Sunday, December 4, 2022

NFTs, Crypto and America's Best Burger for 2022. Bored and Hungry Yet? At the Bored & Hungry Pop-Up at The Grid Food Market

Emerging technologies unleash even more potential and opportunities transforming the way we perceive both currency and art in our daily routine. And new tech finds its way to the culinary scene. NFTs, Crypto and America's Best Burger. That's something worth a big tasty bite, don't you think?.

Transformations and continuous evolutions in seemingly diverse fields come together forever changing our lives while penetrating deep into the cultural mainstream. New tech, digital currency, art and the culinary scene weave seamlessly for experiences that would define the next decade at a unique pop-up in The Grid Food Market. Voted America's Best Burger for 2022 by Good Morning America, Bored & Hungry is an innovative NFT-backed restaurant group that's all set to redefine and reinvent the restaurant industry. Bored and hungry yet? Read on for a taste of the Bored OG Burger...

On the very last day of the three-day run, local foodies and burger lovers lined up for a taste of America's Best Burger at The Grid Food Market last December 4. Known for their innovative dining concepts and culinary offerings, it's no surprise that the Tasteless Food Group is behind the pop-up. The constant search for culinary ideas keeps the dynamic group well ahead of the game. 

A simple and straightforward menu anchored by the Bored OG Burger eliminated all the usual complications in ordering. After all, it's about America's Best Burger from the cryptocurrency themed US-based fastfood restaurant by Food Fighters Universe

The modern dining concept revolves around the Bored Ape Yacht Club, a series of non-fungible tokens or NFTs prominently featured in all of the brand's marketing and merchandising mats and campaigns. And you'll have to admit, the NFT does make an eye-catching logo cutting through the competitive clutter of the crowded and competitive fastfood landscape differentiating it from the bee, the clown and the king. Then again, Bored & Hungry isn't your usual fastfood restaurant. The unique digital identifier traded and sold in the blockchain is fast becoming another critical layer in an emerging trend that's worth billions of dollars. Bored Ape #6184 and two Mutant Apes comprise the NFT-backed restaurant's portfolio, and you'll find these pieces throughout The Grid Food Market leading you to Stall # 7

The founders of the cryptocurrency-driven concept originally envisioned a pop-up to penetrate the market running for only ninety days. But the success of Bored & Hungry prompted the founders to establish a more permanent setting for the venture. Being voted America's Best Burger for 2022 by Good Morning America also made the eventual transition to a permanent brick and mortar restaurant an easy decision. True to its cryptocurrency theme, Bored & Hungry accepts both US dollars and digital currency in the form of ApeCoin and Ethereum in the US.

Now let's break down the burger. The Bored OG Burger is based on their specialty Trill Burger, a type of smashburger stacked with multiple beef patties, cheese and special sauce on a soft and buttery brioche bun. The seemingly basic components comprising the Bored OG Burger makes it all the more special without the usual frills to clutter or complicate your burger experience. 

And when you think about it, a good and satisfying burger doesn't have to be overly elaborate or convoluted. Just like a good steak. This is where Bored & Hungry hits it right on the nail, delivering classic and pure spot on flavors of the perfect burger. 

For the full experience, the Bored & Hungry pop-up at The Grid Food Market featured the Bored OG Burger Combo with Fries and a beverage. And it really doesn't get more classic than this.

But take a closer look at the Bored OG Burger and you'll notice that thin and delicately crisp "skirt" surrounding the fringes of each juicy and savory all beef patty. That's the distinctive feature of the Bored OG Burger setting it apart from the usual smashburgers. And you have a double stack of these specialty patties draped in their special sauce and topped with cheese for that unique and novel Bored & Hungry experience.

Surprisingly, it's this simple back-to-basics approach with its classic and even nostalgic spin that makes the Bored OG Burger a smashing hit and a stand-out in the burger landscape. And it's that first big bite that just makes the deal. 

The textural contrasts and burst of savory richness comes together with each bite, followed by the flavorful layers from the special sauce and cheese capped by the pillow soft brioche conspiring with the other components to please your palate. Another big bite makes it all the more clearer why this is America's Best Burger. Despite the emergence of new tech and its impact on the way we view currencies and art, a good burger no matter how basic or simple still bucks trendy novelties. The Bored OG Burger is tangible proof.

After a successful local three-day pop-up at The Grid Food Market, will we see more of Bored & Hungry in the near future? Only the guys at Tasteless Food Group, the same innovative and dynamic group behind some of the popular and enduring dining concepts in the country including The Grid Food Market can tell. I may not know much about crypto or NFTs, but a good burger is easy to spot. This one's absolutely smashing it. Bored and hungry? You can bet your burger with Bored & Hungry...

The Grid Food Market is located at the R2 Level Expansion Wing, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati or call 759-4605 for inquiries and more information. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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