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Know Your Crust: Different Types of Pizza Crust Explained

When that sudden craving for pizza hits, you need to act fast. Nowadays, it's easy to satisfy any pizza craving with on-line options, a take-out call or simply pull up an app to order your favorite pizza. You can also use the best pizza tracking app too, so you know exactly where your pizza is and when it will be delivered. But before you click, you're suddenly barraged by so many options. And not just flavors, but different types of pizza crust as well. Confused? No worries. Papa John's simplifies everything you need to know about pizza crusts...

It's easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of crust options available to you. But that's all part of the fun in getting your pizza fix. Still confused? Relax, Papa John's prepared your very own comprehensive guide to the different varieties of delicious pizza crusts. Read on and learn...

The Original

If you favor the classics, then The Original is for you. After all, you don't mess with pizza perfection. Not too thin, not too thick, this is the "Goldilocks" of crusts. With just the right balance of bite and toothsomeness, The Original is delectably chewy without being too hard. Think of The Original crust as your ideal platform to launch a variety of delivery pizza specials, which you can easily access online or from an app.


That delectable crispness with every bite. For many pizza lovers, crispy thin is the way to go. And who can blame them with a thin crust this good? The light and crisp crust still is substantial to support a Supreme with all the toppings. And yet because it's thin, the crust plays a major role in your pizza enjoyment along with the sauce, meat and veggies. Thin is definitely still in.


Thick, chewy, substantial and satisfying, the chewy Pan crust is the perfect option for pizza connoisseurs who love and really like bread. Leaning a bit to the soft side, the Pan crust is like a pillow for all your favorite toppings. And it's perfect too for heftier appetites. Sometimes referred to as deep-dish pizza, this type of crust has spread far beyond its Windy City origins appealing to pizza lovers everywhere.

Gluten Free

For customers with gluten sensitivity, there is the option of the best gluten free pizza crust. So tasty with rich flavors, you won't believe it's gluten free. Crisp on the outside contrasting with a lightly chewy texture inside, it's like having your cake and eating it too. Who says you can't enjoy a good pizza, right? It is important to note that the crust can be exposed to gluten in the preparation process, so customers with celiac disease are not advised to eat this crust.

A Great Foundation Makes a Great Pizza

And there you have it. Everything you need to know about the foundation of any good pizza. Now that you know exactly the crust you want, it's time to add the toppings. And there's a whole lot of tasty options too. Buffalo, Ranch, BBQ, Original or Alfredo Sauce? Go for that mental image that triggered your pizza craving in the first place, that should simplify the decision-making process. Then, of course it's time to select your cheese, meat and veggies. Like I said, it's all part of the fun. With so many options, this is no time to be shy. Load it on up!

All The Extras

Dinner's never complete without a side or two. How about some wings? And you can have breadsticks too. Then you can cap your epic feast with an indulgent dessert baked fresh everyday to wrap it all up. Cinnamon pull-aparts and chocolate cookies? Absolutely. At Papa John's, you can always find that perfect mouth-watering finale to a great pizza.

And while you're enjoying that delicious crust, don't forget to sign up for a pizza rewards program. Earn points for everything you buy, then redeem those points to buy even more. Now that sounds like a win-win for pizza lovers. And you can enjoy all the different crusts in no time with points.

So go online or open up your app and get your order in today. Whatever you're doing, whatever the occasion, a fresh, hot pizza will simply make it that much better. End of lesson. Time to order that pizza...

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