Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Aedan's Burger Brings Bold Flavors and More Bang for the Buck to Satisfy Your Burger Cravings

There's an old saying, you get what you pay for. And this is true with burgers. That means shelling out some serious cash for a good burger. But you don't have to blow your budget, if you know where to look...

We've seen new food businesses emerge in the past few months despite the restrictions and limitations of a prolonged quarantine. Dining at home, increased online access and the food delivery culture are just some of the changing consumer habits due to the pandemic that now defines the new normal. While most food businesses latch on to whatever is trending on the net, there are a few that challenge long held paradigms. Like the notion that a good burger has to be expensive. Aedan's Burger takes a closer look at the equation, combining value and quality for its burger concept. Aedan's Burger offers a wide range of sumptuous burgers priced from P 85 to P 150 packing some serious flavors with real value for money. Now that's worth checking out, don't you think?

Aedan's Burger opened its doors in June of last year, at the height of the quarantine, with a mission to provide high-quality food at an affordable price. From burgers to rice meals and combo meals all below P 200 (check out their menu here), Aedan's Burger offers more bang for the buck. Competitively priced with fast-food burger offerings but the similarities end there. Balancing both price and quality can be tricky, but Aedan's Burger manages to pull it off quite well. 

Using the freshest local ingredients, each burger is handcrafted and loaded with an oversized beef patty topped with crisp lettuce, onions, cucumber, tomato and jalapeño slathered with their proprietary "secret sauce" on a fresh-baked bun (you can customize your burger by choosing your toppings). Pair it with their Triple F Fresh French Fries (P 55) and you've got a real meal. 

Aedan's Burger offers seven burger variants, from the basic Hamburger (P 85) and Cheeseburger (P 95) to the hefty Double Wouble (P 150) and Krunchy Chicken Burger (P 125). I sampled two of their specialty burgers, the Awesome Hawaiian Burger (P 115) and Baconic Burger (P 130) along with their Triple F Fresh French Fries...

...and you'll immediately notice the fully-stacked appearance of the their creations. And no, you're not getting a flat burger associated with burgers in this price range. The Awesome Hawaiian Burger includes their original recipe burger patty topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato and glazed onion capped by a slice of pineapple draped with their "Secret Sauce" for a savory and mildly sweet and tart finish.  

The original recipe burger is juicy and perfectly grilled with a lightly charred outer layer delivering smoky hints. Unlike thinner and often dry commercial patties, each bite brings bold and robust beefy notes complemented by the clean and delicate sweetness of garden-fresh lettuce, cucumber, tomato and glazed onion topped with cheese. The pineapple adds its own distinct layer of sweetness complementing the savory notes of the burger. I know many people have strong opinions regarding pineapple in savory dishes, but the Awesome Hawaiian Burger was a pleasant surprise with each component complimenting the other for balanced flavors. The contrasting notes and textures are tied together by the "Special Sauce," a creamy mayo-based sauce with a blend of seasonings with hints of subtle sweetness and soothing heat.  

The Baconic Burger is the newest addition to the menu of Aedan's Burger with their original recipe beef patty topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, glazed onion, cucumber and jalapeño capped by a slab of bacon. This variant offers more pronounced savory notes with the addition of bacon. The burger and bacon combo just works, all for only P 130. And just like all their burger creations, the creamy "Secret Sauce" ties everything together.

When you break down each burger by Aedan's Burger, each component stands out from the soft fresh-baked bun to the savory beef patties and crisp vegetables. And that "special sauce" really does complete the experience. For only P 130, it's definitely worth more than what it costs for excellent value.

And you can enjoy all these burger creations conveniently delivered to your doorstep. The combination of quality and value is a winning formula, and Aedan's Burger offers a flavorful alternative to your burger cravings that's easy on the wallet. The new normal is here to stay, and it's good to know you can still find a burger that's both satisfying and reasonably priced in these challenging times.  

For more on Aedan's Burger, visit their website at for more information, menu details and updates. You can also call 0966 5625631 (Globe) and 0929 850 7733 for orders.

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