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A Tasty Peek at the New Premium Japanese Offerings by Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen

When only the freshest premium Otoro and Chutoro, Hamachi and Kampachi straight from Japan's Toyosu Market and prime Wagyu beef will do, you know you're in for a lavish treat that can only come from Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen...

Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen elevates your home dining experience with her new Omakase Menu of premium Japanese offerings made with the finest and freshest ingredients. From sashimi to nigiri and savory mains, Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen brings restaurant quality dishes to your home dining table for any special occasion. In this new normal. we've seen home-based food businesses emerge during the quarantine and a few have left quite an impression with the use of premium ingredients. Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen is one of them. And she gets it straight from the source, air-flown twice a week from Japan for her luxurious take on inspired Japanese flavors (for more on Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen, see my earlier posts, Turning Japanese with Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen and A Holiday Feast by Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen). 

"I am never satisfied and I'm always wanting to create and find something new to make my food better," said Bambi Reyes-Javelosa of Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen. Since I first tried her indulgent Japanese offerings last year, I knew then that Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen really is one of Manila's best kept culinary secrets (more on my previous post here at Turning Japanese with Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen). Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen raises the bar once more with their new menu, taking familiar Japanese flavors to a higher level of indulgence. Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen has evolved, and the new dishes reflects this heightened appreciation for the freshest and finest ingredients.   

The flavors are much more defined yet elegantly subtle. It's these nuanced notes that highlight the luxurious flavor profile of Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's new dishes. After all, you get all the full flavors when you're using the finest world-class ingredients. The Premium Sashimi Platter is the perfect way to to get acquainted with Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's culinary style, a sumptuous platter with Otoro, Chutoro, Hamachi, Hotate and Salmon flown direct from Japan's Toyosu Market, one of the world's largest fish markets. 

Aptly named, the Premium Sashimi Platter by Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen brings the most sought-after and highly prized parts of tuna, the tuna belly and fatty tuna. Lighter in color than the regular deep-red shade of other tuna cuts, the chutoro and otoro has more natural fat for that umami finish. The creamy, buttery and melt-in-your-mouth texture of the thick slabs of sliced tuna belly or chutoro and fatty tuna or otoro delivers an intense yet clean burst of briny sweetness perfectly contrasted by the sharpness of wasabi. The slices of salmon and succulent scallops complete another flavorful experience prepared by Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen. 

Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen weaves flavorful elements in a seamless weave with her Hamachi Jalapeño in Yuzu Soy with Japanese amberjack sliced paper thin draped in a yuzu and soy blend for bright citrus notes and just a whisper of salty hints followed by the soothing heat of jalapeño and zesty fresh flavor of cilantro. It's a dish that gives you an idea on just how Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen is scaling up the flavors with her new specialty offerings. 

Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's Nigiri Sushi with Otoro, Chutoro, Hamachi and Salmon lets you experience pure freshness and clean flavors with each bite. Shipped chilled and never frozen, the flavors remain at its flavorful peak with its deep and briny notes that linger on the palate. A delicate dip in soy adds both depth and contrasting balance to the freshness of the premium seafood.

In between courses, Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's simple yet elegant Eggplant with Sweet Miso cleanses the palate with its rich sweetness. The miso glaze complements the natural flavors of the garden-fresh eggplant, just in time for the next round of dishes...

A medley of fresh seafood in a roll, our Japanese seafood feast continues with Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's Chirashi Rolls served with wasabi and a slice of lemon. It's a playfully inventive roll loaded with all your favorite seafood enjoyed in one big bite. 

Then, Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's evolving culinary style is presented in another dish with its play on flavor and texture...

The Fried Futomaki Roll with Trio Sauce is another inspired creation from Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen combining contrasting textures and fresh flavors in a roll. Elegantly plated, the lightly crisp texture and bold flavors of the fried rolls are complemented by the creamy sauce blend for another take on the traditional futomaki. Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's new offerings now goes beyond the usual and traditional with her creative spins on Japanese flavors. You can always have the classics, but Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen also allows you to be adventurous with their new menu.

Laid on crisp shoestring potatoes and carrots, the Fried Futomaki Roll with Trio Sauce is a festive addition to any feast or celebration at home. But there's more...

The intricate Spicy Truffle Tempura Roll brings the deep nutty notes of truffle and a mild heat with lightly crisp tempura for another colorful palette of flavors. The succulent shrimp delivers a fresh snap with each bite followed by a delicate crispness from the light layer of batter with a gentle spicy glaze. The roll is flavorful on its own, topped with fish row, with no need to dip in soy. A dab of wasabi is all you need for that perfect finish.

Savory beefy notes are up next with the Wagyu Sukiyaki Roll, making this a meal in itself. The fork-tender Wagyu is the flavorful core of the beefy roll, complemented by the sticky rice slathered with a creamy sauce and topped with fresh green onions. The combination of familiar elements makes this roll refreshingly new setting it apart from the usual rolls. And the use of the finest ingredients, like premium Wagyu beef, makes all the difference with its savory richness. 

Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen explores richly layered flavors with the Creamy Spicy Ebi Tempura Salad building on the traditional tempura as its base for another inventive new dish. Plump and succulent shrimps draped in a lightly crisp batter, you just can't go wrong with that. But when it's slathered in a tangy sauce with subtle spicy hints, the tempura is transformed to a new flavorful level.

It's a salad with a flavorful punch, and it's no surprise when Bambi described it as one of the standouts in her new menu. The flavors are elegantly subtle without overpowering the palate, and that lingering gentle layer of heat will have you going for another tasty bite. The crisp greens, the succulent tempura and the spicy glaze combine for an explosion of flavors. The level of spiciness is is just right allowing you to experience the other tasty notes of the salad. And the source of the heat? That's a closely guarded secret.

The day's freshest catch from Japan's Toyosu Market makes its return with the Otoro Special, with thick slabs of tuna belly laid on crisp sweet lightly caramelized onions draped in a mildly sweet sauce. Topped with mushrooms and asparagus, the dish highlights the fresh and clean notes of the otoro. You don't have to complicate the dish when you're using the finest seafood. 

The exceptional briny sweetness and fatty richness of the otoro is an experience in itself. From Tokyo to Manila, you can enjoy your fresh catch with Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen in specialty dishes like this. The deceptively simple dish perfectly sums up the culinary approach of Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen with her new menu by simply letting the fresh ingredients remain the star of the dish. In all her dishes, the premium ingredients like premium Japanese seafood and Wagyu beef does all the talking. 

One after the other, each dish seemed to be better than the last. But like all good things, it just gets better. And it always does at Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen. Sweet and smoky unagi, buttery foie gras and crisp avocado tempura, meet Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's Death by Foie Gras...

The wittingly named Death by Foie Gras is an elegantly layered dish combining unagi, foie gras and avocado for a decadent bite of pure umami flavors. Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen never holds back on both ingredients and flavors, and the Death by Foie Gras just validates it. The glazed eel is topped with a thick slab of foie gras and crowned with a crisp avocado tempura that's best enjoyed in one bite. Then, just let the sweetness of the unagi flow with the richness of the foie gras capped by the creamy texture of the sweet avocado with its layer of crisp tempura batter. All that in one bite. That's Death by Foie Gras, and just one of the most indulgent and creative pairings from Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen to date.

The table is then cleared for the mains, starting with Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's impressive seafood dish...

And it's an impressive dish. Plated for individual servings, the Lobster with Foie Gras, Mushrooms and Vegetables includes a half-lobster topped with a variety of vegetables and yes, foie gras. The lobster is already rich and succulent on its own, but the foie gras takes it to a whole different level.

Imagine the delicate briny flavors of the succulent lobster with the deep notes of foie gras and you get the picture. The earthy notes of mushrooms and sweetness of broccoli and zucchini add depth with layers of flavors to the dish. It's a hearty dish for a grand feast at home.  

Our feast by Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen ends with the Wagyu Ribeye Steak in Kimuchi Sauce, fork-tender slices of premium Wagyu beef, enoki mushrooms, onions and zucchini in a light and mildly sweet kimuchi sauce with citrusy hints. The subtle sweetness of the vegetables and the kimuchi sauce pairs well with the savory Wagyu, releasing even more flavors as it slowly melts with each bite. It's the perfect dish to cap a sumptuous feast by Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen.
The new menu by Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen offers Japanese flavors with a refreshing new spin and indulgent combinations for a memorable feast at home. While it is a modern take on Japanese cuisine, Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen remains firmly committed to using only the finest ingredients, including premium seafood and Wagyu beef air-flown twice a week from Japan. That alone sets Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen apart from other home-based food businesses. But couple these premium ingredients with the new and inventive culinary style of Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen, and you've got a solid option for Japanese dishes fit for any occasion at home. And if this new menu is any indication, things are really looking very good for Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen...  

For more on Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen, simply call 0917-672-7230 and 0999-881-4272 or email at and for inquiries and more information. You can also visit her FB and IG accounts at @Bambi'sGourmetKitchen.

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