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Japan in the City: Tendon Akimitsu Tokyo Asakusa Opens at Top of the Glo's New Japan Town

An authentic taste of Japan awaits high up at the roof deck in Glorietta...

Immerse yourself in a unique culinary and cultural experience with the very best of Japanese cuisine at Top of the Glo's Japan Town, soon to be one of the metro's newest dining destinations. Japan Town transports you to the busy streets of Tokyo without even leaving the mall, offering a variety of authentic Japanese cuisine from its collection of Japanese restaurants. And for tendon and donburi, Tendon Akimitsu is your must-try and flavorful stop at Japan Town...

Located at the exciting new roof deck development of Glorietta, Top of the Glo's innovative Japan Town brings together a curated selection of Japanese restaurants all in one place. Recreating the busy streetscape of Tokyo's vibrant scene, Japan Town offers a variety of dining options for those sudden Japanese food cravings.

Tendon Akimitsu is one of many tasty options at Japan Town, known for their signature tendon and donburi. And they have five gold medals from the prestigious Japan Donburi Awards, by the way. That definitely says a lot about how they do their signature dishes at Tendon Akimitsu. Chef Akimitsu Tanihara is a legend in his own right, and you can have a taste of his award-winning tendon and donburi at Tendon Akimitsu. This is also their very first stand-alone store featuring a wider menu selection, leveling up from their previous set-up inside Ramen Nagi locations in the metro. Due to the positive reception of Tendon Akimitsu in Ramen Nagi locations, this is their break-out party with their very own restaurant.

Inside, colorful graphics exude that modern Japanese aesthetic for a casual vibe. Relaxed, fun and laid-back, Tendon Akimitsu takes you to the busy streets of Tokyo with their award-winning and authentic dishes right here at Japan Town of Glorietta's Top of the Glo. The semi-open kitchen allows you to peek at the intricate process...

...behind each dish before it's served to your table. Like a well-choreographed dance, each chef prepares each component of the dish with precision and speed. The action in the kitchen reflects Tendon Akimitsu's expanded menu which includes tasty sides of aburi maki and rolls like the colorful Sunshine Roll, Aburi Salmon Maki and Crispy Salmon Skin with Cream Cheese

The Aburi Salmon Maki (P 350) with its distinctive torched upper layer delivers deep smoky hints complementing the buttery richness of premium salmon. The bright and vibrant colors of the Aburi Salmon Maki are like a visual cue to the burst of flavor that comes with each bite. Creamy with an indulgent richness, the fresh and clean notes of the seafood still comes through to please your palate. The Aburi Tuna Maki (P 320) is also a must-try.

The Salmon Skin with Cream Cheese (P 290) brings both texture and flavor with each bite, topped by a dab of silky smooth Japanese mayo for that layer of creamy richness. It's a deceptively simple maki yet the flavors punch through capped by the crisp salmon skin.

The Sunshine Roll (P 350) combines the tart sweetness of fresh fruits with seafood in a colorful roll filled with tuna and vegetables topped with salmon and a thin slice of orange. The seamless blend of contrasting notes come together for a delicately balanced roll. And there's more. Tendon Akimitsu offers a wide array of maki and rolls including Ebi Tempura Maki (P 350), California Maki (P 290), Mixed Seafood Roll (P 290), Crazy Salmon Maki (P 350), Salmon Paradise (P 320), Cheesy Tuna Roll (P 290), Tuna Salmon with Cream Cheese (P 290), Spicy Tuna Maki (P 320) and Spicy Salmon Maki (P 350). These tasty sides, along with their sashimi and extensive maki selections are the perfect pair with their signature dishes... the Mixed Tempura (P 350) masterfully prepared in their proprietary style that made them a household name back in Japan. Plump and succulent Tiger prawns and fish with garden-fresh carrots, eggplant, beans and shiitake mushrooms draped in a light and delicately crisp batter, each deep-fried to perfection.   

In addition to the Mixed Tempura, Tendon Akimitsu also offers Ebi Tempura (P 510) with Tiger prawns, eggplant, okra and sweet potato and the Squid Tempura (P 350) with squid kakiage, eggplant, okra and sweet potato rounding out their a la carte menu. Best enjoyed as soon as its served with its flavor and light crunchy texture at its peak, Tendon Akimitsu's tempura offerings are at the top of my list at Tendon Akimitsu. But if you're looking for complete set meals, Tendon Akimitsu has an equally wide array of tempting selections...

...with their sumptuous Tendon Sets. The Ebi Tendon Set (P 410) is a complete meal with Tiger prawns, eggplant, okra, beans and shiitake mushrooms laid on soft and sticky Japanese rice served with sides of miso soup, pickled vegetables and sweet watermelon slices.

Just like their tempura, the light batter-coated seafood and vegetables have a delicate crispness complementing the fresh snap of the Tiger prawn and beans. Unlike the usual and more commercial tempura with its thick and heavy coating, Tendon Akimitsu keeps their breading light and delicate allowing you to taste and enjoy more of the seafood and vegetables. In between bites, cleanse your palate with the sharp yet refreshing notes of the pickled vegetables followed by a sip of the comforting miso soup. It's all there on the tray for one complete meal.

The Mixed Tendon Set (P 390) is another heaping bowl of deep-fried tempura goodness on Japanese rice with Tiger prawns, fish, egg, carrot, eggplant, beans and shiitake mushroom. I particularly enjoyed the boiled egg that's battered and fried to complete the meal. The variety of ingredients on your bowl offer different flavors, so there's always something new to tease the palate. Other Tendon Sets include the Nami Tendon Set (P 410) with Tiger prawns, scallops, whitebait fish, shrimps, okra and sweet potato and the Squid Tendon Set (P 390) with squid kakiage, eggplant, okra and sweet potato.

For more savory options, Tendon Akimitsu's Donburi Sets should satisfy any hefty appetite. In contrast with the light and almost subtle flavors of the Tendon Sets, the Donburi Sets offer more robust and full-bodied flavors from beef, pork and chicken. The Beef Don (P 350) is a sumptuous bowl with fork-tender beef, shiitake mushrooms, onions and pickled ginger on Japanese rice topped with a sunny side-up served on a tray with miso soup, pickled vegetables and watermelon.   

The richness of the tender beef is complemented by the sweet caramelized onions, nutty and earthy shiitake mushrooms, refreshing sharp hints of the spring onions and the sunny-side up for a hearty meal. The egg binds all the flavors together. The pink strips of pickled ginger cuts the rich savory notes allowing you to enjoy more of your Beef Don. 

The Chicken Namban Don (P 320) features a crisp and juicy chicken fillet with garden-fresh and crisp lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato and shredded cabbage draped with tartar sauce on rice. This donburi combines the textural contrasts and flavors of juicy chicken with a crisp coating pairing well with the fresh and clean flavors of the shredded cabbage, cucumber and lettuce. The grilled cherry tomato adds a burst of flavor to the donburi.

Lighter than the Beef Don yet equally satisfying, the Chicken Namban Don is the perfect option for those quick lunch breaks. Other Donburi Sets include the Pork Don (P 320) with juicy pork, egg, shiitake mushrooms, onions and pickled ginger and the Pork Katsu Don (P 320) with breaded pork cutlet, egg and onions on rice drizzled with the Akimitsu signature sauce.

But if you want to make a real meal out of their signature tempura, go for the Tempura Sets. The Mixed Tempura Set (P 390) is a loaded tray with Tiger prawns, fish, egg, carrot, eggplant, beans and shiitake mushrooms served with rice, pickled cabbage, miso soup and fresh fruit. The combination of battered and deep-fried egg, fish and vegetables complement the Tiger prawns for another complete meal. Other Tempura Sets include the Squid Tempura Set (P 390) with squid kakiage, eggplant, okra and sweet potato and the Ebi Tempura Set with Tiger prawns and vegetables.

Traditional and comforting noodles are another tasty option, with the Cold Soba Set (P 390) served with quail egg and Tiger prawn tempura (you can also opt for their Hot Soba). Tendon Akimitsu also offers Spicy Tuna Sashimi (P 290) and Spicy Salmon Sashimi (P 290) if you're looking for some bold yet soothing heat.

The price points are what you'd expect from an international brand, and the quality of ingredients and preparation of dishes are just on point. From sashimi and sushi to aburi, maki and rolls, tempura and tendon to donburi and soba, Tendon Akimitsu brings the flavors of Japan to life right here at Top of the Glo's Japan Town.

And you'll want to come back for more and experience Chef Akimitsu Tanihara's award-winning expressions of Japan's rich culinary heritage at Tendon Akimitsu.All you have to do is walk up to Glorietta's Top of the Glo...

Tendon Akimitsu is located at Japan Town, Top of the Glo, Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City.

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