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Step Inside for the Day's Freshest Catch at Cold Storage Seafood

The bright blue thematic colors of the brand are easily recognizable instantly associating it with the freshest seafood, differentiating it and setting it apart from the usual options in the metro. But it's the story behind the brand which began with one man's vision of sharing the very best ocean harvests of the country with the world that's truly inspiring. In one afternoon, the newly renovated store along Wilson Street in San Juan City celebrates a significant milestone in the brand's evolving story...

For years, the store along Wilson Street with its rows of glass chillers have become a familiar sight not only for those living the 'hood but among lovers of premium quality fresh seafood. Now newly renovated with a sparkling sheen, Cold Storage Seafood builds on the vision of one man boldly setting a course for expanded growth with its offerings of fresh seafood and quality meats from around the world. Step inside for the day's freshest catch and more, at Cold Storage Seafood...

Packed and sealed in its now familiar blue packaging, the distinctive brand colors of Cold Storage Seafood is a guarantee of quality and freshness honed through the years since it began back in 1988. It's a story of uncompromising commitment to quality when Mariano Qua established Araw Sikat Trading Corporation with the single-minded goal of sharing the very best seafood from the Philippines to customers around the world. Sons Marco and Morris were young boys then growing up to witness their father turn his dreams into reality. But like all real success stories, the path is often slow and tedious. You can say it's a story that spanned four decades of sheer determination. And it worked. 

Now with two branches including its original location in Banawe Street, a freshly renovated store along Wilson Street and an aggressive retail presence in leading groceries and supermarkets, Cold Storage Seafood today is the inspiring fruition of one man's vision. And this dream is passed on to the next generation with brothers Marco and Morris Qua taking the helm of the homegrown brand.

What's inside the seemingly endless rows of glass chillers at Cold Storage Seafood? You'll find the prized catch from local waters alongside the best quality seafood from around the world. What began as a dream to showcase the country's bountiful ocean harvest has now evolved bringing the best of the world all in one place. And you'll find it here inside the chillers of Cold Storage Seafood. From plump and succulent Scallops and the prized Unagi... premium Salmon...

...and Chilean Sea Bass, Cold Storage Seafood is your one-stop shop for anything seafood to satisfy any craving or appetite. Shrimps, lobster, fish? Cold Storage Seafood has that covered. An established pioneer in the local frozen seafood industry, Cold Storage Seafood takes pride in offering the freshest catch "from farm, sea to your plate." As an added guarantee of superior quality, Cold Storage Seafood worked with sustainable fishing partners both here and around the world way before "sustainable seafood" even became a buzzword to ensure a consistent supply of the very best seafood. With its steady growth primarily driven by world of mouth, the brand quickly earned a consistent reputation for quality. And that's gold in any business. 

And that's not all. That's just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Cold Storage Seafood also offers a selection of prime meats including top grade steaks... this Angus Reserve when you feel like steak night at home is the proper way to cap a busy week. And why not, you deserve it. Simple cravings or special celebrations, you'll find what you need at Cold Storage Seafood.

My own personal experience with Cold Storage Seafood begins with a sudden craving for bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon topped with red onions and the fresh salmon of Cold Storage Seafood always hits the spot. All the time. When that New York moment triggers a craving for lox and bagels, you can always count on Cold Storage Seafood (for more on my bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon, see my post Schmeared for Brunch: Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Bagels from early this year).

That afternoon, the Cold Storage Seafood relaunch at Wilson Street was graced by the presence of the Sea Princess herself, Tessa Prieto who added a festive vibe to the ceremonies. It also seemed apt for the Sea Princess to host the relaunch of one of the leading seafood retail brands, don't you think? 

The family behind Cold Storage Seafood is joined by the Sea Princess to kick off the ceremonies as more guests arrived...

Throughout the afternoon, an air of excitement of even better things yet to come for the much anticipated reopening of everyone's favorite seafood store along Wilson Street was celebrated in countless ways...

...with a thanksgiving mass for a success story that inspires and slowly unravels with even more exciting stories. 

During the mass, one man's vision and dream is also formally passed on to the next generation whose youthful drive and dynamism ensures continued growth. The young boys who witnessed the growth of the brand growing up are now actively managing and running their father's dream. 

The formal ribbon-cutting ceremony began with the arrival of San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora flanked by the Sea Princess Tessa Prieto and the Qua family. It's a momentous moment decades in the making. 

And with a quick snap, Cold Storage Seafood along Wilson Street is once more open for business. And just in time too for the holidays. 

The success of a local brand goes hand in hand with any city's continued growth, and this is acknowledged by San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora at the reopening of Cold Storage Seafood

Cold Storage Seafood President Marco Qua retraced the early days and how as a family led the brand to its current position as one of the leading frozen seafood pioneers in the country. Today, Cold Storage Seafood offers well over 400 different kinds of product in its expanding inventory with an impressive store presence in more than 150 supermarkets and groceries around the country. In addition to supplying the frozen seafood requirements of major institutional accounts like restaurants, Cold Storage Seafood also operates its own retail operations with its Banawe and newly renovated Wilson branches.

As Marco Qua toured San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora around the new store, the young president also outlined the course for the future of the brand. A big part of the brand's strategic thrust is to break perceptions and optics revolving around the common misconception of seafood, that it's too expensive, difficult to prepare and just too delicate to handle. To address these issues, Marco Qua insists on a competitively priced strategy making it more accessible to a wider market. Convenient seafood options packed and ready to cook are also part of the marketing program. Like many Filipinos, the young president believes there's just nothing quite like great food bringing people together. Cold Storage Seafood is determined to be a part of celebrations and milestones in people's lives for the many years to come. 

But the brand's youthful new leadership also promises to usher in a new chapter in the storied history of Cold Storage Seafood with the infusion of more modern, innovative and bolder approaches in step with the times without diminishing the original values and essence of the brand. Providing only the very best local and imported seafood for everyone remains at the very heart of the brand. And the future looks bright indeed for one proudly homegrown brand that began with a father's dream. 

At the end of the ceremonies, an elegant and sumptuous menu using the specialty products of Cold Storage Seafood masterfully executed and prepared by the Raintree Hospitality Group were served. The tasty Kanikama Fries made with Cold Storage Seafood Crab Sticks offered both texture and flavor with each bite. Shredded and deep-fried dusted with a light seasoning, the sweet briny flavors of the crab sticks are completed by the creamy Sriracha Japanese Mayo with its soothing heat.

The Spicy Salmon Tostada featuring Cold Storage Seafood Salmon cubed and marinated in sesame and mojimi chili paste drizzled with Unagi Sauce and gently laid on crispy gyoza chips is a seafood lover's dream. The delicate briny sweetness of the salmon is kicked up by the sesame, chili paste and unagi sauce for a vibrant and flavorful burst draping the palate with a lingering richness. The gyoza chip then becomes the vessel holding everything together, capped by a delectable crunch for that perfect finish.

And once you start, well you know the rest...

The Smoked Salmon Roll with Cold Storage Seafood Smoked Salmon hand-rolled with cream cheese and asparagus offers layer upon layer of rich flavors and textures from the cream cheese and prized salmon. The addition of asparagus adds that subtle crunch and sweetness to the delicate yet indulgent roll. 

The Angus Harami Steak with half-seared Cold Storage Angus Striploin laid on smooth smoked fish potato salad draped in a luscious cured egg roe Hollandaise is another lavish expression of savory richness. The bold notes of the fork-tender beef are complemented by the subtle smoky hints from the smoked fish potato salad capped by the elegant finish and flavors of the Hollandaise. It just doesn't get better than that.

But it does. Cold Storage Seafood then served their very own premium salmon in the form of Salmon Sashimi and California Maki to complete the feast. it's freshness and flavors in its purest form enjoyed with each and every bite. And that's the secret behind the success of the brand.

Many were saddened by the sight of the closed shop along Wilson Street, but your favorite seafood store is back. And better. Step inside the for the day's freshest catch at Cold Storage Seafood...

Cold Storage Seafood is located at 216 Wilson Street, San Juan City or call 8571 7711 or 8706 6326. You can also visit their FB Page at and IG Feed at for more information and updates

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