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All The King's Love and More with New Dishes from the Chef of Kings, King of Chefs at King Chef Dim Sum Kitchen

The old adage, "the customer is always king" resonates at one of the metro's enduring Chinese restaurant chains with its lavish menu selection built on authenticity woven with a modern and inventive twist. Cantonese cuisine gets the royal treatment with exquisite food encounters for the kings and queens in our lives at King Chef... 

Long known for their elegant take on traditional Chinese cuisine as well as their tempting dim sum deals, King Chef starts the year with an impressive array of new dishes alongside their popular bestsellers for a hearty and satisfying dining experience. Now with five branches in the metro including Banawe, SM City North Edsa, Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Lucky Chinatown Mall Binondo and SM Cherry Shaw Boulevard, a royal Chinese feast is never too far. From dim sum to noodles, congee to HK Style roasts and set menus, King Chef has just what you need for a sumptuous meal for one or a grand feast with family and friends. Ready for the royal treatment? Step inside King Chef and experience a festive selection for any occasion.

I remember my first time at King Chef almost six years ago, and that first first encounter made a lasting impression leading to frequent visits (for more on King Chef, see my posts, MOMents: Celebrate Mom's Day at King Chef Seafood Restaurant on their previous set menus from 2017 and King Chef Dim Sim Kitchen: The Ultimate Dim Sum Destination at SM North Edsa on their value-driven dim sum deals and offerings also from six years ago). With a single-minded vision to be the most preferred Chinese food chain brand in all urban destinations, King Chef strives to grow its loyal community-based customers with the regular introduction of new offerings alongside its popular bestsellers. And the "chef of kings, king of chefs" has been busy creating a new menu to supplement its enduring and stellar cast of Cantonese dishes.

But first, enjoy soothing sips from their new specialty beverages... 

A Round of Libations Before the The Royal Chinese Feast at King Chef

King Chef teases the palate with a variety of freshly made beverages like the new Unicorn Tea Cocktail (P 140) for the love month of February. One of the featured winners from the recent edition of the long-running Chef's Challenge showcasing creations from prominent chefs and foodies, the new and refreshing tea blend made with butterfly pea flowers brings soothing notes to the palate with subtle floral hints. You can enjoy it with a tasty Valentine's Maki combo too. The new beverage creation is available only until the end of the month, so don't miss out.  

King Chef has other equally tempting libations, like the Mango Almond Water Chestnut Twist with its contrasting sweet and tart notes coming together with each refreshing sip...

...for another thirst-quenching option. Sweet mango, almonds and water chestnuts combine for a unique and soothing beverage to open up the palate at King Chef.

If you prefer something more indulgent, King Chef has just the right concoction for you with the Strawberry Oreo Smoothie. Fresh strawberries and Oreo cookies adds both layers of contrasting textures and flavors smoothened by the icy beverage. Now it's time for some tasty bites...

King's Love at King's Chef for the Month of February

As the month of hearts comes to a close, you still have a few more days to try and experience the featured dishes from the latest edition of the Chef's Challenge competitions pioneered by King Chef. Now on its tenth year, the annual Chef's Challenge provides creative and innovative spins adding a modern touch to the regular offerings of King Chef

And that's what sets King Chef apart from the others with its seamless weave of both traditional and modern spins on Chinese cuisine. Traditionalists and purists will find the enduring all-time classics while those looking for something new can choose from the new King's Love menu offerings at King Chef starting with the appetizing heart-shaped maki rolls...

The Valentine's Maki (P 310 good for 3-4) with fresh cucumber, sweet mango and succulent kani topped with fish roe in a heart-shaped roll perfectly illustrates King Chef's borderless culinary repertoire of creative dishes. The vibrant colors tease and feed the eyes before the palate...

...with one bite delivering a flavorful burst of bold yet clean notes to complete the experience. Modern and playfully inventive, the new dish combines the freshest and finest ingredients with creative execution for the month of hearts. And there's more from the new King's Love selection...  

...featuring other winning dishes from the recent Chef's Challenge competition like the Crispy Lotus Root (P 430). Deep-fried and draped in a lightly crisp batter, the new Crispy Lotus Root showcases tradition presented in a modern style. 

The richly seasoned batter adds layers of deep notes to complement the subtle nutty sweetness of the lotus root for a delectable play on textural contrasts and flavors. 

The hearty Beef with Rice Cake in Chinese Herbs Soup (P 680 good for 3-4) draws inspiration from traditional flavors for a rich and sumptuous dish warming both the palate and body with each comforting sip. The assortment of vegetables including mushrooms and juju berries add their own distinct notes to the light and clear broth with the beef and rice cakes completing the flavorful medley in a bowl.

And the Chef of Kings, King of Chefs pulls out yet another creative surprise from the kitchen with the Sea King's Nest with Salmon (P 660 good for 3-4) with a slab of premium salmon on a bed of spaghetti noodles. Spaghetti noodles in a Chinese restaurant? That's right. 

The noodles are evenly coated with a thick, sweet and mildly salty sauce delivering intense notes smoothened by the buttery richness of the salmon for an elegantly balanced finish. It's dishes like this that make King Chef different and special. 

But better hurry, the new King's Love menu will only be available until the end of February... 

And Here's What To Expect at King's Chef Come March...

Innovation never stops at King Chef. Starting March 1, King Chef rolls out even more new dishes with a uniquely modern spin... the Steamed Seaweeds with Beef Tendon Roll in a savory sauce. If you love tendon, this one hits all the right notes. Call it modern dim sum, King Chef's creations blend both the traditional and contemporary expressions of the popular Chinese staple for refreshingly new flavor experiences.

The richness of the buttery melt-in-your-mouth beef tendon is tempered by the subtle yet deep briny sweetness of the seaweed while the thick sauce delivers the savory and balanced finish. Intricately executed, the sumptuous rolls pack some serious flavors for one more new dish to look forward to at King Chef this coming March.

The Dragon Ball Prawns is another tempting treat with plump and succulent prawn wrapped in a crisp net for a another novel take on tasty bites. The briny notes of the prawns punches through with each bite capped by that perfect crunch.

If seafood is high on your must-try list, the aptly named Seafood Treasure is the perfect pick. Imagine the day's freshest catch generously topped on a shell...

...delivering a medley of flavors from the assorted seafood including scallops draped in a thick sauce. Beautifully plated, the Seafood Treasure provides customers a peek at the evolving culinary style of King Chef in step with the times while deeply rooted in tradition.

Topped with fresh herbs, the flavors are both delicately nuanced and rich from the succulent seafood. It's dishes like this that reinforce the restaurant brand's image as the Chef of Kings, King of Chefs in the local culinary landscape.

The 8 Treasure Stuffed Chicken completes the new menu offerings for March, a savory chicken roulade filled with mushrooms and vegetables. The thick sweet sauce ties everything together for solid savory flavors.

The elegant presentation is another example of King Chef's modern approach to classic Chinese cuisine, reflecting both modernity and tradition in the new menu. 

All-Time Bestsellers at King Chef

For countless loyal fans of the Chef of Kings, King of Chefs, the wide selection of traditional and comforting dishes along with a variety of dim sum are just some of the many reasons why King Chef remains top-of-mind. How can you say no to Crispy Duck Wanton?

A popular item on their dim sum menu, the Crispy Duck Wonton (P 160) offers rich and savory bites with a crunch. The crisp and golden potstickers with its generous filling of roast duck, celery and onions infused with sweet soy and bean flavors are complemented by the sweet chili sauce for contrasting yet balanced notes with each bite. 

It's no wonder King Chef is often called the Ultimate Dim Sum Destination in the metro. With its impressive selection of dim sum creations plus cool deals for even more value with their Dimsum Happy Hour, a dim sum snack can be a grand feast at King Chef

Just like their Sweet & Sour Pork and the Pata Tim, the Pork Spare Ribs at King Chef are also popular options. The Fried 5 Spice Pork Spare Ribs is as classic as it gets, but why stop there?

The Spare Ribs with 8 Spices (P 430) with tender pork ribs marinated in eight different spices and deep-fried until crispy served with a spicy vinegar dip is another King Chef favorite high on my list of personal picks at King Chef

A grand feast has to include a slab of crisp pork belly. Complete your royal feast at King Chef with the Crispy Pork Belly with Jellyfish Salad (P 680) and go for an extra order of Yang Chow Fried Rice

The delicately crisp Ham Soy Kok (P 120) or sweet glutinous pastry with its savory chicken and mushroom filling rounds up one of many countless reasons to visit King Chef.

Soft and lightly crisp with a delicate chewy texture, the mildly sweet and savory treat is one of thirty-six dim sum offerings at King Chef. Consistent with their culinary style, the dim sum selection showcases both traditional and modern creations that you can enjoy all day at King Chef.  

There are casual Chinese restaurants, and there's King Chef. From their new King's Love menu to upcoming new dishes for March, wide dim sum selection and all-time bestsellers, you can always expect a grand and royal feast for one, two or the whole family at King Chef. Ready for a royal dining experience? Step inside the palace of King Chef, and experience comforting and traditional Chinese cuisine with a fresh and bold spin. 

King Chef is located at SM Cherry, Shaw Boulevard, Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila or call 0932 237 8464 for inquiries. You can also visit their website at, FB Page at and IG Feed at for more updates or send a quick email at

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