more at Sup? Chow.

Sup? Chow is located at Unit 203, Antel Corporate Center, 121 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati or call +63 917712-4013 for inquiries and more information. You can also visit their FB Page at

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