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MerryMooXAuroChocolate: Tree-to-Bark, Cow-to-Pint. Meet the New Limited Edition Nibbles Collection by Merry Moo Ice Cream and Auro Chocolate Just For Valentine's

I churn for you. A creative collab promises to make this year's Valentine's much more sweeter with pure and unrestrained chocolate indulgence in a pint...

Merry Moo Ice Cream and Auro Chocolate come together in a collaborative match made in chocolate ice cream heaven with the new Nibbles Collection featuring the 42% Milk Chocolate Nibbles and the 64% Dark Chocolate Nibbles to start the new year. Available for a limited time starting February 1, read on for first dibs on the indulgent collection...

The creative collaboration brings together one of the fastest growing, award-winning and internationally recognized tree-to-bar chocolate brands in the country with another proudly local and homegrown concept known for their small batch ice cream resulting in the Limited Edition Nibbles Collection, and just in time for Valentine's. The collab between Merry Moo Ice Cream and Auro Chocolate reinterprets lavish chocolate indulgence in ice cream form for a luscious experience like no other. The 42% Milk Chocolate Nibbles and 64% Dark Chocolate Nibbles offer bold and deep chocolate notes for a flavorful depth you just won't find in the usual commercial options. 

The depth of flavor begins with some of the best local chocolates from Auro, whose name is inspired by the chemical symbol of gold combined with the Spanish word for the precious metal. And it's a story that goes beyond each bar, with its advocacy on sustainability working directly with farmers to create fine world class Filipino chocolates.  

For Kelly Go and Mark Ocampo, it's a journey that began back in 2015 when they decided to boldly make a difference through fine chocolates with Auro. Today, you'll find the distinctive and vibrant packaging of Auro Chocolate in upscale establishments in a variety of exquisite offerings from bars to baking essentials and drinks.  

The single origin, tree-to-bar 64% Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs by Auro Chocolate sourced from Davao's lush forests is an ideal variant to get acquainted with the brand's unique and bold tropical flavors. Pure and robust chocolate notes that's not too sweet, it's easy to see why this is a bestselling variant.

The experience begins as soon as you unwrap the bar with its fragrant aroma to trigger your appetite. Each bite drapes the palate with the deep flavorful richness of pure chocolate followed by textural contrasts from cacao nibs and the elegantly smooth finish for that perfect chocolate experience.

Throughout history, chocolate has always been regarded as a gift from the gods and cacao beans have been used as currency in many cultures reflecting its inherent value. Nothing much has changed since, as chocolates continue to be revered and enjoyed today. Auro Chocolate retells this story of pure indulgence with its own line of chocolates...

...that's worth its weight in gold. It's that palate-draping mouthfeel and finish with its deep and lingering notes following each bite that makes chocolate special. And in the love month of February, chocolates become more than just a simple form of indulgence. Can you imagine the world class chocolates from Auro in ice cream form? You can stop dreaming about it...  

Auro Chocolate takes this centuries old indulgence to a whole new level in collaboration with Merry Moo Ice Cream...

...with the 42% Milk Chocolate Nibbles (P P 449 per 473 ml/P 155 per 100 ml) and 64% Dark Chocolate Nibbles (P 449 per 473 ml/P 155 per 100 ml). It's pure chocolate indulgence in ice cream form masterfully churned by Merry Moo Ice Cream

In another story of uncompromising excellence, Merry Moo Ice Cream uses only fresh milk and cream from cows that roam freely in local, green pastures. After all, happy cows produce the best dairy. With its foundation made from the freshest premium local milk and cream, Merry Moo Ice Cream then tediously churns artisan small batches showcasing unique local flavors.  

Merry Moo Ice Cream is known for their collaborative partnerships in creating unique flavors. Bannered by their flagship flavors, Merry Moo Ice Cream adds yet another inventive offering to their line-up with the addition of the 42% Milk Chocolate Nibbles and 64% Dark Chocolate Nibbles.

The collaboration becomes a seamless weave of chocolate ice cream indulgence, with each brand adding its own layer of richness with each spoonful. Silky smooth with the contrasting textural crunch from the cacao nibs releasing even more intense chocolate notes, the 42% Milk Chocolate Nibbles by Merry Moo Ice Cream and Auro Chocolate just elevates the chocolate ice cream experience. The deep notes of the chocolate are perfectly tempered by the milky and creamy notes of the ice cream for that balanced finish.  

The ice cream base itself has that dense yet lusciously smooth texture, and the use of fresh and premium ingredients become immediately evident. The addition of cacao nibs adds to the chocolate richness of the ice cream as well as that addictive crunch to complete the experience.

But if you love chocolate with a passion, then go all the way with the 64% Dark Chocolate Nibbles. A bite releases bold and deep chocolate notes lingering long on the palate while the roasted cacao nibs adds flavorful bursts for that double dose of chocolate goodness. Pure, solid chocolate flavors intensifying as it slowly melts in your mouth. Clearly, this is chocolate ice cream taken up a notch by Merry Moo Ice Cream and Auro Chocolate. 

You can also think of it as the purest expression of love in the Valentine's month of February. Say it with chocolate takes on a whole different and more indulgent meaning with the new Nibbles Collection by Merry Moo Ice Cream and Auro Chocolate

The new Nibbles Collection by Merry Moo Ice Cream and Auro Chocolate are now available in pints and cups at Merry Moo Scoop Shops in SM Aura, SM Megamall, SM MOA and Robinsons Magnolia. The new flavors are also available online at as well as convenient delivery via foodpanda and Grab within Metro Manila. But better hurry. The new flavors will be available for a limited time only...

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