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New in the 'Hood: BOA Kitchen & Socials Opens at Quezon City's Scout Rallos

Why drive down south for some good food and good times when it's all here in the 'hood...

Joey Marcelo and Chef Julius Necor believe Quezon City is ready for a refreshing change. The evolving culinary landscape in the 'hood and the changing, more open palate of diners forever searching for something new and different are clear indicators that the time is right for BOA Kitchen & Socials at Scout Rallos...

"My drawing was not a picture of a hat. It was a picture of a boa constrictor digesting an elephant." Antoine de Saint Exupery, The Little Prince

The name intrigues you, arousing your curiosity. And why not, naming a restaurant after a snake just sounds too exciting to pass up. The unique name of the newest dining destination in Quezon City's Scout Rallos takes inspiration from The Little Prince, embracing the dichotomy of perception with a novel dining concept.

Chef Julius Necor goes back to that moment in time when he decided to pursue a career in the culinary arts, eagerly learning and showcasing the infinite possibilities of the kitchen. It's that same enthusiasm that drives the way his dishes are created and presented at BOA Kitchen & Socials, taking a cue from The Little Prince in recapturing that child-like awe with a fresh mindset. And just like the book, there is a playfully inventive approach to cuisine at BOA Kitchen & Socials using fresh and bold flavors allowing you to rediscover dishes with a new attitude and point of view. Inside, subtle geometric cubist-inspired designs on the walls exude a contemporary vibe, and you just know BOA Kitchen & Socials is different. And not what you'd expect in the 'hood at all. Look closely at the wall and decipher the password to their wi-fi... 

...engaging the senses the minute you enter making you feel that uniquely fun element to your dining experience at BOA Kitchen & Dining. And this is young chef Julius Necor's new canvas, bringing everything he learned at College of Saint Benilde along with his experiences working with Chef Chele Gonzalez of Vask and Gallery by Chele (more on Chef Chele Gonzalez on my post, Modern Cuisine. Local Ingredients. Masterfully Executed at Gallery by Chele...) and with BCN by Rambla to his own dishes at BOA Kitchen & Socials. Like the hat and elephant imagery of The Little Prince, a dual concept reveals the different facets of the new restaurant, "kitchen" for brunch and lunch during the day and "socials" for dinner and cocktails at night.

Always Change.

The novel concept ensures you enjoy a fresh new experience at BOA Kitchen & Socials every time you visit, day or night. That day, we sampled the first part of BOA Kitchen & Socials' extensive menu showcasing their dishes for Brunch. The Small Plates are a great way to get acquainted with BOA Kitchen & Socials' culinary style, starting with the Shrimp Tostadas (P 145)...

...with succulent baby shrimps, cucumber, onions and cherry tomato drizzled with lime-aioli dressing on a crisp corn tortilla. The fresh and clean flavors drape the palate with a delicate lightness, followed by the textural contrast of the tortilla. It's the perfect start for a casual and leisurely brunch at BOA Kitchen & Socials.

Or why not start with a piece of toast?

The Torched Salmon and Avocado Toast (P 245) combines premium salmon with creamy avocado mash and tart cherry tomatoes on sourdough guaranteed to set your day right. Each bite delivers layers of indulgent richness from the salmon and avocado, perfectly tempered by the sharp and sour yet mildly sweet hints of cherry tomatoes for a balanced finish.

Chef Julius Necor adds a local twist to toast...

...with the Tinapa Cream Cheese Toast (P 175) recreating comfortingly familiar flavors in a refreshing new way with a tinapa-cream cheese spread, sliced cucumbers and pickled onions on multi-grain bread. The bold smoky notes of the smoked fish comes through, mellowed by the cream cheese contrasting with the pickled onions. The nutty notes of the multi-grain bread and refreshing cucumbers complete the flavors. 

The toasts are just some of the tasty starters from BOA Kitchen & Socials' Brunch Menu, but if you're looking for a flavorful punch...

...the Kimchi Quesadilla (P 205) with spicy kimchi, creamy mozzarella, cheddar and gochujang cream should do the trick in this inventive east-west mash-up. The kimchi and gochujang dominate the flavors, followed by the creamy mozzarella and cheddar for an unexpected yet surprisingly balanced palette of rich notes. At BOA Kitchen & Socials, you can always count on surprises...

For heartier appetites, BOA Kitchen & Socials laid out a sumptuous spread of popular brunch and breakfast favorites... the Fried Potato Skillet with Fried Egg (P 175) with hearty fried potatoes draped in tomato sauce and aioli topped with a fried egg...

...or the Waffles with Blueberries & Homemade Ricotta Cheese (P 225). There's just a whole lot of good and positive vibes when you start your day with some waffles. And BOA Kitchen & Socials indulges you with their sweet, tart and creamy blend of the morning flavors we all love. 

Pour some honey on the soft and fluffy waffles and just let it flow down the sides. And ask for one more serving of honey to completely blanket the waffles for that liberating feeling just the way each day should start, overflowing with sweetness. Maybe that's how The Little Prince would have it. 

As the day hits noon, BOA Kitchen & Socials roll out their signature lunchtime dishes like the sumptuous Sisig Rice (P 245) with pork sisig on garlic fried rice topped with fried egg (or you can opt for the 63.5 degree egg) served with a side of atsara. The savory richness of the pork is intensified by the egg while the fresh chili and pickled vegetables bring vibrant notes to the bowl. Homey, comforting and satisfying, it's a complete meal in a bowl. Other must-try rice bowls include Kimchi Fried Rice Bibimbap (P 245), Pulled Pork Adobo Rice (P 245) and Tapsilog (P 245).  

If you prefer pasta, you can choose one from a selection of four dishes for lunch... the Pasta Vongole (P 285) with the briny sweetness of clams kicked up by hints of lemon. The use of fresh ingredients combine for bright yet delicate notes. More pasta? There's the Cheesy Meatball Linguini (P 285), Alfredo Pesto Pasta (P 285) and Tinapa Aglio E Olio (P 285) too...

Pair your meal with BOA Kitchen & Socials' soothing Mango Iced Tea and Lychee Iced Tea.

The beverage selection at BOA Kitchen & Socials are just as varied and creative as their extensive menu, so go ahead and try something new.

As the evening sets in, BOA Kitchen & Socials transforms for the dinner service with a curated Asian-inspired menu... the Sisig Croquettes (P 225) from their Small Plates selection, soft and creamy balls filled with savory pork sisig, pickled green chili and toyo-mansi aioli. The contrasting play on textures and flavors highlight this dish, from the lightly crisp outer layer to the soft flavorful pork filling layered by the creamy local-inspired toyo-mansi aioli as the sharp notes of the pickled green chili cuts through the richness.

At BOA Kitchen & Socials, each dish first feeds the eyes before the palate...

...and the Pulpo (P 345) or grilled octopus does exactly that. The fork-tender octopus is plated with soft and creamy smoked potato puree sprinkled with chorizo crumbs and drizzled with paprika-thyme oil. Perfectly grilled with charred spots for more flavor, the succulent octopus can be sliced with your fork. Enjoy a bite with a dab of the silky smooth smoked potato puree followed by a burst of intense notes from the chorizo crumbs. The briny sweetness of the octopus comes through, complemented by the smoked potato puree, the chorizo and rounded out by the nutty paprika-thyme oil. Meant for sharing, you may just want to hold on to the Pulpo and enjoy it all by yourself. Other equally tasty starters from their Small Plates include the Wonton Nachos (P 245), Pork & Kimchi Dumplings (P 245), Salmon Tartar (P 345), the Kimchi Quesadilla (P 205) and the Crispy Tofu with Pork and Leek Sauce (P 225).

For the mains, the infusion of Asian flavors exposes another tasty thread in BOA Kitchen & Socials' multi-colored tapestry of flavors...

...led by the Char Kwaey Teow (P 365) with stir-fried rice noodles draped in the dark soy-based sauce topped with shrimps, Chinese sausages and fried egg. The bold flavors of the sausage and sauce are mellowed by the egg, with the plump shrimps adding a briny sweetness for a burst of rich notes. 

The Kimchi Noodles with Fried Egg and Cheese (P 345) offers even more bold flavors with soft yet firm stir-fried noodles with spicy kimchi, smoky bacon, creamy mozzarella and fried egg. Each component brings distinct flavors, coming together in a seamless blend. The sharp sauce sticks to the thick soba-like noodles for intense flavors with the fried egg laying down a homey richness for another inventive dish. Other Asian-inspired noodles include the Stir-Fried Hainanese Noodles (P 275), Pho-Lalo (P 425) and Pad Thai offered with a choice of Shrimp (P 375) or Chicken (P 345).

The tempting dinner options continue with the Salmon with Creamy Miso and Grilled Vegetables (P 475), an elegant seafood dish with a 200 g slab of premium salmon laid on thick and creamy miso sauce and grilled zucchini, broccoli, carrots and shiitake. The dish is all about delicate flavors, with a variety of notes in perfect balance without overwhelming the other.

The Thai Fried Chicken (P 345) recreates your favorite fried chicken, this time seasoned with the bold notes of Thai spices and seasonings and served with curried mashed potato, grilled sweet corn kernels, pickled vegetables and sweet chili sauce. The delicate flavor of the juicy chicken with a crisp outer layer is kicked up by the Thai spices pairing well with the curried mashed potato and grilled vegetables.

There's just nothing like a slab of crisp pork belly...

...and the Crispy Pork Sambal (P 445) with 300 g of pork belly served with a side of Asian slaw and richly flavored sambal tastes as good as it looks. Tender and juicy capped with delicately crisp layer of crackling, the richness of the pork is complemented by the deep flavorful notes of the sambal and the mildly tart Asian slaw. The sambal is clearly the star of the show, with its bold and palate punching flavors without the overwhelmingly numbing heat. 

The Beef Rendang with Coconut Lime Rice (P 425) is another excellent dinner option with 200 g of savory beef simmered in rendang sauce served with soft and fluffy coco lime rice, pickled vegetables topped with crisp shallots and gareden-fresh cilantro. There is a depth of flavor with this hearty dish that's perfectly finished by the clean notes of vegetables.  

The Hanging Tender (P 675) with 300 g of sliced soy-miso beef is an entree that just makes dinner a whole lot more interesting. Served with wasabi mashed potato, burnt onion puree and crispy onion roots, the supporting cast of vegetables highlights the hanging tender grilled to medium rare perfection with a juicy pink center. The bold beefy notes pair well with the mildly sharp hints of wasabi in the mashed potato and the sweet and smoky onion puree. And those crispy onion roots add both flavor and texture to the dish.  

BOA Kitchen & Socials also offers sandwiches and Asian style bao, like the Grilled Pork Bao (P 185) with a slab of pork belly, pickled cucumber on soft bao slathered with gochujang bbq sauce...

...offering a savory richness from the pork belly followed by tart and sweet gochujang cooled down by pickled cucumbers with every soft bite. The soft bao absorbs all the flavors, amplifying each note in succeeding bites.   

The Chicken Karaage Bao (P 185) adds a crunch to your bite with crisp karaage smothered with Sriracha aioli, nori and coleslaw. Sweet, creamy and tart with a delectable crunch, these soft buns will have you going for another bite. Other sandwiches and bao include the Rendang Bao (P 185), Crispy Chicken Sandwich (P 295) and Chori Burger (P 295).

A large bowl of noodles covered in a brightly colored broth is then served...

The Laksa (P 425) is an Asian favorite, and BOA Kitchen & Socials shares their own take on this classic noodle soup. Soft noodles with shrimp, boiled egg, tofu, bean sprouts and fish cake in a creamy broth brings a comforting vibe to dinner at BOA Kitchen & Socials, and it's a pretty large serving too.

The broth may be just a bit thinner than the usual, but it's packed solid with flavors.

Things will never be the same. Each drink here is an ever-changing experience.

It's a bold promise, written on the bar menu. But that's exactly what BOA Kitchen & Socials set out to do as it transforms the food scene in Quezon City starting at Scout Rallos. To complete the transformation for the evening service, BOA Kitchen & Socials offers creative handcrafted cocktails to get you in the groove... the Margarita Spritz (P 280) with Cazadores Tequila Reposado, Monin Agave Syrup, fresh lime, orange bitters, guyabano sorbet and tonic water. The same playful style of BOA Kitchen & Socials is transferred to their cocktail selection, making your evening fun yet different and consistent with their "always change" mantra.

The innovative Purple Potion (P 320) reflects this mantra of change in dramatic fashion. The concoction of Sirena Butterfly Blue Gin and tonic water transforms from deep blue to vibrant purple right before your eyes... 

It's an experience that teases the eyes before satisfying the palate with each soothing sip. Taking a page straight out from The Little Prince, BOA Kitchen & Socials encourages diners in the 'hood to try something new and see things with a fresh and new perspective.  

Change is indeed coming to Quezon City, and it starts right here at Scout Rallos. Other interesting cocktails to try out are the BOA Vice (P 260) with Smirnoff Vodka, Monin strawberry puree, fresh lime, pineapple and coconut cream; the Passionfruit Mojito (P 240) and The Highballs (P 220) with Dewar's White Blended Whisky, cranberry ice, pineapple ice, green tea ice and soda water. BOA Kitchen & Socials also offers classic cocktails along with a wide array of fine spirits and beer.

How about a refreshing sangria? The Passion Fruit Sangria and Peach Mango Sangria present soothing options for a tipple at BOA Kitchen & Socials. 

Then, Chef Julius Necor serves up bowls of what appeared to be fresh garden picks from the morning harvest. But's it's just one more playful surprise from BOA Kitchen & Socials, constantly playing with the way you see things.  

Layers of indulgent satin-like chocolate mousse and thick ganache topped with chocolate soil and fresh micro greens combine for a visually appealing and decadent dessert at BOA Kitchen & Socials. The familiar and the unexpected go hand-in-hand in this new dining destination, built around an extensive brunch, breakfast, lunch and dinner menu along with cocktails. Starting with the freshest ingredients masterfully executed all the way to plating and presentation, BOA Kitchen & Socials is the complete package. And with reasonable price points, there's really no need to drive all the way down south to experience a unique dining experience injected with just little bit of fun.

Scout Rallos is evolving. Leading the change are some of the metro's rising young talents serving inventive cuisine to level up the game. These are exciting times indeed. And for Joey Marcelo and Chef Julius Necor, the time is right for BOA Kitchen & Socials.

BOA Kitchen & Socials is located at the Mezzanine Floor, 45 ABDC Building, Scout Rallos corner Scout Tuazon, Laging Handa, Quezon City. You can also visit their FB Page at

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