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Bucky's, Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu and Bun Appetit: By The Numbers with Stalls 1, 4 and 11 at The Grid Food Market in Power Plant Mall

Fried Chicken and Twister Fries, Le Chon Porchetta and Le Chon Gourmet Manok, Lobster Rolls and Shrimp Avocado Toast. That's just a few more reasons to visit The Grid Food Market at Power Plant Mall...

The third in a series of posts, the best-selling specialties from Bucky's, Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu and Bun Appetit offer even more tempting options at The Grid Food Market in Power Plant Mall (for more on The Grid Food Market, see my earlier posts, Gochu-Gang, Beefier and Babu: By The Numbers with Stalls 5, 6 and 7 at The Grid Food Market in Power Plant Mall and After Five: Wine, Tapas and Desserts at The Grid Food Market in Power Plant Mall).

Good food, company and lifestyle converge in one place for a unique dining experience at The Grid Food Market. More than just another food hall, The Grid Food Market raises the bar with its impressive offerings. Once again, here's The Grid Food Market by the numbers this time with Stalls 1, 4 and 11 at Bucky's, Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu and Bun Appetit... 

Stall #1: Bucky's

Simple, uncomplicated yet hearty and satisfying comfort food, that's what the guys at Bucky's do best. From their signature Fried Chicken to their Twister Fries and Soft Serve Ice Cream, Bucky's brings their refreshing take on comfort food to The Grid Food Market in Power Plant Mall (for more on Bucky's, see my post, #PoblacionHop: A Food and Art Hop at Makati's Poblacion with Hop Inn Makati Avenue on my very first encounter with this cool joint on their previous location in Poblacion).

You just can't say no to crisp fries. Add a whimsical twist and it just gets a whole lot better. Bucky's brings back the fun to fries with its playfully twisted Twister Fries (P 150). The richly seasoned Twister Fries is immediately evident with its vibrant orange hues, becoming even more apparent with that first bite...

Great as is or with ketchup, the Twister Fries by Bucky's pairs well with almost anything at The Grid Food Market. And the generous serving will keep you munching all the way to the last piece, with so much more to go around even when shared in a group.

Rainy afternoons and sudden pasta cravings happen all the time. Bucky's indulges your craving with their classic Baked Ziti (P 350), a comforting pasta dish slathered in a savory meat sauce with the bright and vibrant notes of tomatoes. Midly tart with deep savory flavors, this pasta dish should satisfy any hefty pasta craving. For sure. Other must-try dishes include their Beet Salad (P 300) and Cauliflower Salad (P 300). 

But it's their famous fried chicken that places Bucky's high on my list. The signature Fried Chicken (P 260) is perfectly crisp and juicy, with each bite delivering contrasting textures and a savory richness that lines your palate with everything you love about fried chicken. At first glance, it looks paler than the usual fried chicken but the flavors are there. Seasoned just right, you get to enjoy the clean and delicate notes of fried chicken capped by a lightly crisp outer layer to complete the experience. Pair your Bucky's Fried Chicken with some tasty sides like the Warm Potato Salad (P 80), Mashed Potatoes (P 80) or why not have another round of Twister Fries?

Dip or drape the fried chicken in Bucky's homemade gravy, and take a big bite. When it comes to fried chicken at The Grid Food Market, it's definitely Bucky's. 

No meal at Bucky's is complete without their popular Soft Serve (P 150), available in Milk, Strawberry and Chocolate.

Served with chunks of Bucky's equally popular cookies and drizzled with thick caramel, this Soft Serve rounds out your dining experience on a sweet and high note. And if you still have space, do not pass on the famous Brownies of Bucky's. Just grab a couple on your way out of The Grid Food Market.

Stall #4: Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu

it's been earning raves since it opened at The Grid Food Market, and it's easy to see why. Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu serves their inspired take on an all-time favorite, the Le Chon Porchetta (P 350) for an all-in meal guaranteed to satisfy any craving. The impressive platter includes sumptuous side options like Kamote Fries, Banana Cue Chips and Grilled Talong with Baba Ganoush plus three flavorful dipping sauces to choose from like Adobo White Sauce, Labuyo Lime and Muscovado Liver Sauce. It's classic Filipino flavors with a contemporary modern spin. And Happy Ongpauco-Tiu knows traditional local flavors so well (for more on Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, check out my previous post, Pamana: A Legacy of Filipino Cuisine on her restaurant in Quezon City).

The Le Chon Porchetta from Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu presents the traditional roast pork just the way we like it, with tender and juicy pork and that mandatory lightly crisp outer layer of crackling. Served with Le Chon's Original Butter Rice, the fresh and pickled vegetables and a variety of dipping sauces completes the all-star cast for this sumptuously lavish dish.  

The Le Chon Gourmet Manok (P 299) is another flavorful option at Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu. Grilled to a juicy finish with subtle smoky hints, the delicate notes of the chicken are perfectly complemented by the sides, sauces and fresh and pickled vegetables. Other savory options at Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu include the Le Chon Angus Beef Belly (P 495), Le Chon Spicy Tuna (P 385) and Le Chon Pork Sisig (P 320).

At Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, it's all about customizing the perfect meal. Diner can create their very own feast in five simple and easy steps. First, choose your Le Chon (Le Chon Porchetta, Le Chon Gourmet Manok, Le Chon Angus Beef Belly, Le Chon Spicy Tuna and Le Chon Pork Sisig). Second, choose your flavor (Original, Tanglad Butter, Sugarcane Gata and Truffle at Bawang). Third, pick your sides (Kamote Fries, Banana Cue Chips and Grilled Talong with Baba Ganoush). Fourth, select your rice (Le Chon's Original Butter Rice or Sexy Brown Rice). And lastly, choose your sauce (Spicy Labuyo Lime, Adobo White Sauce or Muscovado Liver Sauce). Once you go through these steps, you're on your way to a sumptuous Le Chon feast.  

That day, Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu served up their signature Le Chon Porchetta... for sharing exclusively with our group...

...along with the Le Chon Gourmet Manok, making the dishes look even more impressive. Though these large servings are not on the menu, the regular serving portions are more than enough to satisfy any appetite. It's Filipino flavors reinvented in that elegant style by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu. And you'll find it here only at The Grid Food Market.

Stall #11: Bun Appetit

If you're looking for a lighter, healthier seafood alternative, The Grid Food Market has that covered too. Bun Appetit is another popular stop at The Grid Food Market with their wide array of seafood sandwiches. Using only the freshest and the very best (including Maine Lobster), you can enjoy the clean flavors of the day's freshest catch on a light yet hearty sandwich. The menu at Bun Appetit may seem limited to rolls and sandwiches and a few other items but when you're using premium seafood, you don't need an extensive menu. Take their stunningly simple yet richly flavored Shrimp Avocado Toast (P 695)... elegant open-faced sandwich topped with plump and succulent shrimps and alfalfa sprouts on a crisp toast slathered with fresh and creamy avocado for a refreshing seafood sandwich like no other. The flavors are fresh and clean, uncomplicated yet decadent offering both a variety of contrasting flavors and textures with each bite. The Shrimp Avocado Toast is the perfect way to get acquainted with Bun Appetit's unique culinary offerings. And there's more...

A simple grilled cheese sandwich works all the time but when Bun Appetit adds its own unique twist, it becomes an elevated experience. The Shrimp Grilled Cheese (P 350) combines the fresh and briny sweetness of shrimps with cheese in another masterfully executed sandwich.

Perfectly browned and toasted, the sandwich  offers a light crunch with each bite followed by the creamy indulgence of cheese capped by the fresh snap of shrimps. Just perfect. Bun Appetit also offers two other indulgent seafood versions of the grilled cheese sandwich with the Crab Grilled Cheese (P 450) and Lobster Grilled Cheese (P 650). 

The heaping Crab Roll (P 495, add P 50 for aioli sauce) is another excellent choice at Bun Appetit, with the briny sweetness of crab meat layered with a rich and silky smooth creamy dressing on a buttery soft roll. All the components come together in a seamless blend with one big bite. The fresh yet delicate notes of the crab come through, perfectly finished by the creamy aioli. The rolls used by Bun Appetit have that perfect combination of both texture and flavor for another absolute must-try sandwich. Other seafood options and tasty sides at Bun Appetit include the creamy Clam Chowder (P 220), Garlic Noodles (P 150), Grilled Corn (P 170) and Truffle Lobster Mac & Cheese (P 795).

But there's one item at Bun Appetit that made it one of The Grid Food Market's more popular destinations. The indulgent Lobster Roll (P 695, add P 50 for aioli sauce) uses Maine Lobster flown in all the way from the east coast. One look at the roll reveals the clean shape of the lobster claws. No, you won't find the local spicy lobster on this roll. This one's legit. And only the real Maine Lobster will do, nothing less.

The claws are delicately soft yet firm to the bite, a sure sign of freshness. A burst of briny notes accompanies each bite, mellowed out by the natural sweetness of the lobster and perfectly finished by the creamy dressing. It's indulgent, different and special. The prices at Bun Appetit are noticeably higher than most stalls at The Grid Food Market, then again, the freshest seafood don't come cheap. And when you're using Maine Lobster for your Lobster Roll, you can expect these price points. Then again, the pricing at Bun Appetit isn't too way off the park. Think of it as an affordable luxury you can indulge in. Besides, you deserve a treat once in a while, right?  Indulging in Maine Lobster is an experience in itself. And Bun Appetit lets you enjoy this decadent delicacy The Grid Food Market.

Fried Chicken and Twister Fries, Le Chon Porchetta and Le Chon Gourmet Manok, Lobster Rolls and Shrimp Avocado Toast. It's another tempting equation by the numbers. You'll find all these and more...only at The Grid Food Market.

The Grid Food Market is located at the R2 Level Expansion Wing, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati or call 759-4605 for inquiries and more information. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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