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New Year, New Flavors and New Recipes from DyGen Food Ventures, Inc.

The quarantine experience transformed our daily routine with changing consumer habits due to the global pandemic. Dining at home became the rule rather than exception as the lingering threat of Covid 19 continues in the new year. Preparing sumptuous and healthy dishes at home becomes your first line of defense in this new normal and DyGen Food Ventures, Inc. offers a variety of premium culinary products for your home kitchen. Welcome the new year with new flavor experiences that's not only tasty but healthy too with DyGen Food Ventures, Inc.'s wide selection of products...

Preparing healthy and tasty dishes at home becomes priority number one in this new normal and DyGen Food Ventures, Inc. makes it easy with its impressive portfolio of world-class products. From savory dishes to healthy snacks and beverages, DyGen Food Ventures, Inc. offers access to a variety of global brands for the home kitchen and family dining table. And you can conveniently shop online for these world-class brands at The Goodwill Market. Ready to embark on a new culinary adventure at home? Read on...

A subsidiary company of Dyna Drug Corporation, DyGen Food Ventures, Inc. is a wholesale and distribution company of high quality, FDA approved healthy food products to modern trade, special and industrial accounts offering global brands like Umbria Terra Di Tartufi, Duru, Gullón, Chek Hup, and Abrand. With its massive nationwide network of retailers in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, DyGen Food Ventures, Inc. brings premium and healthy world-class products to your table with its extensive availability in leading supermarkets and groceries providing consumers with unprecedented access. Leading the charge of world-class brands is a prized delicacy from Italy...

One way to boost the savory notes of dishes at home is by using artisan truffle oil and sauces, and DyGen Food Ventures, Inc. offers one of the world's best. The White Truffle Oil (P 719/100 mL bottle and P 1,399/250 mL bottle) by Umbria Terra Di Tartufi are made with the freshest and finest ingredients from Valnerina, the so-called Green Heart of Italy, and contains absolutely no artificial colors, additives or preservatives. Each indulgent drop delivers a vibrant burst of deep, earthy and indulgent nutty notes of the prized truffle to elevate any dish at home.

The premium White Truffle Oil by Umbria Terra Di Tartufi is a lavish condiment made with olive oil, dehydrated Bianchetto truffle and white truffle aroma. The rich yet delicate notes brings the richness of truffle followed with a light pepper and garlicky finish that pairs well with pasta, risotto, chicken and seafood dishes like salmon or scallops. It even works on toasted bread. Try it on French fries and pizza and you'll immediately taste the richness of truffle with each bite. Mix it up with ketchup, mayo or hummus, or why not add a drizzle to soups and salads for that extra boost in flavor? All it takes are a few drops of White Truffle Oil to transform any dish at home. Elevate your movie nights at home with freshly popped crunchy popcorn drizzled with White Truffle Oil for an indulgent experience like no other.

Used as a finishing oil to enhance savory dishes, the White Truffle Oil is simply added to a dish near or at the end of preparation for that indulgent layer of flavor. Note that the potency of its flavors are heat sensitive and not suitable as a cooking oil. Think of it as your finishing touch to a comforting meal at home.

The Black Truffle Sauce (P 999/180 g bottle) by Umbria Terra Di Tartufi delivers a more pronounced intense and robust flavor made with fresh Champignon mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil, black olives and the natural flavors of black summer truffle. Simply heat on a pan with garlic and olive oil and add to your favorite meat, pasta, fish, potato, roasted vegetable or salad dish and discover how a few spoonfuls can go a long way in delivering rich and indulgent notes. You can also add a generous dollop of fresh cooking cream for even more indulgence.

Umbria Terra Di Tartufi also offers a 5% variant for even more intense flavors made with a high quality selection of mushrooms and special spice blend. The rich variant is perfect for a variety of both Western and Eastern cuisines, allowing you to explore new dishes right in your own kitchen, 

Umbria Terra Di Tartufi also offers the Original Truffle Sauce (P 519/ 80 g jar and P 759/180 g bottle) as an added option.

A favorite staple at home is Spaghetti with Meatballs draped in a rich tomato-based sauce. But adding just a few drops of the White Truffle Oil and a few dabs of the Black Truffle Sauce in the pasta sauce just changes this everyday dish with an indulgent layer of savory notes.

As the pasta sauce gently simmers on the pan and about to be served, add some Black Truffle Sauce and stir for the richness of truffle to be infused in the sauce. And before serving, simply add a few drops of the White Truffle Oil for that elegant finish. 

The tartness of the tomato-based sauce made even richer with Italian seasonings, oregano and basil is transformed with just a few drops of the White Truffle Oil and the Black Truffle Sauce adding an indulgent and flavorful depth to the dish. Tart, fresh and vibrant flavors followed by the deep, earthy and nutty hints of truffle, an everyday dish is elevated for a sumptuous meal at home. It really does make a difference, more so with familiar favorites easily prepared in the kitchen.  

The White Truffle Oil and Black Truffle Sauce allows you to be creative in the kitchen with its unique flavor and aroma without the fuss. Consider this as your new secret weapon in the kitchen.

Fire up the home kitchen for yet another new flavor experience from DyGen Food Ventures, Inc. with a 4,000 year old staple that nourished ancient civilizations...

Middle eastern in origin, Bulgur is a cereal food made from cracked parboiled groats of several different wheat species such as durum wheat. Bulgur is often used for soups, stews, salads, desserts and pudding in Middle eastern, Indian, Greek and Armenian cuisine. Often described as the 4,000 year-old Miracle Food, Bulgur offers countless health benefits that helps lower the risk CHD, stroke, obesity and diabetes as well as reduce weight with its nutrients and high fiber content. Bulgur is rich in folic acid, group B vitamins and potassium content with low glycemic index. 

DyGen Food Ventures, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Duru Bulgur, known the world over for its delicious natural flavor from the use of high-quality wheat and a traditional stone milling process. The versatile grain can be used for a healthy alternative to the usual Rice Pilaf or soup with a healthier yet flavorful twist.

Soft and fluffy in texture that's almost similar to rice, a refreshingly healthy spin on Rice Pilaf is easy to recreate at home. Simply gather some fresh bell peppers, onions, celery, mushrooms and beef from the pantry or ref and you're all set for a new flavor experience with Duru Bulgur. A new year after all is best celebrated with new flavors.

You can replace boiled beef with ground beef, leftovers from the Spaghetti with Meatballs, lightly sauteed in olive oil with garlic, onion, bell peppers and mushrooms. Add the Bulgur along with some chicken stock and simply let it simmer for a few minutes. And even after enjoying a few bowls, you feel good right after without that heavy bloated feeling. 

After the bulgur absorbs all the liquid in the pot, just let it rest for a few more minutes and it's ready to serve...

Each spoonful of bulgur brings the subtle sweetness of bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and crunchy celery to the palate followed by the savory notes of the beef. The texture of the bulgur is pretty much the same with rice, but with a distinct and flavorful hint complementing the other layers of flavors in this hearty dish. Moist and bursting with flavor, it's a comforting dish without the guilt.   

A comforting bowl of soup makes cloudy quarantine days at home much more bearable, and adding Bulgur completely transforms the dish adding both texture and flavor. A simple recipe with carrots, celery and mushrooms combined with cream and bulgur becomes a meal in itself. 

And just like the Rice Pilaf made with Bulgur, it's easy to prepare and ready in just a few minutes. The thick and creamy broth brings a virtual hug to the palate followed by the fresh and clean notes of the carrots, mushrooms, celery and bulgur. And quite filling too. 

It's a healthy meal as well with rich flavors. Duru Bulgur is available in Rustan's Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, The Goodwill Market, The Landmark and All Day Supermarket. The healthy and versatile grain can be used for a variety of salads with honey and fruit or the traditional Tabbouleh Salad, as a cereal for breakfast and even savory dishes like Seafood Bulgur Paella, Chicken Bulgur Burger and even arroz caldo replacing the usual rice with bulgur for a healthier dish. And it's so easy to prepare. Give it a try with these recipes for Bulgur Pilaf with Meat and Cream of Bulgur Soup...

Bulgur Pilaf with Meat


1 Cup Course Bulgur
1 tbsp Olive Oil
Chopped Mushrooms
1 Large Onion
100 g Beef (boiled)
1 tbsp Butter
1 tsp Salt
2 Cups Hot Water
1 Cubed Medium Bell Pepper


Put Olive Oil and Butter in a broad pan. Add Onion and Bell Peppers, fry for 2 minutes under low heat. Add Boiled Beef and fry for 2 minutes. Add Bulgur, Salt and Hot Water. Let it simmer for 15 minutes or until bulgur has absorbed the water. rest for 20 minutes and serve. 

Cream of Bulgur Soup


4 Cups of Chicken Broth
1 Cup Course Bulgur
1 Celery
1 Carrot
4 pcs. Mushrooms
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 tbsp Flour
2 Stems of Coriander
1 Cup Cream
Salt to taste
1 tsp Ginger Powder
1 tsp Curry Powder


Boil Chicken Broth with Bulgur. Sauté chopped celery, carrots and mushrooms in Olive Oil. Add Flour and sauté for one minute and turn off heat. Add sauteed vegetables in boiling soup, flavor the soup with fresh coriander, salt, ginger powder and curry powder. Turn heat to low and add cream and boil for one more minute. serve hot. 

Easy, right? Better yet, why not find out for yourself just how easy it is to prepare sumptuous dishes at home with Duru Bulgur, White Truffle Oil and Black Truffle Sauce from Umbria Terra Di Tartufi?

DyGen Food Ventures, Inc. also offers a selection of healthy beverages, like the Nutribrown Rice Instant Beverage from Abrand Food. An instant hot beverage in powder form made with carefully selected brown rice, each serving of Nutribrown Rice Instant Beverage satisfies 38% of your daily whole grain requirement with 25% lower sugar as compared to regular cereal beverages. Non GMO brown rice is a rich source of protein, dietary fiber, Vitamins B & E, trace minerals, fatty acids, carbohydrates, starch, phytonutrients and antioxidants. And cholesterol-free too. You get to enjoy all these in a soothing hot cup. 

Nutribrown Rice Instant Beverage is available in selected Robinsons Supermarkets, Jash Mart, Hawk Bee, D.E.C. and Beetin as well as online stores like Lazada, Shopee and The Goodwill Market

From Malaysia, Chek Hup brings their popular 3 in 1 Ipoh White Coffee Original with Rock Sugar (in bags containing 12 sachets) and 3 in 1 Teh Tarik Malaysian Tea (in bags containing 15 sachets) to supermarket shelves. The "golden ratio" of Arabica and Robusta beans are medium roasted to perfection sweetened with rock sugar for balanced flavors and fragrant aroma with each cup of 3 in 1 Ipoh White Coffee Original with Rock Sugar. 

The Chek Hup Teh Tarik 3 in 1 Malaysian Tea brings the delicate blend of black tea with non-dairy creamer for a soothing Malaysian tea with a lightly sweet finish. Packed in sachets, simply pour contents in a cup filled with hot water to enjoy. It's a taste of Malaysia in a cup. Chek Hup also offers an instant hot chocolate variant, the Chek Hup Kookoo Series

Experience bold flavors in your next coffee or tea break with Chek Hup, now available at SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, Rustan's Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, S&R, Shopwise, Puregold, Landmark, Landers, Cash & Carry, Unimart, Makati Supermart and Wellcome.

Staying home can wreak havoc to any diet, and it's easy to get carried with sugary sweets. Dygen Food Ventures, Inc. has a tasty solution to your sugary cravings. From Spain, Gullón Gluten Free Cookies and Sugar-Free Shortbread Cookies offer indulgent bites to fit any dietary requirements. The Gluten Free Cookies are also lactose free with 30% less sugar while the Shortbread Cookies are also cholesterol free with zero trans fat, yet one can enjoy all the rich flavors for a satisfying and indulgent snack. Have a bite and you won't miss the sugar rush. 

Gullón offers even more tasty nibbles with the Sugar Free Chocolate Wafers and Chocolate Creme Sandwich Cookies with no sugar added. Snacking without the guilt made easy with these premium Spanish products from DyGen, now available in leading supermarkets. From healthy beverages, coffee and tea to indulgent artisan truffle-based products, healthy cereals and guilt-free snacks, DyGen Food Ventures has it covered for a healthier diet in this new year.  

It's been a challenging 2020 and this new normal will continue to transform our daily routine in the new year. But we've also discovered countless new flavors and experiences in the past year which you can easily recreate at home, like Duru Bulgur...

...White Truffle Oil...

...and Black Truffle Sauce by Umbria Terra Di Tartufi along with a whole selection of global brands exclusively distributed by DyGen Food Ventures for a healthier diet in 2021. After all, your health is your first line of defense in a pandemic. And a healthy diet is the first step in the right direction. Let DyGen Food Ventures take you on a healthier culinary journey with its impressive portfolio of premium global brands, now available at your nearest supermarket and grocery...

For more on the extensive selections of imported product offerings from DyGen Food Ventures, Inc., you can visit their website at for more information and updates. You can also shop for these products online at  

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